Lucas – Secret Societies Act And Free Masons In Courts Of Canada – 8 April 2012

In my comments list I found a strange reference to a court case that had been judged through the Canadian Court system in highest appeal.  The case had a crucial question asked did Freemason judges help their brother Freemason.  The judges have refused to reveal if they were Freemasons a question that seemed very basic in a case that claimed Freemasons had railroaded a Canadian dentist into jail for a year for tax fraud. Above question was never answered so it seems. For me it is very unlikely that this will be answered ever.

The Secret Societies Act 1799 is still law in Canada and that alone makes an accusation of being freemason a difficult case. For sure as the accusation is directed to the judges.  The Applicant has asked the Canadian Minister of Justice (see page 34 of Motion – page 41 Scribd) and Canadian Prime Minister Harper (see page 36 of Motion – page 43 Scribd) to order an inquiry of the conduct of Chief Justice McLachlin and asked that she not be a part of the panel that will  deal with this Motion to Reconsider for similar reasons.

A very strange case in deed.

You will find the story and the scribd 60 pages motion to reconsider  at:

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