Lucas – BREAKING NEWS: The Answer From David On My Questions About The “Drake” Interview – 9 April 2012

As I reposted my questions to Mr. Wilcock again today 9 April 2012  in his comments section regarding the interview with “Drake”, as they where not published, I got in the end an answer by David Wilcock himself in my mail.

I am sorry to say this answer will not be posted integral here. As I keep my private conversations private.  But I will say that he declined posting the comment questions I put in my blog post (link to post Lucas) also in an open form for him to read. David Wilcock is concerned he might compromise things going on in the “Drake” group developments and others involved.

I myself made it clear to David Wilcock that he had posted this interview and gave it a large exposure and therefore he should have known all the consequences before he made his one-sided interview. The nature  of the answer of Wilcock made also clear to me that he chose sides. I made clear his answer was not sufficient as there will not be a  balanced story that way. The credibility of David’s writings will be questioned in future by a lot of people. The  still open questions will not be given an answer and now is officially the story become a one-sided one by choice of David Wilcock.The  story by David Wilcock in the matter “Drake” and Tim Turner and the Republic of the USA group is closed.

I expressed my concerns and my disappointment in his answer. Also I have said this will be a big crack in the credibility and respect I had in his investigative writing. I for sure will not follow  blindly anyone or will support anyone who says just believe I will tell you later what you have to believe in and that it is good.  Is Unity not possible? We can not make a founded opinion on half the information David.  Is open, transparent, equality  and honest not what a new America build on the real Constitution should be about?.

Further details I will not give as I think the message is clear to David. But to be honest the readers around the world will not be informed correctly in this case. Let that be stated for the records. The people need to use now their utmost discernment in all what will be said about this in writings by David Wilcock.

Maybe you still do the right thing David.

Love and light,


7 responses to “Lucas – BREAKING NEWS: The Answer From David On My Questions About The “Drake” Interview – 9 April 2012

  1. Thank you, Lucas. There is a lack of “fair and balanced” when one discloses only one side of the information concerning humanity’s future well-being, especially when no one knows for sure whose version is closest to the truth.

  2. lucas, stop trying to compromise this operation. drake said it will happen in 30-45 days. cool your jets, mate.

    • What will happen in 30-45 days Drew? That what was written about what Drake said to be true. I can not verify anything. Do you?

      How do know anything is true as we hear only one side of the story and can not even have proof or have evidence presented of the real intentions?

      We must not go down the same old route, The dark ones dictated what we new and should hear and see that was beneficial to us, I do not let me be told by Drake or David things are as they are and just believe so. That stage has passed. We have become informed and awakened ones. Otherwise I say: Wake up. We are free people and humans that need to be informed and not been kept in the dark. For all I know the intention is just another illuminati trick to get a new State that will appear to be nice but is also just a dictatorship of the few.

      Who are the good guys?
      The ones that tell they are or just say we are.

      I for sure can not compromise nothing Drew as I do not know what the real intent is.
      Just naming a date or timeline for an action taking in arrests by Drake is not enough for me.

      Who is arresting who?
      Since we have now reached a state we can not be sure of anything you deside what you believe. I do not believe anything anymore till I get a real honest and balanced picture. For now I can just say to use utmost discernment in the things you will be told to believe.

      I have said already just to protect something going on is not enough as we have no information about the real story behind it. I ask not for strategical details or plans. I ask for who and what this Drake guy is and stands for and why we are kept in the dark by David about the RUSA group and the so-called rivalling factions.

      David knew all this before he posted his video. So his intent was and is to keep the RUSA information from us and the possible evidence of what has been told about RUSA and Tim Turner. I for sure can not make a balanced opinion on information I can not get.
      If you accuse somebody of something then proof it. I have not seen proof yet about the accusations made or insinuations in Drake’s interview. I just have to believe what people say of have said,. It is not enough to say he does not want to give answers on his accusations as you have to bring proof first otherwise you are just playing with people and dishonering them without any reason. Hear say is no proof. If you do not like people or had a personal experience you have to proof it or be silent.That is also not a reason for keeping things from the public David.

      I stick my head out for you to be informed not to be disinformed or told half truths. Saying your are about to do something for America is not enough of information to build a balanced opinion on.

      You have a free will given as a universal undenialble right also you are free people that have for sure not to be said to belief things. We have to stop beliefsystems telling us what to think and do. I think we are played with here. We are just going again down the same route and end up in another matrix. We will not be free that way.
      We must get away from people telling you what you may or not may not know. We have to be told the whole truth not a partial one. I have asked David to do the right thing. If he ever will do, I doubt it.

