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The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report… Yes !Are We Really Here? – 11 April 2012

Greetings Love Beings ~ Ready to remember who you are? Ready to go on/back to your Galactic Family? YEEHAWW… Get ready for tears of joy… take out your tissues… and yes, say: finally!

If you missed our last energy update:

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Continue reading


Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 11 April 2012

There comes a time in people’s lives when they have to make way for changes. In those changes come many new things, and one of those things can be something that feels foreign while at the same time enjoyable. I advise any of you who are in tune with what is taking place on the globe to look at how your life has been in comparison with that of your parents and grandparents and ask yourselves, how did it all take that second look and decide to change in the way it did? Was it due to my not being aware of the subtleties of the changes, or was it because I knew on some level that it would all come back to a new semblance of the purity and simplicity of our historical images? Continue reading

John Ward – Revealed : Blatant Manipulation Of Spanish, Italian And German Bonds Yields Today – 11 April 2012

It is very hard not to see the finger of Mario Draghi on the pulse of today’s eurobond market

“You see dissa finger? You messa wid me, I takea dis finger and ram it up your ass” Now here’s a funny thing, missus. (All timings are GMT) Continue reading

Gilian Grannum – Discover Your Life Path – The Meaning & Interpretation Of Life Paths 2, 6 & 9 – Part 2 – 11 April 2012

Gillian Chabrol Grannum, Ph.D. April 11 2012

Audio Files ~ Life Path 2 [2’16” min/sec]  |  Life Path 6 [~ 2’4″ min/sec]
Life Path 9 [~ 3’58” min/sec]

The Life Path

Your life path on planet Earth began the instant you drew your first breath. You came equipped with a storyline of energetic propensities and probabilities – what you are like, what you can depend upon to make your way through life, your abilities, character, and talents. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Clearing Of Light And Magnitude Of April 2012 – Part 2 – 11 April 2012

I am finding that April is showing us so much in our personal lives, in our energy field and it really needs to be fully noticed.

I already talked about strange little lie and the instant karmic repercussions… but there is so much more to be aware of within your life.  Other people’s intentions.  There are two very important sets of people to stay clear away from.  One are energy vampires… those that will do all they can to take every last drop of light you have into themselves… and energy Thieves.  The thieves are very tricky to recognize, they don’t look or feel the same as an energy vampire.  They will walk into your life and walk out carrying handfuls of your energy field.  I have had this experience recently and it actually left my body in complete pain.  I had no real clue what was happening simply because these energies are leaving us flat out as well…. but man, when any part of your energy field is carried off by another…. it leaves your muscle tissue in pain!  And your own radiance severed in amplification. Continue reading

John Ward – Verdict : There Isn’t An Investment Sector In The World Reflecting Reality – 11 April 2012

Spanish bond yields eased this morning….despite ‘woeful’ economic data having been released. (I may well have more on this later).

In the US, corporate profits are at an all time high: in the final quarter, profit margins for big business went on average beyond 27%. The real American economy is on its arse, and it’s deficit ceiling about to be pierced again: but the stock markets have kept on pumping up against any known standard of common sense. Continue reading

Lucas – The God Experience – 11 April 2012

It is a difficult matter for all of us what is god or not. Who is god. Is he or  she or it god. Is  god a philosophical matter or just an image, a dogma  or a paradigm.  Or maybe  god  is all of that and more.

Lots of you have struggled with these matters for long time as I have in the past. I think the god experience is not the spoken or written word but more what your heart and feeling says to be right. God is you and your connection to it. Mostly depicted as a he or she figure.  I see God more as the energy field we have a timeless connection with and an everlasting one. We are part of this field from birth till we death and live on as energy in an other worlds or dimensions in this field afterwards or come back for another cycle on earth. Continue reading

Geoffrey West – New Radio Show On Inlight Radio Per 14 April 2012 – Cosmic Vision News – 11 April 2012

CVN host, Geoffrey West offers news, talk and commentary about the latest events unfolding with regards to what is arguably the most guarded secret, and yet the most important event to improve the human and planetary condition.

Disclosure, as a global awareness event is now happening.  CVN is among the first to formally declare disclosure as real and peaceful. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – What Is The Real Truth? – 11 April 2012

Some days are easy writing for me and some days I struggle with my own inner feelings about things and wonder what I should write about. Today is just such a day. Yesterday I posted the latest video from Drunvalo and as the day wore on and when I awakened this morning and thought upon it some more, I have to say I don’t know what is truth or fiction anymore. I usually like to hear what Drunvalo has to say, but yesterday left me struggling within. I cannot believe that the creator would place upon the earth such beautiful birds and flowers of magnificent colors for us to enjoy if the world were not a place we were meant to enjoy. I can believe we came here to free the earth from its captivity and to do it through love and gratitude, to learn our lessons on how to love and become better beings, but I cannot believe that we will now be faced by seven major catastrophes and suffer the consequences after all of what we have been through and the efforts we have made. Does not seem logical to me. Continue reading

Lucas – A Lot is Going On Behind the Screens Of The Peoples Republic Of China – 11 April 2012

Lucas : There is talk about a coup in China and it credibililty lies in the events happening now for some time.  I found the extensive coverage on eClinik and will give you the links as it is for sure interesting to read.

Something’s Boiling Hot in Red China from 21 March 2012

http://eclinik.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/somethings-boiling-hot-in-red-china-2/ Direct link to article : link to original article

Something’s Boiling Hot in Red China 2.0  from 11 April 2012

http://eclinik.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/somethings-boiling-hot-in-red-china-2-0/  Direct link to article : link to original article