Kerry Cassidy – The Comments And Thoughts On The Drake Interview 2 And 4 April 2012- 9 april 2012

April 2, 2012


This is a link to listen to David’s recent interview with an American Patriot named “Drake” — not his real name… who is involved in a group that believes they have the means to organize the US military to take back the U.S. and revert back to the US Constitution from the 1800s just after the signing of the 13th Amendment.

I believe is going to be attempted but not the way they think…  From what I know of the many patriot movements within the U.S. including the White Hats from this site: ordering arrests is far easier said than done.  And the kind of coordination required to mount such an effort will require some very sophisticated alignments and organization…. which begs the question under what group (who are not the cabal we all know and revile) will such a coordinated effort happen?

While I applaud any revolution that wishes to clean up this mess called the United States, I do not see the military operating in unison and turning against its masters without a fair amount of bloodshed.  It seems the Secret Gov and Space Command who are really running the place are viewed as losing their grip.  I cannot see this group, worldwide and off planet being dealt with so easily as is described here.

I do think REVOLUTION is inevitable, at least here in the U.S.   And I do hope this is one of many beginnings.  But we have a long way to go before the dark cabal simply hands over their scaler/particle beam weapons, skynet robotic army of androids, command and control of the Mars and Moon colonies and Phobos and their plans for humanity 2.0.  Do you really think they will relinquish their hold on this planet so easily?  It is naive at best to think that the U.S. is not running the Secret Space Program.

Drake is painting a country that can supposedly close its borders and clean house when the very command and control of the off world civilization they have built is orchestrated from here.  Underground too, cannot be ignored.  The bases are vast and incredibly high tech… do you really think they will just hand them over?  Yes there is rebellion in our military.  But it is going to take a coup de grâce AND A coup d’état before there will be a changing of the guard…  What Drake is describing and not willing to admit to is a coup d’état.

It happened with the death of Kennedy and appears on the verge of happening again…

April 4, 2012


We cannot set ourselves up as avengers and lynch our enemies without stooping to their level.  When Drake and Wilcock toward the end of the interview begin going in this direction it goes way off the rails…  I suggest if the public tries and convicts such as Kissinger, Bush et al…. the only just punishment will be incarceration and steady work basket weaving and other such endeavors.  See below for the rest of the ARTICLE entitled:  VIVA LA REVOLUTION!


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