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John Ward – Security Special : Slog’s 2012 Russian Crime / UK Cop Revelations Vindicated – 8 April 2012


Guardian Cherkasov story lifts lid on UK Cop-Putin complicity




Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 8 April 2012

Extra-info for your new entry

Below are links to information compiled by a reader of this blog. It is evidence for those who still refuse to believe the fact that top leadership ranks of the West have been infiltrated by Satanic murderers who sacrifice children in horrific ceremonies.

Dear Benjamin, my entry was old and I had no idea I had not updated it, I thought I had.

Thank you for reposting the info on your blog(the more people become aware of this the better). Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : Fear Not Clubmed Debtors, For The Elysian Fields Shall Be Yours – 8 April 2012

There is no chance of another Greek debt restructuring, the managing director of the Institute of International Finance, Charles Dallara, told media folks today. “Greece has entered a path of growth and security” he said.

Lots of other sources said something different. An Austrian Economy Ministry survey, for example, said that Greece ranks last among 14 European countries in attracting new enterprises and investment. And Further cuts will be needed if Greece is to adhere to the midterm fiscal plan it voted for last year, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos told Der Spiegel. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Together We Shall Rise From The Ashes And Rebirth This World! – 8 April 2012

This has been a massive twenty-four plus hours, I am going to share from the beginning and what my focus has been so get comfy this could get long.

Yesterday in the early afternoon I fell asleep and was knocked out for several hours. This rarely happens to me; however I knew I had gone somewhere that was important. I was dreaming of the future – and not too distant future where the world was like a prison. The people were all in uniform apartment-like living quarters – the air was manufactured (as the outside was unbreathable), nature was destroyed and those people remaining where slaves to a small few dominating the world. I can tell you, we really are not many steps away from a world like this. Many laws and things have been put into place for the past one hundred years to set this all into place and we are reaching a point now where they almost have it all, ready to implement full control. If you would like to hear the real truth that the mainstream media don’t cover, and what I feel every person needs to know, I highly recommend the recent movie release ‘Thrive.’ You can learn more here: www.thrivemovement.com Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Tree You Want To Climb – 8 April 2012

God said:

Be open to life. Let life show up. It may not be as you expect. It may be quite different from what you expect, yet life appears, and life is to be welcomed. Love life, and yet not hold on to it. Life is a chimera. Life depends upon the filter you see life through. Accommodate life. Everything that occurs or does not occur is expanding you. You are not exactly a rubber band, yet you expand. Sometimes you feel stretched. Feeling stretched is also part of life. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Be Prepared For Mighty Life-altering Events To Happen – 8 April 2012

Heaven’s intent for humanity is leading you all forwards towards this supremely auspicious event that will bring with it joy, happiness, peace, and prosperous abundance for all; and that event is, of course, your awakening into your natural and fully-conscious state.  That moment is fast approaching and will not be delayed, even though it appears that many are still not ready to release the unloving and judgmental attitudes that, by their very adoption and maintenance, preclude them from accepting the unconditional divine Love that is constantly offered to them. Continue reading

John Smallman – The Resurrection Signifies Humanity’s Awakening From The Illusion – 8 april 2012

Easter is an excellent day on which to bring to mind God’s Love for all His children.  It is a reminder of His Intent that all of them return to Reality – eternal life with Him in the heavenly domains – as demonstrated by the Resurrection.  In Christianity, the Resurrection signifies Christ risen from the dead, but in fact it signifies humanity’s awakening from its extensive sojourn in the illusion, because within you all the Light of Christ Consciousness is burning to light your way Home, and it is now becoming impossible for you to continue ignoring it as you have done for so long.  The time you have spent in the illusion has been arduous and painful, causing you much fear and suffering.  It is the divine Will that you awaken from that unhappy state.  And so you will. Continue reading