Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – 8 April 2012

We come today to wish you a very happy holiday–that is  holy-day, for Easter represents the journey each soul must take as they move into enlightenment and out of the lessons of the third dimension.

This journey is that of life lived as best an individual can,  based upon their personal belief system and governed by  current rules of duality and separation.  Life continues “normally” until at some point in an individual’s spiritual evolution there comes the  crucifixion.  The crucifixion is  that time in which  everyday life no longer  works as it always has.  What up to that point has been predictable,  suddenly  comes to a screeching halt either through  some particular experience, experiences, or a new unfolding inner awareness. To outside observers as well as the individual himself, this period  may appear to be one of absolute failure,  loss, and  something dreaded.  To those still fully emersed in third dimensional values it is indeed seen as loss and failure, but to the experiencing soul it is  movement; the death of that which is now finished and the birth of the new.

The crucifixion is a series of painful experiences  often accompanied by humiliation and judgement from the individual as well as those around him who are only able to see  from the concepts they may hold of successful living.   These experiences can vary in degrees of intensity or loss  because some individuals only respond and  learn the hard way through painful experience, while others do not need great intensity in order to move forward.   However, know that all souls are prepared and ready for the experience of crucifixion or it would not happen even though most are  not consciously aware of this.

After a time of adjustment, resting, being tempered by experience, and letting go, a new state of consciousness begins to emerge.  The new man is being born, one strong and  more self-complete; one having released much that heretofore held him in bondage to third dimensional concepts of love, life, success, health, and all the issues of daily living.  A new and more perfect man is being born and this is the resurrection, dear ones.

It is a surrender, a death to all that is finished.   Lessons on earth were meant for learning but were never  intended to go on forever.  The crucifixion experience can be and usually is  very scary as the  mind struggles  to plan and plot solutions according to what is already known, and yet the individual is forced by circumstances to live in the now moment.  Low and behold out of this intense fear arises a new experience–the sky does not fall down and life goes on in new ways in spite of  the dire predictions of those observing from their place of duality.

The crucifixion and resurrection are not experiences that took place  to only one special man 2000 years ago.  All will and many are now, experiencing  crucifixion and resurrection and through it are moving ever more quickly into  ascension.   Jesus seeded a dense human consciousness with truth, adding light to a human matrix of world beliefs which then in turn allowed those ready, to access  new ways of seeing and being.  He brought to mankind a level of understanding that many were ready for but most did not understand.   His experience reflected the experiences of all mankind.  Jesus  was the way-shower for a struggling world for always there will be  teachers,  way-showers, and healers for those ready–mankind is never abandoned or left completely on their own.

After crucifixion and resurrection, one then also becomes a way-shower, helping others now ready to move out of the false  concepts of duality and separation.  Many are way showers now.  The Light on earth is becoming increasingly bright.  You are soon to manifest a new world, a world in which  all life is respected   and seen as an expression of the one Divine Life.

This is why you chose to experience duality and separation, dear light beings, to see if you could find your way back home in spite of the intense experiences manifest by the unillumined state of consciousness.  You are doing it now!  You have moved through lifetimes of  darkness and are quickly moving into the Light.

This is the true meaning of  Easter–the crucifixion and  resurrection out of  darkness and into light of ascension.

Blessed Easter every day.

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