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Graham Dewya – Sierra Neblina On Our Galactic Family – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 9 April 2012

Graham Dewyea interviews Sierra Neblina on Our Galactic Family

My guest this week is Sierra Neblina. Sierra is an intuitive Pleiadian starseed since birth, an ordained minister, and a Desert Storm veteran. Before incarnating on earth she was a Pleiadian ship commander. She will share her remarkable story of being used by the military in the human/hybrid ET experiments orchestrated by the Greys, and an abduction that left her carrying a hybrid child. She’ll talk about the ships, experiments and the real Men in Black she experienced at NORAD in Colorado Springs, going underground and off the grid for ten years, her Pleiadian walk in, the many different races of extraterrestrials helping humanity and the planet for Ascension, and more.

Music: Rene Aubry, La Grande Cascade

Listen live Sunday evening at 8pm EST by calling in or clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show.



http://www.blogtalkradio.com link to InLight Radio show 9 April 2012

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 9 April 2012

I hope you landed in April with both feet on the ground and not too much residual effects left over from March’s wild ride. Gaia’s grids were infused a bit more than originally anticipated last month, and anchored with the recent Super Full Moon. As the universe revved up to deliver generous doses of photon-boosted multi-dimensional frequencies it was discovered that human consciousness was on board and ready to support the upgrades. The result of that support was that Gaia was able to open and receive more than her scheduled helping of evolutionary waves and we got to sit in “uncomfortability” and “process” as we integrated the actualization of the super-sized energies. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – 2012 : People Are Hungry For Real Change – 9 April 2012

Uploaded by  on 9 April 2012.

Four years ago the world was excited as a young black man promised change you can believe in. Now, many are gravely disappointed as they realize the changes brought forth are changes that are despised. We thought it could not get any worse than with W in the White House; but O proved us wrong. Today as I sit and meditate on the state of the world as it looks to me, the one thing I am sure of is that people are hungry for real change.

John Ward – Superceding Sovereignty – Episode 3,082 – 9 April 2012

There is a crackerjack piece at the The Golem IV Website article Vulturecrats this morning.

It’s about the aptly named Vulture Funds, how they deliberately buy defaulted nation bonds…and then sue the nation involved to get their money.

But chiefly, the Golem piece is an excellent example of informed speculation without recourse to conspiracy theory. It might also explain why 95% of Argentine debt is held outside the country…at the BICS.  Continue reading

Kerry Cassidy – The Comments And Thoughts On The Drake Interview 2 And 4 April 2012- 9 april 2012

April 2, 2012


This is a link to listen to David’s recent interview with an American Patriot named “Drake” — not his real name… who is involved in a group that believes they have the means to organize the US military to take back the U.S. and revert back to the US Constitution from the 1800s just after the signing of the 13th Amendment. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 9 April 2012

In this time of great change, it is important that you are ready to move to a higher state of consciousness. You need to be in tune with who you are. In your hearts, you have all the information necessary. You carry it through from all the lives you have lived. Learn to connect with this. Use whichever method suits you. Release all the third dimensional thinking, it is time to rise above it. Consciously forgive all those who have hurt you and all those who try to keep you in a prison state. Continue reading

The Kindness Kronikles – Joy In The Congo – 9 April 2012

Boulevard du 30 Juin in the commercial heart o...(CBS News) “Joy in the Congo” seems an unlikely — even impossible — title for a story from the Congo, considering the searing poverty and brutal civil war that have decimated that country.  Yet in Kinshasa, the capital city, we found an unforgettable symphony orchestra — 200 singers and instrumentalists defying the poverty, hardship, and struggles of life in the world’s poorest country…and creating some of the most moving music we have ever heard.  Follow Bob Simon to the Congo to hear the sounds and stories of the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra. Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : Why Spain Will Fall Down But Stand-up To The Brussels Sprouts – 9 April 2012

Luis de Quindos

Standing out like a sore thumb at Zero Hedge at the minute is Tyler Durden’s latest piece on the subject of why Spain’s main achievement in 2012 is likely to be eclipsing the Greek moon of faux rescue with a default of supernova proportions. It is an excellent analysis, in that its bullet points go straight to the brain of the EU. Quoting Carmel Asset Management, ZH concludes – quite correctly in my view – that ‘Spain’s problems are worse than the market anticipates’. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Mother Mary – Sacred Truths – 9 April 2012

Love and peace is shared with you from within my being, so many wondrous experiences and opportunities are occurring at this time and it was my great desire to bring forth a communication of light, love and understanding to you to be of assistance in your reality.
It is my wish that at this time upon the Earth that you acknowledge your heart chakra as a power point from which transition, manifestation and empowerment can occur. Truth is unfolding from your heart at all moments, this can cause periods of confusion or great clarity, but when you acknowledged the hard work of your heart chakra as it brings forward and processes the truth, you can begin to move with the energy of truth rather than against it. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters : No Stone Has Been Left Unturned – 9 April 2012

Gaia is beautiful

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Oh, how the beautiful and glorious future that you have been working toward with all of yourselves is blossoming now into an almost compete and full bloom! Such impeding changes that are to spring forth in your reality have been discussed to much detail lately, and as you read and hear of such things on your internet, you are radiating the Creative energies that see such events being discussed able to come to fruition. Do you notice dear souls, how much of the guidance and advice that you are given is in relation to your own Creation powers and how important you are in this entire event? Continue reading