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The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report … Are We Really Here? – 7 April 2012

(picture Andrea in Lugano Italy)

Greetings Love Beings!

I’d like to make some more clarification about the issue of a false flag going to occur, of course my words might not appear to be any different from any others, however, just to make things clear… rest is up to you: those called illuminati, or cabal… oh boy… they are ages far away from our crafts! Our crafts are consocius beings and not metal made ships, though quite advanced if confronted with the technology you’re used to… they simply cannot compete. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – From God & Prilon – How To Live Easier Through The Shifts –

[Hello God & Prilon.] Hello Suzy. To begin, We would like to say the shift with planet Earth is progressing very well. Now Earth has the ability  to call out to her sisters and brothers of this universe and others. This has only recently been made available to her as a way to speed ascension. Continue reading

Matt Taibbi – Fighting BAC – Bank Of America – 7 April 2012

 There are two things every American needs to know about Bank of America.

The first is that it’s corrupt. This bank has systematically defrauded almost everyone with whom it has a significant business relationship, cheating investors, insurers, homeowners, shareholders, depositors and the state. It is a giant, raging hurricane of theft and fraud, spinning its way through America and leaving a massive trail of wiped-out retirees and foreclosed-upon families in its wake. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Encoded Interpretations Of A Dream – 7 April 2012

Plenty of people document and remember their dreams, because the messages we are given in such realms not only give us guidance and advice on endeavors in our own Lives, our dreams have also served to generally predict events that are to occur, or rather encode such ‘predictions’ through symbolism that we are given to decode in our own dreams. Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – The Secrets To Enlightening Your Life – 7 April 2012

“The mind covers up reality without knowing it. To know the nature of the mind, you need intelligence, the capacity to look at the mind in silent and dispassionate awareness.” ~ Nisargadatta

Every experience that life brings you is a gift to enlighten the path in front of you. No matter how negative the experience is, you can always find some way to make a nourishing lemonade out of those sour lemons. You have the alchemist power within you to transform the worst demons you meet on the road into angels with wings sent from heaven. All you need is a simple shift in your perception. By knowing what is true and what is just a thought flying through your mind you can become free from potential future suffering. Continue reading

Max Igan – Fear Bases Mind Control And The Unlawfulness Of Legality – 7 april 2012

Part 1 uploaded by aodscarecrow on 7 April 2012.

See part 2,3 and 4 here=>. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Clearing The Debris Field For The Fullfillment Of Your Soul Journey! – 7 April 2012

I do not think I have ever experienced something as unique as I did yesterday inside this body of mine.  Granted, we had one hellofa full moon, venus was chilling with the Pleiades, Mercury is finally flowing forward and no doubt other planets are doing things my own consciousness is completely clueless about!! Continue reading