Lisa Gawlas – Magnetic Accelaration = Earth Events. A Message From The Guardians and Pleiadians – 6 April 2012

A message from the Guardians and Pleiadians:

In this super accelerated time on earth, every thing is changing rapidly.  Altho it is amplified most especially within this month of April, the acceleration truly started on 11/11/11 and has been building ever since.

There is always a series of cause and effect that plays out on earth, how could it not?  We feel it first and foremost in our body structures.  Don’t think for a single second earth is not receiving this amplified energy as well.  She is and has been letting us know it for a while.

On 11/11/11 people from all around the world was in focused meditation and states of Being.  This opened the full doorway to the higher light being flooded onto earth.  Look at what happened in the USA alone.  All but one state had record warm winters.  New Mexico was the only state that had record cold.

Let us explain, energetically what has and continues to take place.

First, the USA has always been the hub for pure light energy to enter the planet.  The rise in obesity in the USA is due mainly to the rise in pure energy coming to that area.  Fat cells serve as protective sheaths for the human and all that surrounds the human.  Of course obesity continues to rise at record rates, so is the incoming magnitude of energy.

There is a spin ratio that happens around the area of the USA that flows outward to all the land and water masses to reach every corner of the globe.

As the incoming energy intensifies, it warms that area up.  Energy produces heat.  There is one state in the USA that has been taking all this energy in and venting it back out to the area within the magnetosphere within the earths field.  As the various portals and vortex’s quicken in the energy transference, cold is what is produced.

What is taking place now within the inner plane of earth is a circulation of the transferred energy.  This is creating sudden storms and will continue to accelerate its rapid spin.  You have already seen a sudden rise in the tornado activity.  This will continue to increase thru this year.  As will major sudden weather and earth events around the world.

Magnetically, you are attracting these events to your area, always with a higher purpose and agenda.

In the universal law of creation, like always attracts like.  Neighborhoods, cities, states, countries are created this way for the evolution at hand.

Think about any time you have moved, you are looking for the place that feels like you.  What will serve you, what will allow you to feel natural and comfortable.  The magnetic pull to your frequency is present.

When a particular area is ready for cleansing and recharging the magnetic’s of that land mass and human field is ignited, sending out a very particular frequency to the energy spin within the earth plane.  All of life is here to serve the larger story unfolding.  The storm clouds gather, the thunder and lightning gather and releases itself thru the magnetic grid on earth.

Any storm is called to a place by magnetic frequency and follows the path set out within the earth and the human designed for cleansing and the renewed energy that comes thru all storms.

You may have read stories where an entire neighborhood has been wiped out but one or two houses didn’t get touched, that is because they were the frequency holders.  The vibration was to fast and exceeded the magnetic trail, so the storm went all around them and left them alone.

There are many energy portals set up all around the world, many are very new to the landscape.  There will be sudden infusions of energy coming into these portals going directly into the belly of Gaia, releasing itself in portals already existent as release valves on earth.

Earthquake activity will rise.  Volcanic activity will rise.  Storms and their intensity will increase.  Everything has a divine purpose.  Not a single soul is being punished, that is an absurd thought.  Every human agreed to their participation within the accelerating game on earth.  Every agreement depends on the internal acceleration within the human and which agreement will be the one that plays out in your own personal reality.  Every event, every result always serving the greater good and the evolution of the soul as well as the group soul energy.

Today’s full moon (April 6th, 2012) is bearing a light frequency that is new and extraordinary, coupled by the planetary alignment with venus and the Pleiades.   This outflow of energy will be radiating a high frequency of love, of magnetic acceleration the planet has not seen it all its creation.

All of humanity will be stepping on an acceleration button (so to speak) in their lives as we move across the time line of April 23rd.  This power node will amplify the magnetic field of your own personal alignment for events to unfold as the solar eclipse transverses the earth on May 20th.   The trajectory is, as always, very purposeful for this stage of your game on earth.

You are going to find many of your energetic structures will begin to fall as the cleansing process continues to accelerate thru this year.  DO NOT GO INTO FEAR.  Fear will bring you into the undercurrent of the energy.  Rise above it all, take care of each other with compassion and love.  This has always been your greatest protection and will serve you more than you can currently comprehend.

There are many triggers set before you, for the greatest alignment of energy.  Landscapes that have already been cleared and enhanced to hold a very high LIVING vibration on earth.  It is crucial that when this trigger is set off in your personal reality, you move with it.  Please don’t attempt to bring your baggage with you, it cannot be sustained in the new frequency.

For those of you who feel this magnetic trigger within, you are truly a harbinger of the new energy of life.  A band of people, strung together due to their high frequency throughout the world, setting the new ley lines of amplified unified love, void of fear, for all others to follow.

You are brave warriors of Light, you have come into this plain for this purpose.  We are supporting you more than you will currently ever know.  YOU are honored and celebrated by all of creation.

Breathe peace, exhale love and move forward with joy, no matter the scenario playing out before you.  All is perfect and in divine alignment and agreement.

We honor you and surround you with radiant light.

The Guardians and The Pleiadian Counsel

Together, we have always been ONE!!

Added Note:  This communication started to flow into me during my bath this morning.  What I personally wanted to share was blocked from the flow so this news bulletin could be announced.  I could feel the combination of energy from both the Pleiadians and the Guardians together.

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