Bill Ballard -Phoenix HAARP Dish Located, Photographed And Uses Explained – 8 April 2012

On April 3 2012 another series of man-made HAARP-generated tornadoes landed in the USA. This time the storms hit Dallas, Texas and a close friend of mine messaged me describing the event as it unfolded around him in Ft. Worth Texas.  This article is being written in response to what we witnessed that particular day. Also, in 2011 I observed from the other side of the country HAARP beams being generated from the Phoenix area which seemed to be integral to the weather manipulations I had witnessed. These past weeks I have been in and around the Phoenix area and purely by chance happened onto the particular HAARP site I had seen used in 2011 (and 2012) on many occasions for very dramatic weather manipulations across the USA.

When my friend told me of the tornadoes landing around him in Dallas I immediately pulled up my favorite satellite radar link, the CONUS site to view what was going on.  As storms form and warnings go out, it is now standard procedure for me to view this CONUS site to see if HAARP is again online and causing these tornadoes. This site allows me to learn the mechanics of weather modifications and witness it happening in real time.

With the April 3rd storm I saw those now familiar HAARP beams coming from a known directional radar station in Phoenix Arizona. I found the dish located on the southwest side of Sky Harbor International Airport. Here is the first photograph of the dish.

Phoenix HAARP installation

On April 3rd I witnessed beams from the Phoenix dish shooting directly into the spinning low pressure system that was at that time located over New Mexico. Although Brent Weyer and I saw the beams that day, neither of us documented that particular event. But, we have documented this before and I will use those earlier photographs in this article.

What we saw numerous times were directional beams from this dish pointing into a spiraling low pressure system seemingly pushing it and causing the system to spin faster. Below is a photo of one such event we documented on March 3 2012. In this photo you can see a straight line directional beam from Phoenix shooting into a storm above New Mexico modifying that low pressure cell and intensifying the effect.

If you want to get a really good idea of what the beam is doing go to the CONUS site where you can view this in real time. There are a series of 42 or so photos which, taken together, create a timed series slide show. If you look carefully at the photo above you can see a single beam from Phoenix Arizona beaming into a cloud over northwestern New Mexico. When viewed with all the other photos in the slide show you can more easily observe the spinning effect in the storm these beams agitate.

It is almost impossible to understand what is happening with the directional beams without viewing the slide show.  If you view this link (same as the first one posted above) you will see what is currently going on with the beams over the USA. There are 42 photos in each series on the CONUS site taken over a period of just a few hours. In order to observe a storm being manipulated these series of photos must be carefully monitored and added to over a period of days in order to get the full picture of what is really taking place.

At present I know of no one monitoring this site to document the weather modifications going on. This is something that needs to happen. Please view the CONUS satellite site at sunset each night (USA Time) and you will see a magnificent show of these HAARP beams in action as they modify weather across USA. These beams are not being used in tectonic warfare or for generating earthquakes. That is a different HAARP application that uses different frequencies. Of course this doesn’t mean these dishes cannot be used for that purpose. However, there is insufficient information known at this time. You realize these are secret government projects we are exposing here!

This particular HAARP site located in Phoenix uses a large directional dish. It has been documented emitting the full array of HAARP beam types. These include what appears to be ULF rings used to “freeze” the upper atmosphere and directional beams used in the creation and spinning of low pressure systems to create a foundation for these tornado events. This particular site is also used in concert with a much larger array. Its beams (generated daily) are used to produce the moisture in the upper atmosphere required to create the storms we see occurring in eastern USA. This particular HAARP site can be seen by satellite using Google Earth and is located at these coordinates.  Lat:  33°25’0.07″N Long: 112° 1’9.13″W

As you look at the photo above note the size of this dish in relation to the buildings and vehicles around the area. This is a large multi-directional dish designed to pivot as needed. It is has multi-directional beaming capabilities which may be easier for you to observe in the first photograph above. The dish is literally hidden in plain sight off the side of Interstate 10 just past the SW corner of Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. It can be clearly seen from the interstate (where we took the first photo).

Below is a photo of the ULF Freeze Rings created by this Phoenix dish as witnessed on April 28 2011 during the flooding events which occurred across mid USA last year.


Below is the same dish used as a directional beam:


The photo below shows additional ULF “Freeze” rings which are apparently used to create high pressure systems.  The high pressure forms the boundaries outlining, directing and guiding storms. This is Dallas Texas during the March 9 2012 storm. Notice the bordering of the low pressure system drawing moisture from the Pacific and also from the Gulf of Mexico.

Below are ULF rings freezing the atmosphere creating high pressure in Nevada and Montana during the same storm on March 8 2012.


Apparently, arrays of directional beams are used for moisture creation in the upper atmosphere which is needed to generate rainfall storms. There is the equivalent of rivers of moisture in the upper atmosphere. The beams used to condense this moisture are concentrated from a vast array of dishes (100 or more). Together these comprise the entirety of the HAARP weather array across the USA.

These dish sites exist on military bases, near international airports and have even been spotted at NEXRAD weather radar stations. They all work together.  How it is all being coordinated and by whom remains unknown at this time. This project is seemingly a top secret one with no public information available and no one to hold accountable for the damage these weather manipulations cause.

The best time to view the entire HAARP array operating across the USA is around sunset (USA time) from the CONUS satellite weather radar site. There are numerous other satellite radar websites to observe from but in my experience this is among the best. You will be able to observe more than 100 HAARP dish sites operating in sync across the USA modifying and amplifying normal weather patterns, generating increased rainfall, snow, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes. In the past year we have seen it all. We have even seen land hurricanes form from these modifications. I witnessed and documented 3 such storms in spring 2011.

