Lisa Gawlas – Creator Infusion Underway : Integrity, Honesty, Interaction Required! – 8 April 2012

On April 5th a brand new element was added to our field of life; a pure energetic rainbow waterfall.  I suppose it took me til today to really understand the full breadth of this new element.  So before I share all the amazing information that came thru yesterdays readings, I must talk about this rainbow energy.

First let me set it up as it appears in my field of vision.  It flows directly from the top of the Mesa cliff and cascades in a free fall over the side and touches (not splashes) the ground.  It is not very wide at all, maybe 10-15 feet wide (3-5 meters)

There is an energetic movement to this waterfall… but not a watery one.  That is to say there is no “force” of flow associated with its stream.  It is a constantly changing blend of radiant colors streaming down together onto earth.

I now understand it represents the full energy of creation.  What we can think of as the pure soul energy of creation itself.  Imagine being infused with pure joy, pure love, pure servitude, pure hope, pure honesty and the list goes on!

I am also noticing as well, that people (thru their readings) are showing up somewhere in relationship to this rainbow energy.  It seems to be the only thing the field wants to amplify back to the person on the phone.  It is THAT important.

Some people are still on the ground walking towards it, some at the foot of it, some somewhere in the flow of it.  None (yet) completely done and thru it and on the top of the Mesa (which is the goal at hand.  Keeping in mind the ground level represents the “enlightened body,” streaming upwards in the waterfall represents the “Ascending body” and being on the top of the mesa itself represents the “ascended body.”)

Believe it or not, the placement within this stream of energy has less to do with your Light Bodies ability to be within this pure stream (we were all created from this stream) but has everything to do with the state of mind within ourselves, within each person.   The pure and true relationship the physical mind has with the Light Body and Life itself.

Let me be very very clear on this point, it is too important to not understand.  The mind is an amazing power in our field of energy.  Your mind, when in full and absolute relationship with your Light body is truly the harbinger for all that is at hand.  Think about that for a moment!  It is the mind’s energy that holds any aspect of the various collectives together.  To hold the energy of the ascended body within the created reality, there MUST be a full and true relationship within the physical and soul minds… a true blending of one energetic thought.

This blended mind is so important because the energy within that rainbow is fusing all together.  There is a great responsibility that goes with this infusion.  I do not think any amount of my words will really state the true importance.

This fully imbued body cannot hold the first falsehood within it.  Not in any capacity.  You will even find it increasingly difficult to live or be near people holding any “falsehood” energy.

Please don’t take that to mean you must be forever pure in thought… not at all… To look at yourself and take absolute and full responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your actions, your inaction’s… that is what is important.  The true pure mind would never, could never delude itself any longer.  When it does, the consequences are immediate.

Let me give you my own example.  I created a lie.  In the moment, it seemed small and harmless at least for a second it seemed to be.  Even as I was pecking out the email with a non-truth embedded within it… I actually wondered to myself… why am I doing this?  I really had no rational reason to lie.  I had to reschedule an appointment, and instead of stating to this wonderful, loving lady that my brain is burnt toast, and knowing she would understand that… I created a lie that said my internet was down… every second feeling this is not right and yet, the crazy woman within did it anyway.  I really left myself baffled.  I suppose, I have always been a living example of what not to do!!

Integrity in every single aspect of your life, both to yourself and to others is super crucial.

I don’t even think a full 10 minutes went by from me sending this lie embedded email to a client… did a completely separate client send me an email and ask for a full refund.  You would think I would have felt bad, but it was like my whole heart opened up and danced.  I so got the instant message… I get the full out relationship here.  The karmic exchange was pretty much instant… How can you not celebrate when you see your action returned to you instantly!!

I sent out bad energy to a loving persons garden, a scoop of energy was taken out of mine.  I bless it so much and celebrate the triad of energy (myself included in this triad) to bring this really important message out to be clear.  To both of my soul sisters upon this amazing path, this amplified message… Thank you both!!

Integrity and truth are you most powerful resources, your only REAL resources, anything less dilutes the power.  Of course, you must always direct truth to the Self first and foremost (the reckless mind can and will delude you from your own truth and keep you from the pure colors of your life, your energy field.)

So, with all that stated, I want to talk about some really important and breathtaking aspects of yesterdays readings.

Altho April’s biggest message to us is WORK YOUR ENERGY FIELD.  Get to know yourself and how you work intimately so you are prepared for the full on release of May… we all have our own part to play in this amazing game of Light.

Two things are becoming very very prevalent in what we have come here to “do.”  I just want to say that one is not more important, or better than the other… they actually work energetically together… heart in heart.

The fully enlightened codes of energy in some people are going to bring them to a community type setting.  A gathering place where ascended masters living in full biology will come together to work their energies together.

There are others who came in as a solo (so to speak) master bringing new thoughts, ideas and inventions to the fore.  Changing the way we approach wellness and living.

As I said, both are a crucial aspect of this full on version of new life.

For the rest of this sharing, I am going to simply talk about the potential communities that will spring up… quietly, purposely, powerfully.

In the beginning, these intentional communities will be small, several people together.  Learning how they work in relationship to each other.  Learning how to add their powerful field of energy to create from the field of heart desire… instantly.

As we master the molecules (smile)… we will equally master traveling between communities to further enhance our wisdom and understanding.

I had seen this so clearly yesterday…

Like I said before, I receive so much information every day, I forget a lot!  With trying to catch my breath with all the DNA and magnetosphere information coming in I had completely forgotten an element that was so prevalent in January and some of February… that magnetic dome of energy that was housed on the field.

This may sound crazy, but what I understand today, it is our own viable magnetosphere to use as we start to gather into our purposeful places on earth.  We will learn to create wormholes of travel thru these fields… linking to other purposeful places on earth and because this magnetosphere vibrates so high, others that do not have their vibration set high cannot see it or use it.  It literally allows us to live, play and experience completely under the radar!!

It will also be used (how I have no clue) to radiate out the needed energy to those bringing in new, higher ideas and inventions to serve the new humanity.

I cannot help but think of the lady who will be using her heart key to help those in mental disarray… restoring balance to the greater mind of life!!

When in full and complete integrity, we so add to the greater all of Life, in ways we have not even imagined before.

We are coming alive in ways not even dreamed of before.  Keep your mind clear, your thoughts filled with honesty and integrity and allow the full on infusion of the creator energy pick you up, body and soul into the fields of May!!

May is so spectacular they won’t let me peek inside yet… I just can feel the aliveness of both the field as well as us who have completely allowed the full on rainbow infusion to happen.

There is so much more to share… we will leave that for tomorrow!!

Happy Christ Consciousness Day to everyone (otherwise known as Easter)

((((HUGZ)))) of rainbow energy to ALL open to receive!!

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