Gilian Grannum – Discover Your Life Path – The Meaning & Interpretation Of Life Paths 2, 6 & 9 – Part 2 – 11 April 2012

Gillian Chabrol Grannum, Ph.D. April 11 2012

Audio Files ~ Life Path 2 [2’16” min/sec]  |  Life Path 6 [~ 2’4″ min/sec]
Life Path 9 [~ 3’58” min/sec]

The Life Path

Your life path on planet Earth began the instant you drew your first breath. You came equipped with a storyline of energetic propensities and probabilities – what you are like, what you can depend upon to make your way through life, your abilities, character, and talents.

Life path frequencies emanate from your month, day and year of birth. Juno Jordon refers to these frequencies as the Birth Force. The Life Path or Birth Force is considered a positive vocational indicator and represents what is familiar (second nature) to you. It is what you do instinctively, naturally – with little or no training. The life path supplies the force and power you depend on throughout your life. It represents what you are, or have in your toolkit.

You have no doubt met Marys and Davids and Johns who share characteristics in common but differ in talent, capabilities, and interests. It is the difference in the life paths that creates the difference in how the frequencies associated these similar names are interpreted and broadcast.

Lynn M. Buess states in Numerology For A New Age “The date of birth is determined by the soul and higher self of the incoming child. Every mother has the experience of knowing that when the child is ready birth occurs. It is right and proper that the soul does the choosing because the life number indicates the type of circumstance, opportunities, challenges and destiny that life experience will bring to you for experiential evolution.”

Calculate Your Path Of Life Based on Period Cycles

The most commonly used method sums each unit of your date of birth to derive a single digit, and then adds the resulting single digits together to find the Life Path. For example, using this method, the birth date “May 15, 1949” results in the following calculations:


(the 5th month)  =


26th day

2 + 6 =



1 + 9 + 4 + 6 = 20 = 2 + 0 =


LIFE PATH total =

15 15 (1+5) reduces to 6. Write this as 15/6.

The life path in this example sums to 6. This individual is numerologically programmed to exhibit the traits and characteristics associated with the 6 Life Path vibration.

Today’s Gift

If your date of birth sums to Life Path 2, 6, or 9, listen to the short audio file below for a high-level description of the traits and characteristics associated with your Life Path. (Right-click to download and save file. Alternatively, click link open and play file in browser).

Life Path 2 [2’16” min/sec]  |  Life Path 6 [~ 2’4″] Life Path 9 [~ 3’58”]

Additional Life Path journeys include 3, 5, 7, 11, and 22. Audio interpretations of these will be provided in later posts.

Your Energy Map

The Life Path is one (very important) attribute of 36 I have selected from the multiplicity of values associated with your name and date of birth.   These combine to create a blueprint of energy that is unique to you and governs how you perceive and interact with life. When you book a session with me I provide you with the interpretation of your energy map in a simple, straight-forward, easy to understand format. Please visit my Services page for more information. link to original article


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