Visionkeeper – Stop Wondering – 9 April 2012

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I think for many of us we spend a great deal of time wondering if we are doing everything right so we can be a part of the journey into 5D. I honestly don’t believe there is a right way or a wrong way, it is all about being true to yourself and giving that self to others. We wonder if we have cleared out our issues well enough, have I opened my heart up wide enough, what if I can’t do any better than what I am doing now, will I be left behind? Am I staying in my heart center, how do I do it, will I have enough time to get everything done that I need to? Whose standards and rules are you trying to live up to? Who told you that you have to do this and that in order to move forward from where you are? We are all exactly stationed in life where we are meant to be and what we are doing is no coincidence. The people in our lives are there to bring us lessons to learn as are the circumstances happening in every moment of our lives.

This wait for change and freedom has been long and filled with many teachable moments. We get tired and frustrated and doubt creeps in challenging our devotion and faithfulness to the light. Learn from these moments. We have spent a lifetime being screwed and lied to and so our abilities to trust and believe in are shot. We must bring them back into our lives and live by them again. These moments of doubt are designed to test our strength to have faith. We will have no doubts in the next phase of our beingness, but we must be ready to take that on. We must be able to have faith and believe we can live a life centered in our hearts, despite being battered by great duress and dominated by darkness.

This journey we are all on is one of great importance for humanity and the universe, therefore the darkness will throw everything they have at us in an effort to drag us down and drown us in despair. They know it is easy to get in through somebody’s weaknesses and so they pound away at us night and day hoping to see those moments when we are exhausted and begin to question our abilities to hold on and not give in. They are  destroying our freedom, destroying our planet, destroying our health, destroying our lives. The constant barrage is difficult to endure, but endure we must and we must also remember we are not alone. The entire universe is watching and cheering us on hoping against all odds we will be successful in our endeavor to bring light back to the darkness.

The reason we are told continually to clear away our old baggage is because it will be impossible to stay centered in our hearts if we are still struggling with ego and judgments. To stay centered in our hearts means to not judge others, to not let ego in to run our lives. If we are free of judgment towards others we can truly love others and in doing so we hold the light so needed by the world right now. Forgiveness is another huge earth law to live by. We must have forgiveness for all, even the dark ones for what they have done to us. As I have often said before, we have stood in their shoes once on this journey, we have just managed to raise our consciousness and move forward and upward into the light and love. They have not learned to do that yet, but we must recognize we have all been there once and forgive them for not knowing better. They must face punishment for what they have done to humanity, but they also must be forgiven. This is perhaps our greatest test to pass.

We must not be hard on ourselves if our knees buckle and our heart sags from time to time. We are only human. We must just work hard at realizing these moments and pick ourselves back up quickly and regain our strength before the dark can get in. We are doing the unthinkable right now, walking a path never before walked upon. We have no book of directions or school to teach us what to do. We are on our own and trying our best and that is all that we can do. There is no right way or wrong way of what we are doing as long as the end result brings us into our hearts filled with love and we no longer judge the world around us and we can forgive. That is our destination because love creates beautiful shimmering light and light will ultimately defeat the darkness and then we will be free.

Blessings to you all,

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