Gillian Grannum – Discover Your Life Path – Part 1 – The Meaning And Interpreation Of Life Paths 1, 4 & 8 – 10 April 2012

Audio Files ~ Life Path 1 [~ 2 minutes]  |  Life Path 4 [~ 2 minutes]
Life Path 8 [~ 2 minutes]


Numerology is an ancient occult science that reveals the vibratory frequency locked into numerical codes, and how these impact each individual based on the selection of the full name (at birth) and date of birth. Number values and geometrical shapes lie at the core of creation. As AA Metatron states “. . . Sacred geometry is the core-fabric of all realities. Sacred geometry is the language, the ‘reality program’ of the Cosmos.” ~James Tyberonn

Pythagoras was one of the great ancient European mathematicians. He developed a numerological system as part of his Science of Numbers and Theory of Magnitude that averred “The principles governing numbers [are] understood to be the principles of real existence. The elements of numbers [are] the elements of reality.”

Juno Jordan, a very famous numerologist in her time wrote in Numerology: The Romance In Your Name that “Numerology, as it is presented today, is based on the precepts presented by Pythogorus – that nature geometrizes, that divine law is defined and accurate, and that it can be computed and figured with mathematical precision as definitely as any statement in arithmetic or physics.”

In pursuit of understanding the cosmos Pythagoras ascribed various meanings to numbers and these, by and large, are used by modern-day scholars to provide interpretations based on the numerical signatures appearing in the birth name and date of birth.

The Life Path

The life path is based on the inter-connectedness of cycles and patterns that form the foundation of nature. The Life Path is cyclical. It is computed from the date of birth and forms the longest cycle in a chart (running from birth to death). It is a triune cycle made up of

  1. month of birth [Cycle 1]
  2. day of birth [Cycle 2] and
  3. year of birth [Cycle 3].

The Life Path is produced by summing the values of these three cycles and reducing it to a single digit.

Calculate Your Path Of Life Based on Period Cycles

The most commonly used method sums each unit of your date of birth to derive a single digit, and then adds the resulting single digits together to find the Life Path. For example, using this method, the birth date “May 15, 1949” results in the following calculations:


(the 5th month)  =


15th day

1 + 5 =



1 + 9 + 5 + 0 = 15 = 1 + 5 =


LIFE PATH total =

17 17 (1+7) reduces to 8. Write this as 17/8.

The life path in this example sums to 8. This individual is numerologically programmed to exhibit the traits and characteristics associated with the 8 Life Path vibration.

Today’s Gift

If your date of birth sums to Life Path 1, 4, or 8, listen to the short audio file below for a high-level description of the traits and characteristics associated with your Life Path. (Right-click to download and save file. Alternatively, click link open and play file in browser).

Life Path 1 [~ 2 minutes]  |  Life Path 4 [~ 2 minutes] |  Life Path 8 [~ 2 minutes]

Additional Life Path journeys include 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 22. Audio interpretations of these will be provided in later posts.

Your Energy Map

The Life Path is one (very important) attribute of 36 I have selected from the multiplicity of values associated with your name and date of birth.   These combine to create a blueprint of energy that is unique to you and governs how you perceive and interact with life. When you book a session with me I provide you with the interpretation of your energy map in a simple, straight-forward, easy to understand format. Please visit my Services page for more link to original article

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