Visionkeeper – Soon The Craziness Will End – 10 April 2012

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For so long now we have held on and worked hard to change ourselves so we could change the world. Hold on tight for it seems that change is drawing near. Our dream of freedom may be just around the next bend in the road. At times we have all faltered and began to doubt that maybe this freedom is all just an illusion as well. This past week has been one of struggle for many, as energies began to radically shift and shake us all deeply within. I think just about everyone could feel something was in the making. For those who are still trapped in the illusion they had fears of what the dark ones would do next, rumors spread like wildfire of all the evils the were cooking up. For the awakened ones it was exhausting energetically yet exciting, for they knew the birthing was in process and the end was near. Soon ‘one world’ will be born and love will rule the planet.

Are you ready for free energy and no more light poles, or wall sockets or mercury filled light bulbs? How about cars that need no gasoline, houses no longer needing furnaces and wood stoves? This is the world we have been and are now creating and it is being born to us all. The insanity will come to an end. No more war and death and destruction, no more lies and deception, no more controlling or manipulating. It is almost more than one can dare to imagine. Life is about to do a 180 and we best hold on tight so we don’t blow off into the cosmos. There is bound to be some chaos in the adjustment period. To switch such a massive structure from one way of being to another, there are bound to be a few glitches.

It will be up to all of us to hold the fort so to speak. The newly awakened ones will need reassurance that all will be well. For many, the bedrock or foundation of their lives is not only going to shake and shift, it is going to morph into a whole new way of being. While what we are moving to is freedom and bliss compared to how we have been living, the old ways, the familiar ways, still are firmly attached to many and they will be fearful of letting go. If they can’t let go then they will remain in 3D to work through their issues and the rest will move on to 5D. This is why I have continually mentioned to you to learn how to stay in your hearts and feel love and compassion and forgiveness. This is the where we are going and 3D judgment and ego must stay behind.

This has been a great deal of work to do for many. Not only have they been facing old issues rising to the surface to be worked out, but they are trying to do this amidst the insanity going on around them. This has been no easy task. We fall down and we get up and fall down and get up, but we keep moving forward first holding the light in our minds and eventually holding the light in our hearts. Once there, the light is there for eternity. Once you feel the love and compassion and forgiveness, there is no going back. I remember the first time I realized that the world was nothing like I thought it was, that it was ruled by a few and not with good intentions. I was rocked to the core. It took three days to settle into me, but once it did there was no way I could ever go back, the genie was out of the bottle.

This will be happening to many as the shift occurs. Many will have questions, many will be looking for support, many will wonder who they are, now that the world that shaped their identity has fallen away. They may feel naked and vulnerable. This is why we must know how to stay in our hearts to balance out the chaos that will ensue and to be able to help those who are lost and in panic. This will be the time when some will not dare venture forward and will stay back and fade back into the 3D world. We must let them go for it is not their time to shift. They still have much inner work to do and they cannot handle the new energy surrounding them.

Our time is soon to come I believe. We must remain calm and stay in balance within. The world will be needing love’s light to fuel it and we must be there to supply it. We know what we must do and as the time gets ever closer I believe we will begin to know what we are here for and why. It will all become clear and we will move into our positions and the world will ascend into a new way of being. Hang tight and stay calm…

Blessings to you all.

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