      Love and Light,

  3. Since you linked Ron Van Dyke’s video, just wanted to let you know there was a follow up by same, Uploaded by paradoxman316 on Apr 7, 2012
    With utmost sincerity, I do my best to maintain an open mind and an open heart. Many have expressed concern that RuSA is a Christian nation. That would make it a theocracy, not a Republic. I am well aware that some within its ranks do see it as a Christian nation first and foremost. If this faction dominates, it will destroy the Republic. There must be no litmus test, ever, to be in the Republic; and if there is, it is unconstitutional.

    • Glenice, I have blogged that video also. And also I have been asking Tim Turner via e-mail questions about groups that have intentions to make the Republic a Theocracy. If you heard the video it does not say the Republic of USA/RUSA is a theocracy or intents to be. That is a mayor difference and you should not make the misstake to say Tim Turner and RuSA is an Theocracy. That is not said in any way. Ron picked up on what he heard about some talking about making RUSA a theocracy. But that is not the same as RUSA is a theocracy. That people talk about it is a concern I have addressed.

      I intent not to diffuse my arguments for truth about the David Wilcock denial to bring the whole story by other arguments towards Tim Turner and RUSA. Therefore keep comments to the point and do not enter other discussions that have nothing directly to do with not being informed correctly by David Wilcock.

      Love and Light, Lucas

  4. WIth all due respect, I think we’ve all been drinking the ‘Careful we are being deceived again’ kool-aid with great zeal.

    Many of us here have been at this for a long time, and we have traversed countless rabbit holes that were setup as distractions to manipulate us. Are we soon to arrive beyond the ability to see or create a positive future? The problem is that rather than waiting to see if the results of this interview are correct or not, we want David to approach the subject as if he is the investigative police within the timeframe of the interview. We do not want to trust that he has verified to the best of his knowledge and sources that the person and the information are legitimate.

    But in my opinion, he has done all he needs to do. Discernment is your own responsibility. If there are indeed reasons that Wilcock believes this man, and constraints on the framework he can draw around ‘Drake’, then why is it not acceptable to wait out the next 60 days before we pass judgment?

    Is there some hidden agenda? Is it to get us to accept a totalitarian rulership under the disguise of an insider coup? Valid questions, but I consider it ridiculous to think you can discern all of this from one person’s opinion, which this time happens to be in support.

    I for one have enough respect for David to allow these things to play out, and will rely on my own discernment by paying attention to the fruits of this so called insider takedown of the Illuminati. Have you lost your sense of trust in your own ability to see truth? If you have not, I would expect that you still retain the ability to watch things unfold and decide what is actually transpiring and if it is of the light.

    To put the responsibility of discernment on David and trust his judgment right up until the point where he feels he must remain at an angle to the situation you do not like, is premature fear responses based upon past conditioning that we all have experienced while processing this kind of information.

    The point is, none of us truly knows how this all will unfold. And I for one will sit back, watch, and keep believing in nothing but a positive outcome, as that is my contribution to manifestation while discerning the outcome and it’s direction all the while.

    One Love

    • Bodhisattva7 or Yoda333, I really think that a lot of people fall in the category of naivety again and again.
      The giving credits to a man who ways for us all and we should do trust that blindly is not the way to go.
      That is the old paradigm to give your power and trust to others who say they will solve it, make or do it for you for the better of you. Nope. They screw you and make you slaves in stead as you do not take up your own responsibility yourself. I am not talking about tactical info or strategical info giving to us. But enough information to go on to make a balanced decision. That should every investigative or author do as you investigate or are reporting a story. Give the two sides of the coin equal exposure. Be not doing so you are not independent any more or neutral. You have taken a side. Discernment is something completely else. If a message is given to you with all the facts, you can make up your mind and decide about the matter for yourself. I do not want to be confronted with a group of people not telling me what they are about and telling me without some proof that I can trust them and wait till all has come to manifest. I do not play the wait and see game. And have afterwards something in place what I never wanted before but could not say no to as we were not given the info. We can not take action against something we are kept in the dark of because of David decision not to give us any info nor comment on Tim Turner and RUSA. I only hear things that can not be proven to me and therefore to you my readers and this of null informational value. If there is one thing I have learned in al my years as lightworker I can not trust blindly anyone (even people who where credible sources before) but always need to be cautious. You need to be informed and I want tot be informed correctly as would you. As I do my research I am not informed correctly and therefore can not trust what this anonymous guy and associates are up to. It seems somebody knows more but is not willing to share this info as it crucial to us. I believe the end of all will be a positive outcome by even ET or Divine intervention if necessary before 21 Dec. 2012. I have my own depiction of the new to manifest and that is not necessary the same as what David and Drake have in mind as I can not verify a thing. I have many times expressed what a beautiful world will manifest eventually but that is beside the point again of the post I wrote.

      Love and Light, Lucas