Steve Beckow – Readying Ourselves – 9 April 2012

Getting ready

In approaching the task of creating a global conversation on our blogs and in our discussion groups, we’re doing a number of things. We’re doing push-ups that allow us to develop some strength in this kind of dialogue. We’re preparing to meet the galactics, having wiped the sleepy dust from our eyes and becoming ready to talk. We’re finding out where the gaps in our knowledge lie, which should send us into research to fill them.  We’re getting ready in all ways for what we know will soon be coming.

We’re drawing together as a human race, beyond national borders and interests. We’re refusing any more to be divided and separated by those who wish to rule us and keep us in submission. We’re preparing to thank and acknowledge the very human beings from our ancestral planets who’ve played such a large role in delivering us from the dark ones and liberating Gaia from negative energies. We’re welcoming our mentors, who’ve come here to help us with our planetary Ascension.

At first, it’ll be like people arising, one by one, and joining the conversation. Each person will contribute what they know. Inelia Benz contributed a great deal since becoming globally known; David Wilcock continues to push back the frontiers of knowledge; Sierra Neblina gave us the benefit of her wisdom yesterday, and has been doing so for some time, I see. Lisa Renee, Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, Drunvalo Melchizedek – the list could go on and on of people who’ve been priming the pump, waiting for us to take up the conversation and extend it.

We’ve all gone through stages where we began to make friends, date people, work at jobs, and contribute to our communities. Little did we probably know that we’d  go through another stage and greet people from other star systems before this lifetime was through. But everyone I’ve met or spoken to has said that, when they look back over the stages and events of their lives, they can see how each contributed to this moment.

So here we are now, preapring to meet people from other civilizations, prepared to talk about ourselves – what unites us, what we want for the planet, what we want our future to look like. Here we are prepared to give up war and beat our swords into plowshares. Here we are, some of us, still fighting ancient battles, and yet finding the steam running out and looking pretty isolated as the energy rises on the planet, the rest of the world lays down arms and we come together in global oneness.

And soon here we’ll be as the first ships begin to land, holding the space for our visitors to be welcomed and to join us at the table.  And hopefully we’ll be coherent and prepared – not all of us. Many in society will be startled at this turn of events. But those of us who have begun to think and talk globally will know somewhat who we are as a people, because we’re starting to take note of it. We’re starting to see who we are biologically, culturally, emotionally and spiritually. We know what it means to be human on Earth and we’re about to use that to understand what it may mean to be human on Arcturus and the Pleiades.

So what’s next? What’s next is for us is to look around and take stock of how things are on Planet Earth. What’s working and what’s not? What needs to be attended to in the very near future? The longer term? Who’s making a list of all the pollution on Earth that needs to be cleaned up? Who’s creating a tally of the national populations who are starving? Who’s in charge of seeing where the places are on Earth that are filled with landmines? Who’s planning how to get the water flowing everywhere?

Who’s prepared to introduce a universal medicare system for the entire world? Who will lead the reformed banking sector? Who’s going to recalibrate  and recast education?  Who’s thinking about these matters at an overarching level? As our global conversation continues and develops, it branches out into considerations of global services such as these. Who is mapping out how the conversation will branch out, where it could go?

The world as a world is waking up, rousing itself. People are becoming aware of themselves as human beings. Collective consciousness is being augmented by collective compassion. Everyone’s contribution is needed and requested. Right now we’re in the planning and discussing phases on many subjects, but we’re planning and discussing because we know that soon we’ll be acting and implementing. This time is necessary for that phase.

The galactics are ready for us. It’s time for us to get ready for them. Our distant relatives are making final arrangements to join us for our long-awaited reunion and then to work with us shoulder to shoulder in getting everything about this planet in order for the gala celebration down the road. The invitations are sent. The caravan is gathering. All are waiting with excitement and anticipation. Human race, meet human race. People, meet people. Let the festivities begin! link to original article

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