Lucas – The God Experience – 11 April 2012

It is a difficult matter for all of us what is god or not. Who is god. Is he or  she or it god. Is  god a philosophical matter or just an image, a dogma  or a paradigm.  Or maybe  god  is all of that and more.

Lots of you have struggled with these matters for long time as I have in the past. I think the god experience is not the spoken or written word but more what your heart and feeling says to be right. God is you and your connection to it. Mostly depicted as a he or she figure.  I see God more as the energy field we have a timeless connection with and an everlasting one. We are part of this field from birth till we death and live on as energy in an other worlds or dimensions in this field afterwards or come back for another cycle on earth.

We are not restricted to the flesh beings as we have learned in our earths history and teachings. We are lightbeings from the god field or eternity that is One with us and we with it, he or she. God has no form and has all form.  It is as we are and want to be.  God is that what represents all that is, has been and will be. But God is foremost now.

God is for people often experienced in rituals in depictions. People have given god words by writing down teachings,  give him ambassadors  and priests or representatives. They will show you the way in God’s will and law. But God never intended to be a power that dictates or orders what God is and what is God’s will. God has given us the experience of free will that we are just beginning to regain. We have awakened  from those who taught us what God should be and what he wants. The power and misused powers become extinguished. The Free will of mankind is getting back in the hands of you.  You empower yourself. We are returning to our galactic lightbeing state we we’re intended.

There is so much to be said about you and god. You as gods and god as part of you. Just remember we are and were always connected. We are One.  We have come to a very important point in our lives as is earth. The changing point is what releases us from our duality experience on earth and does what needs to be undone to earth as it ascends.  We will see that we have been born here on earth or are present here for a reason. We are here to help the process in being the good or the evil one. We are helping in being the ones that helped the earth. We are the ones that came to be what was needed in the now. This critical stage in our planetary earth lives is reaching it’s  conclusion now.

The new will be instated and be felt by us and earth in rapid changing happenings and  energies. The coming months will be a speeding up of things that will blown you minds. All will be balanced out, as I describe it. All will be as it is to be for a higher dimensional status we are getting.  We have been living our cycles here on earth or elsewhere to learn what we needed to learn. We are being the ever-expanding knowledge off what is and will be in dimensions to come and galaxies and parallel worlds to be. Our cycle will end this year to be elevated to  a new stage of being galactic humans with the alien beings we never dreamed of being our family. But we are all god’s creation as we will see.Therefore god is not only being god for human interests.

For now it is important to learn only that what is important.  We need  a balanced universe or god’s world. Living in unity as One by being unconditional love and eternal grace to all you are. Create with this intention and be that love and grace to others, human, alien, animals, plants, matter or non-matter, energy or being.  As you do Oneness will be yours in everything. Speak and think of the highest, be of the grandest love you can be  and see all is. As nothing is yours but everything is ours  in One. Never having any needs again as they are fulfilled instantly,  just by giving and creating in the holiest of all: unconditional love.  You will see that all will come as it needs to be. You just need to be free in your will to accept and be the change. Think that you are always part of the One what ever choice you make. We are part of the One and will return to the One eventually.

So do not worry about dying. Do not fear it as it had a reason in the physical form to be and die and be again. You never die  in the energetic state that is your basis of being you in eternity. A hell is not present as it is only that what you create and want it to be.  Hell is just a creation that is NOT from unconditional love. You can always change. In the light of being and having played your role in positive and negative for maybe lifetimes over you shall not condemn others that did wrong as they are also in their basic state beings of light or energy of god. The ones that played their bad role had  forgotten or had been denied their free will to choose the good. Have compassion with them as they are just a role you might have played in other lives or in other dimensions.

We will eventually come all as One back to our source. The One we are and ever will be. There is only now and no past and future. As there is no time. Just the force of balance that wants to experience its ongoing need to learn, explore and create.  You will be that also, the new explorers, teachers, helpers and creators. You will be god’s to others who are still in the lower forms of god’s expression of creation. But they are also in being part of us and the One. Enjoy your journey and being who you are as you are great and free in love and light for ever.

Love and light,


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