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Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 10 April 2012

RE: Latest Update

Hi Ben,

I trust this finds you well?

With regards to your latest update please can you clarity the first sentence as it would appear that those whom you have held in high regard are now referred to in the same breath as the criminal godfathers? Continue reading

The Kindness Kronicles : A Poem On Friendship – 10 April 2012

FriendshipIf you haven’t read any of the blogs on my blogroll, well, you’re missing out!  This post came from one of them.  I didn’t realize April was Poetry Month, did you?

Thoughtful Things pointed it out in this post.

Here’s a little taste of the poem:

Your friend is your needs answered.  He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.  And he is your board and your fireside.  For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace.  

Beautiful words by Kahlil Gibran. Read A Poem On Friendship.

http://www.thekindnesskronicles.wordpress.com link to original article

John Ward – Euroblown : How Nazi Wartime Currency Could Help Bail Out Greece – 10 April 2012

Papademos (l) and Sachinidis…Nazi bonanza?

There’s a sort of oddly ironic piece in the Greek paper Kathimerini this morning, reporting that the Bank of Greece has discoved 14 million Nazi Reichsmark banknotes from the last occupation of Greece in the period 1941-44. These must be the first notes the BoG didn’t print itself in some time. The piece notes, ‘Sources say that the Bank of Greece had informed the ministry of the German money about a year ago, but given that it is only of historic value, the ministry had then decided against taking any action. However, as a result of the war reparations debate that is currently raging, Finance Minister Filippos Sachinidis has now decided to see what can be done with it.’ Continue reading

Interesting Note On Cobra 2012 Portal Post : Divine Flash 4:4 – 10 April 2012

(The  original post is to be found on 2012portal.blogspot.com the article you need to seek at april postings as  there is not a reference link to the original posts or look it up at: http://wp.me/p1H4zR-2LZ)

The note is to be found on http://www.thankyouwhiteknights.com link to article including note AK


I didn’t post this article earlier because I didn’t understand what a Calabi-Yau manifold was.  Not all of us are string physicists – you know.  I’m posting excerpts from a private email conversation with a person I know who is really good with all this sacred geometry stuff that angels play around with in the universe at large. Math is the language of the angels. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Message From The Angels – Loving Kindness Is Your Truth – 10 April 2012

Treat one another with loving kindness. It will change your reality. What if you knew that everyone you met, everyone you interacted with, and everyone you saw on the street, on the news, and in your neighborhoods was a living, breathing incarnation of God’s love. What if you knew that every person was held close to the heart of God, beloved by angels, and no matter how unthinkable their behavior, good at the core of their being. What if you knew that they, like you, no matter how unconscious they may seem, are really also on a quest for love? How would you treat one another then dear ones? We implore you no matter what actions you take in the physical world, no matter what words you speak, try your best to come from love. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – Feeling The Sound Of Silence – 10 April 2012

Ok , definitely time for a new post … yet what’s new? How is your life progressing? Anything new to report? Do you FEEL change? In You? Around you? I can’t say anything outwardly appears different. Weather may make it seem so, other than that … life goes on living .

Yet what about inwardly … what changes there? Do you feel a change there? Can you say you have grown? We all have to have done … but how does it feel? Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Pleiadian Council Of Nine : The Discussion Of Our Organization – 10 April 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We happily come before you again at this time to dive into a further explanation of who we are and what we are doing for you and your world at this time. We are an organization, a collective of souls who have established a dimensional evolution and perception that is greater than the majority of dear souls making up the Pleiadian Councils, and we have more of a knowledge and perception of many earthly and otherwise matters, than many souls within the General and High Council of the Pleiades possess. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – The Pursuit Of Balance – Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually! – 10 April 2012

Balance tends to be a popular ‘desire’ right now. Many of us are easily being pulled into one area more than others, or having fluctuating energy, or experiencing testing relationships and living conditions. For us, we are on a quest for balance – however, there is so much to consider, how do we reach and maintain a sense of balance without being overwhelmed? Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – 9 and 10 April 2012

What You Learn in Life:  10 April 2012

God said:

Look, it’s okay that you make mistakes. Of course, you make mistakes. You are groping your way in life and often wear a blindfold. Only afterwards does the blindfold come off, and you see. Be glad that you see now. You are past a particular mistake now. You simply don’t know everything. And sometimes you are not thinking. The thing is you think now, and now you are aware. Hurray. Be happy. Applaud yourself for learning. Continue reading