Lucas – “Critical Mass Of Discontent” – Some Observations – 10 April 2012

The discontent of  the system and establishment is spoken of very lively in all media. Be it the financial systems: banks, lenders and insurers or be it governments, political representatives, global fora and organisations,  regional or national ones. The people seem not to be willing to take it anymore.  But in this rising discontent lies a very crucial problem that can make discontent go to revolt and revolution go the violent way.  The peaceful protest (also as you know disrupted by infiltrators with intention to promote violence) are often hindered by laws, control measures and policing that is out of any normal democratic order. The police state and seemingly growing fascistic tendencies is revealing itself rapidly if it is not already present.

The question is also what people do when they have the right intentions to transform the world. Do they resort eventual to this violent ways as the peaceful ways are not bringing the change requested?  That is what the dark ones want. Let us go violent so they have an excuse to put the ultimate controls in place to keep the sheep in the matrix.  I have been seeing moves of people who have surprised me. Going from credible and trustworthy to revolutionary monsters that have no control over their actions anymore. We can not make freedom reign as it is imposed on people as so-called freedom. The imposed way is not to be chosen. People will seee afterwards that freedom was not as promised freedom but comes with new rules or maybe leaders that lead you. You need not have that anymore in being lead a stray.

Lots of us still cry out when I say to them you should take yourself action or do something you can do. I say do not rely on others to do for you the things you have to and can do. Do not trust people who have been systematically showing that they have been walking over your freedoms and rights and have no respect for it whatsoever. Do you still give your powers away.  I have become more aware of the things going on on this planet. And a lot is not as we have been told peaceful and in line of the new paradigm of unconditional love and light for all and living in Oneness. So be ware of what you see, hear and read. Use your utmost discernment in all. Do not think a credible author can not make mistakes even as he did build credit in the past for his outstanding investigative writings.  Now in this moment being informed on the crucial things taken place is more than ever necessary  as the awakening of lots of people takes place and the changes manifest over the world.

We need not give the critical mass of discontent a tip of the balance to fall over to  the dark side. We need to keep the balance in all. Keep your light glowing and do not make mistakes in believing things that are written. You have to look yourselves for truth and do your own research. Do not make authors or others into gurus as they are not. We all are just looking at a tip of an iceberg so to say.

We do not see the whole picture even as some of the authors and channelers want you to believe. The whole change we and the world and our earth are going through is far more complex than we can imagine. So we just have a few pieces of the puzzle.  Therefore it is difficult for us to go with all you hear and see.  I just say if you believe in the world becoming One and we becoming One than let that be a guide in your discernment and common sence you always need to use  in what you read, see and hear.

The critical mass of discontent must not find a negative ending but a positive beginning in keeping things peaceful. Let us  love unconditional all even those who are our oppressors.  Express your compassion towards those you oppose. Do not think the solution is forcing the change by violence or by damaging things, hurting people. Do not let principles of revenge and satisfaction feed your thoughts. Let go of the fears of the world as it will be clear the changes are already unstoppable.  The end has already come for the dark ones even if they still will not let go. The new will start and that is a fact.

These are my words and it is up to you what you do with them.

Love and light,


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  1. Thanks for this blog, Lucas. Nice, timely reminder, of what it is REALLY all about – and what not to get stuck in.