Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 9 April 2012

( Due to timezone difference these are there posted 10 April 2012)

Hi Ben and company,
First off I would like to thank you guys for all the hard work you have been doing, in helping people understand what is really going on in this world. So I will try to keep this e-mail brief so I don’t take up too much of your time. My question is this, do you guys have any information on what could be called “Mind Control” programs conducted in Asia i.e. China and Japan?

From my “Swiss cheese” memory there was possibly a project called
“Blackthorn” and it was maybe headed by an oriental looking man that
was called General Haze (thats how it sounded in English though I am
unsure of how it is spelled) and the British seemed to have had some
hand in it to some degree, again this is just a possibility.
Sorry for all the “possible” and “maybe’s” but my mind is what you
could call “compartmentalized” and I am trying to get more info. on
this topic to help me understand everything I sometimes see at night
in my sleep or in my meditations, so I thought perhaps you might have
heard of such things over in Japan or know people who do.
The internet is not what I would call a reliable source for such
things, and calling up the British SIS would only get me a chuckle a
best in response to a inquiry like this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and take care,

Answer Fulford:

Hi Aron,

The phrase “blackthorn” does not ring a bell. However, I know from direct sources that severely abused and neglected children have been recruited in South Korea and Japan and been offered the support of a “family.” This “family” is in the business of assassination and other such activity. In one of the South Korean training sessions, for example, a group of 7 children are put in an isolated area and each given the name of one of the other 7 who they must kill even as an unknown one of the 7 goes after them. The survivors of this training are used mainly as professional killers. Females are used to infiltrate the family of targeted individuals in order to gain access for the killers. This information comes from a South Korean individual who has personally killed over 100 people. It has been confirmed independently by a female agent who was herself severely and systematically abused throughout here childhood.
Another individual described how she was drugged and beaten until she agreed to become a sex slave. She was sent to work for the Aum Shinrikyo Subway gassing cult. She says the whole thing was run at the top by “Jewish Al Qaeda types.”
The people running these groups either function as religious cults or are inside intelligence agencies or else work for one of the Yakuza organisations. At the very top the distinction between these different agencies blurs until you find the names of a few “fixers,” who are somehow connected to the money printing operations of the Federal Reserve Board or a competing power group.
We are in the middle of cleaning all this up.

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