I have documented many of these events which can be publicly viewed on my Facebook albums page.I have set up a Facebook page specifically designed for sharing current information publicly with the world. You may also share freely from my photos and albums here.  I do ask that if you share you link to my page in acknowledgement of my work. Other than that, please feel free to share what I have.

As you observe these photos posted in this article or in any of the albums of HAARP photos, please know there are usually at least 40 photos taken a few minutes apart in each series. In individual shots you only see part of what is actually going on with the weather modifications. I am unable to show an entire series in this article as we are somewhat limited in this particular forum. Should you decide watch the CONUS satellite feeds live note that it is a current series of photographs that updates itself every few minutes. It creates a real-time slide show by adding a few new photos to the series and subtracting the same number of older satellite photos.

The 4 photos(of 42) below show moisture manufacturing beams shooting east and shooting west. They represent the first photos of the series in the East USA (the Atlantic Coast up to Maine). Notice the moisture clouds developing as the beams seemingly travel from east to west generating moisture as they shoot through the atmosphere. The moisture clouds form in the atmosphere behind where the beam had been previously.

What I have not covered in this article are the Scalar Squares and HAARP Rings that Michael Janitch aka Dutchsinse has documented. There is no place online that “teaches” what is actually going on here. While we have been able to locate the financial appropriations for these projects (which have been made public) by and large the actual projects themselves remain secret. Those of us disclosing this information are using our own observations and creating our own theories as to how it all works. Michael Janitch has provided one of the best pages on HAARP information I have seen to date. Also read here for more information from Dutch.

In fact when I just went to Dutch’s blog site for the links posted above I found he has published more information on the tornadoes which occurred yesterday (April 7) in Texas.  Here is  Dutch’s latest blog on these Texas man made Tornadoes now occurring.

My Theory On How It All Works

It seems to me there is a pattern to how all this works. At present it appears to be simply a a modification of existing incoming weather. However I know from what I am personally witnessing that the capability to actually design the weather is not too far off.

1)      Weather systems travelling around the globe enter the USA and are directed by the creation of high pressure systems which, in turn, are created by the ULF HAARP rings freezing the upper atmosphere.

2)      Low pressure systems are generated and spun by directional beams as seen in photographs above. Many times they use 2 or 3 directional beams in conjunction with one another to form a spinning low pressure system. This draws the moisture together to form the basis for the storm.

3)      Scalar squares and HAARP rings are used to “heat” the upper atmosphere  where the flow of the storm eventually goes. This is where the fixed heated upper atmosphere collides with the incoming cold upper atmosphere to create the super turbulent storms and super cells that form tornadoes. Janitch has predicted multiple times with very high percentage rates of accuracy where tornadoes will land simply by observing where scalar squares have targeted the upper atmosphere. This is the most deadly aspect of HAARP storm creation across USA,  killing more than 1,000 individuals in 2011.

4)      Directional beams harnessed together and used in a vast array across the USA have been witnessed generating moisture in the upper atmosphere. When moisture in the upper atmosphere forms (guided by ULF Freeze, a ring creating high pressure and colder upper atmosphere), the moisture can be more easily guided over warmer areas where scalar squares and HAARP rings are witnessed. These troughs of moisture have been the primary contributing factor to the excessive flooding witnessed in 2011 in the mid-west USA.

5)      Natural tornadoes are generated by cold upper atmosphere going over the Rocky Mountains and colliding with the natural warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. These are being enhanced/strengthened by frequency beams directed into the upper atmosphere. Ultra Low Frequencies (ULF) are used to cool the upper atmosphere. These have been observed in Montana. One can see the cooler blue colors in the radar when this happens and when the upper atmosphere is cooled. Directional beams are programmed to form a spinning low (as we see being done by the HAARP dish in Phoenix). These beams, in turn, are used in conjunction with ULF from (say) Montana drawing moisture up from the Pacific to later collide with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to form the storms. These storms are guided by the heated upper atmosphere created by the scalar squares and VHF (HOT) Very High Frequency beams. This forms the atmospheric river where moisture flows and tornadoes form. Directed moisture beams from more than 100 sites are used to generate the atmospheric moisture that causes the rains and intensity in the storms. This is what was causing all the snows and heavy rainfalls in the 2011 spring floods.

I have been watching these events of weather modifications for over a year now . I find myself  in awe of the technology and how it all works. It is truly amazing as it is only frequency that is generating these storms, (and HAARP man-made earthquakes too). I am amazed at what can and is being done. However, much of it is being done with absolute disregard to the populations and individuals being affected.  More than 1,000 people lost lives to these man-made HAARP tornadoes in 2011. Many of the places these tornadoes landed were predicted with far greater accuracy by Dutch and others than those who consider themselves weather professionals. Truly it was their devices as NEXRAS aiding in the tornadoes being formed, doing the damage. This year seems to be a reoccurrence of all that again.

I write this article in order to share information I personally have witnessed  and  documented and ask anyone interested to begin to educate yourself to aid in finding a solution to these events being forced upon the population in secret while using taxpayer money to do so. If HAARP weather modification was being used in a way that was open and beneficial to all, with everyone knowing what was being manufactured for their own warning or ability to protest I would think this technology a God send. But that is not the case at this time in our history.

To change the current situation which is affecting and killing so many across the USA we first need to be aware of what is going on and our own vulnerability. That is the reason for this article. Thank you for reading.

With Unconditional LOVE for All That IS!
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  1. Unless I iam missing something, I understand HAARP facilities to be using low frequency, how power transmissions. The dish shown in the photo would NOT be capable of producing low frequency transmissions, it appears to be more of a conventional satellite communications dish.

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