Lisa Gawlas – The Clearing Of The Light And Magnitude Of April 2012 – Part 1 – 10 April 2012

There is so much happening all at once in this amazing month of April, it is hard for me to string it all together in my own mind, forget a blog.  I started and stopped so many times yesterday that I just gave up and figured, lets let one more day of readings create some clarity to share.  Well I sure got more than I bargained for… on every level!!

Now to try and unravel it all and put it into a coherent sharing!!

I did a phone reading on Easter day that really left me contemplating for a long while.  Yesterdays readings were like cherries on the top of a contemplation cake!!

Until my wonderful lady on Easter unfolded on the field, I never thought about the Light in which we live.  It really is amazing how much we can and do take for granted.  For as long as I have been reading, our “light” shows up like a field of white energy with varying degrees of white glow.  When someone’s field shows up with this white glow, or a month exists within this glow for them, I cannot see anything beyond the glow.  Until Sunday, I really thought we were supposed to see it, or something in that order.  Now I fully realize it is us (or the person in the reading) who has not cleared up our light to see the details.

Let me tell you about this mind altering reading (mind altering for me!)

She showed up in the rainbow water fall about 3 feet under the top of the Mesa Cliff.  She was about a foot or two into the rainbow waterfall at the left side (which is all in relationship to infusing her physical life with her spiritual… everything!)

I could see a bright golden outline of a doorway where she was standing in the rainbow energy just behind her.  This doorway led her into the rock itself.  Keeping in mind, the rock itself now represents the unified solid field of both spirit and earth.  Not one or the other, but the two together as one full energy.

I suddenly remembered moving to this Mesa and how alive and changing the Guadalupe Mesa was… a large golden doorway appeared.  I now realize, we all have our own personal doorway into the rock.  We opened the collective door, and now each person has their own personal door to access.

I had to explore exactly what this doorway was, where it lead to and what is in it!!  I was really surprised that I could!  It was opened about 6 inches for our perusal… The first thing I had noticed, couldn’t help but notice, what the clarity of Light coming from inside.  It was like no other light I had ever seen before.  It was pure.  No color radiance coming from it at all… but shined like nothing I can even put into words.  It lit up with absolute clarity all that was in there.  This I now realize is your true and full access to your Harvest.

I could see codes in the shape of varying geometry, and things I could not recognize but heard the field say they were her “artifacts.”  I didn’t have to struggle to understand what was happening, she was fully present in the reading with me and she told me what they represented.  I also understood that this is why her Light was the way it was… she was fully present not only in her reading… but in Life, in every moment.

This is where your Light becomes a clear stream of remittance.  When you are no longer trying to figure out your present in relationship to your past and not concerned about how it all works out in the future, but being present and conscious NOW.

The way her room in the rock was set up… there was like a diagonal line that created a halfness to this room, starting from the far left corner.  All her attributes and artifacts glowed with clarity on the right side of this line, the left side was filled with that “Light.”  I understood that her life cleared the way (well she worked in harmony with that energy of clearing) for her to fully see and use all that was available to her.

The 2nd half of her reading was even more interesting.  As she came out of the rainbow infusion a line appeared that seemed to create steps upwards.  It so reminded me of an etch a sketch drawing of steps, only the thin line had the same energy of light as did her doorway in the rock, except it emitted variations of glowing colored energy all the way to the top.  They strung themselves out way into the timeline.  Now keep in mind, getting a “true” timeline is like trying to see the molecules in the air around you… you know they are there, but really hard to see.

This timeline emerged on top of the Mesa Cliff at the end of June.  I was so incredibly surprised to see June!!  Especially when everything seemed to be focused around April and May (in all the prior readings.)

I heard the field say “A true master is not concerned about arriving early or late, but totally focused with the genuine skill set they will bring and share when they arrive.”  She will swim in the depth of her soul and bring forth a mastery the world has never known.

Now as if her reading didn’t get any better (smile)…. the curious cat within me wanted to see what this meant to not only her, but us as well.  I stood next to her at the end of June and attempted to peek into July…. Holy freakin cow batman…. it was like the entirety of July exploded into one massive orgasm.  The energy permeated the entire field of July as well as my snooping body.  I remembered one of the posts that I recently shared about our sexual energy and the Guardians leaving us on a cliffhanger with our orgasm energy and what it is truly there for.  I have a feeling, we just got a sneak peak.  Granted, it doesn’t tell us much but man oh man, it leaves me sooo excited!!!

All I could think about after her reading, was the Light.  The pureness of the Light.  I knew there was so much more meaning and understanding to what I had seen… and why was she the only one I had seen accessing the full doorway to her Harvest?

The two are absolutely related.  She made a comment that is strung thru this relationship that I want to amplify back to everyone else.  It is that important.

She embarked on her path with two feet on the ground recently.  (I so cannot remember the when, but I don’t think it was really prior to Oct. this past year.)  She said what happened was (paraphrasing here:) She ‘realized everything she was not.’  Now that is a powerful statement.  That is the beauty and purpose of the glowing white light.  To shine upon your life the full recognition of all that you are NOT.  It clears up in transparency when you embrace and apply all that you ARE to your life.  This is where it is such a major and important key point that it doesn’t matter that you talk about spiritual things, or even read 500 books, took 100 classes on spiritual things and approaches…. the ONLY thing that matters is that you are the Living example of Love, of Truth of Joy and most importantly Servitude (which has nothing to do with doormat syndrome.)  That is why the bells and whistles mean little…. YOU mean everything!!

I am going to break this sharing up into two parts, simply because I don’t have the time to finish this right now, but will add the other ingredients of April in a couple hours.

I love y’all soo much.  I am more than grateful you are All in my life, whether silently thru the computer, or unfolding in the field of my consciousness… I so need you to fully be me!!

Together, we have ALL-WAYS been ONE!!!

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