Lee-Anne Peters – Waiting Around For Universe To Provide… Still Waiting? – 6 April 2012

When we reach a state of spiritual understanding we often have the philosophy that the Universe will provide for us. Maybe you receive the message that ‘if I build it the people will come’ or ‘the world needs my book right now’ and so on… Being spiritual many of us live by the assumption that ‘the Universe will provide and bring people to me’ etc… yep, I used to live like that and I can tell you – IT NEVER WORKED for me!!

I have been the driving force behind Temple of Balance since its conception in early 2005 and it has not always been easy to do it full time and pay my daily bills. For several years I was running on the philosophy that this was my life’s purpose so the Universe will bring people to me so I will just stay in my comfort zone and keep doing what I am doing. In early 2011 I had a change in perception which changed my life. I realised that I am not being realistic to the fact that people can’t ‘find’ something they don’t know anything about. So I had to step up my game and this is when my life changed…
When you hide behind the Universe or maybe other things, you are just making excuses to stay in your comfort zone. It’s like when I read a sign that said ‘God hates heavy metal music’ – it makes me want to ask the person ‘where did ‘God’ leave this note, or maybe he called you at home?’ Religion is just one of the massive excuses that many people deal with, but those of us who call ourselves spiritual and not religious, can at times fall under the same illusion. What do you hide behind? Are you afraid of failure, ridicule, hurt or someone not liking your craft?
It takes time to build your confidence to step out and step up. Depending on what it is you are doing behind those closed doors or behind the excuse of things like the ‘Universe or God’… what can you do to firstly be real about what you are doing, and then to start building your self-confidence?
I have been really focused on this concept of ‘stepping out’ in these past months which is why I wrote a book about it too, and it is becoming easier and easier. What I pursued yesterday I wouldn’t have even dreamed about taking action on a month ago. When you get out there, introduce yourself to people, share and don’t play hide and seek with the Universe… what happens?
You will have people finding you, you will have a growing amount of opportunities that you can choose from, and you start to rapidly build momentum for your teachings and for your life. You need to make the effort, to stop the excuses and to find the courage to work with the Universe, not wait for the Universe!
Trust in the Universe, but firstly TRUST IN YOUR SELF!!!

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