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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 9 April 2012

It is time you ask yourself and find out why today you are lonely. It is time for you to understand and to choose between those things in your life that give you pleasure and the things in your life that cause you displeasure. It is time for many of you to make a new start, and it is time for many of you to leave behind the ways of the old paradigm and begin anew on a path that will deliver you to the highest self you can be. All along your journey you have chosen paths that would either bring you to a higher state or a path that would lead you somewhere else. Your choice at this time is no different, and you are being offered the opportunity to travel a path that will bring you to a higher state or a path that will bring to you more challenges and hardships characteristic of a lower dimensional level. What you choose to do with this opportunity is entirely up to you, and we only wish to bring to the forefront of your consciousness this choice before you today. It is not our right to persuade you in either direction. It is not anyone’s right to influence another in this way. All we will do is describe for you your choices and where each will lead you. That is all we will do, and we will honor the choices that you make.  Continue reading


Lucas – BREAKING NEWS: The Answer From David On My Questions About The “Drake” Interview – 9 April 2012

As I reposted my questions to Mr. Wilcock again today 9 April 2012  in his comments section regarding the interview with “Drake”, as they where not published, I got in the end an answer by David Wilcock himself in my mail.

I am sorry to say this answer will not be posted integral here. As I keep my private conversations private.  But I will say that he declined posting the comment questions I put in my blog post (link to post Lucas) also in an open form for him to read. David Wilcock is concerned he might compromise things going on in the “Drake” group developments and others involved.

I myself made it clear to David Wilcock that he had posted this interview and gave it a large exposure and therefore he should have known all the consequences before he made his one-sided interview. The nature  of the answer of Wilcock made also clear to me that he chose sides. I made clear his answer was not sufficient as there will not be a  balanced story that way. The credibility of David’s writings will be questioned in future by a lot of people. The  still open questions will not be given an answer and now is officially the story become a one-sided one by choice of David Wilcock.The  story by David Wilcock in the matter “Drake” and Tim Turner and the Republic of the USA group is closed.

I expressed my concerns and my disappointment in his answer. Also I have said this will be a big crack in the credibility and respect I had in his investigative writing. I for sure will not follow  blindly anyone or will support anyone who says just believe I will tell you later what you have to believe in and that it is good.  Is Unity not possible? We can not make a founded opinion on half the information David.  Is open, transparent, equality  and honest not what a new America build on the real Constitution should be about?.

Further details I will not give as I think the message is clear to David. But to be honest the readers around the world will not be informed correctly in this case. Let that be stated for the records. The people need to use now their utmost discernment in all what will be said about this in writings by David Wilcock.

Maybe you still do the right thing David.

Love and light,


Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 9 April 2012

( Due to timezone difference these are there posted 10 April 2012)

Hi Ben and company,
First off I would like to thank you guys for all the hard work you have been doing, in helping people understand what is really going on in this world. So I will try to keep this e-mail brief so I don’t take up too much of your time. My question is this, do you guys have any information on what could be called “Mind Control” programs conducted in Asia i.e. China and Japan? Continue reading

Liloumace – Drunvalo Melchizedek: Crop Circles, Russians,Coming Solar Flares…IUDrunvalo Melchizedek: Crop circles, Russians, Coming Solar Flares…Use Your Discernment !! – 9 April 2012

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John Ward – Euroblown : Slog’s Allegations Of Social Security Hock Finally Quantified – 9 April 2012

In Spain, unpaid bills, public company debt, and Spanish sovereign bonds amount to 870 billion euros. More disturbing still – I’ve posted about this before many times – is the degree to which Spain’s social insurance budget is also deep in hock. The social security reserve fund is where the Spanish are supposed to be accumulating resources to help pay for their pensions. But this is the last thing they’re doing. Continue reading

Jeleila Starr – Niburian Council – Preparing Our Loved Ones For The Future – 9 April 2012

Was talking to my mom last night. The topic turned to the end of the world. Mom, (a staunch Christian) told me she was filled with anxiety and dread over it (she believes the world is going to end). Mom told me she was cleaning up her life so that she would be counted worthy to meet Jesus when he arrived. She was eating better and exercising (lost 50 pounds!) and working on forgiving. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – Bernanke And Geithner Are Still Trying To Cash Bad Checks – 9 April 2012

It appears that both the so-called “dragon family,” and the “harmonious world banking system,” are just the same criminal godfathers that Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner have always worked for. They are running around now claiming they have 600 trillion dollars inside the Federal Reserve Board computers ready to be used for “humanitarian projects worldwide.” Indeed both Eijiro Katsu, top bureaucrat at the Japanese Ministry of Finance and Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa have confirmed the money is sitting there inside the Federal Reserve Board computers. The problem is that the same crooks who have been spreading biological mass murder weapons and carrying out countless other unfathomably evil acts are now saying they will be doing good. The fact of the matter is that the owners of the Fed are a bunch of gangsters who murdered, bribed and lied their way to the top of the planetary power system only to preside over the a largest mass extinction event (including both humans and nature) since the dinosaurs were wiped out. Here is what the world has to say to you murdering crooks: “you are fired.” Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Readying Ourselves – 9 April 2012

Getting ready

In approaching the task of creating a global conversation on our blogs and in our discussion groups, we’re doing a number of things. We’re doing push-ups that allow us to develop some strength in this kind of dialogue. We’re preparing to meet the galactics, having wiped the sleepy dust from our eyes and becoming ready to talk. We’re finding out where the gaps in our knowledge lie, which should send us into research to fill them.  We’re getting ready in all ways for what we know will soon be coming. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Speculation That India May Disclose – 9 April 2012

Don’t get your hopes up. We do want to keep you abreast of the news and speculation. But we’ve heard the same reports many times. Don’t go crazy until you see the whites of their eyes.

India to announce UFO Disclosure soon

Rajnish, Ashtar Command Crew, April 2, 2012http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/india-to-announce-ufo-disclosure-soon Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Stop Wondering – 9 April 2012

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I think for many of us we spend a great deal of time wondering if we are doing everything right so we can be a part of the journey into 5D. I honestly don’t believe there is a right way or a wrong way, it is all about being true to yourself and giving that self to others. We wonder if we have cleared out our issues well enough, have I opened my heart up wide enough, what if I can’t do any better than what I am doing now, will I be left behind? Am I staying in my heart center, how do I do it, will I have enough time to get everything done that I need to? Whose standards and rules are you trying to live up to? Who told you that you have to do this and that in order to move forward from where you are? We are all exactly stationed in life where we are meant to be and what we are doing is no coincidence. The people in our lives are there to bring us lessons to learn as are the circumstances happening in every moment of our lives. Continue reading