Visionkeeper – What Is The Real Truth? – 11 April 2012

Some days are easy writing for me and some days I struggle with my own inner feelings about things and wonder what I should write about. Today is just such a day. Yesterday I posted the latest video from Drunvalo and as the day wore on and when I awakened this morning and thought upon it some more, I have to say I don’t know what is truth or fiction anymore. I usually like to hear what Drunvalo has to say, but yesterday left me struggling within. I cannot believe that the creator would place upon the earth such beautiful birds and flowers of magnificent colors for us to enjoy if the world were not a place we were meant to enjoy. I can believe we came here to free the earth from its captivity and to do it through love and gratitude, to learn our lessons on how to love and become better beings, but I cannot believe that we will now be faced by seven major catastrophes and suffer the consequences after all of what we have been through and the efforts we have made. Does not seem logical to me.

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On the other hand I have to believe what science has proven true time and time again. That we create our reality with our thoughts. No guessing or wondering if this is real, it is, it has been proven. So I tend to want to place my eggs( Not all of them) in that basket that can prove what it says. So if this fact is true then it stands to reason in me that if we choose to be free and to by-pass catastrophe, then we can and we will. I choose to believe what my heart feels the strongest about and believes in. I say we can get through this coming shift and secure our freedom at the end of it as well, if enough people can embrace this belief as well. I know many more people are waking up, but will they be able to grasp the greatness of our thoughts and what we can do with them. That is the 64,000 dollar question!

As the creator of One World Rising, the one who sits and lets their thoughts fly out their fingertips and onto the keyboard everyday trying to share with you my understanding of what we are going through, I will continue to post from my belief that we can create whatever world we choose to create. This belief has scientific backup, it has the power of positive thinking behind it and it is the one that gives me the most hope for a better world. The world we create is up to us and we should all be cautious about adopting any one persons take on what will happen to all of us. NOBODY knows for sure. We have never done this before, we are all walking blind and clinging to hope as best we can.

We do know one thing for certain. We have been hijacked by the dark, our lives have been decimated by evil. If anyone is still questioning that then they need their head examined. I think we can all agree life is pretty unbearable right now and only seems to get worse with every passing day. The insanity ramps up and nothing makes sense in this upside down world. I did get sparked by Drunvalo’s mention of the power of the female in all of this. I would love to see a powerful worldwide women’s group grow wings and spread around the globe. If they could combine their thoughts on no war, peace, love and compassion and that seems to be the genetic makeup of how women think, yes I think women could make a huge difference. Think it and it will come! Call the group Phoenix for it shall raise the world up out of the ashes. Okay, somebody run with the idea and make it happen! We need it to be birthed.

So I would imagine we are all a bit perplexed about who to listen to, who to believe. I think that is partially a design by the dark ones to keep us floundering about. This is why I ask you to go be quiet with yourself and figure out what you feel is the truth in your heart and in your gut. Whatever you come up with is what you are to believe in and give power to. Our hearts never steer us down a wrong path if we just make the time to listen carefully to its messages. Our higher self is our constant companion who is there to show us the way as well. Stay away from TV and fill your lives with beauty. Colorful flowers, beautiful pictures, loving friends. Stay in that spot in your heart where all of it comes together and creates joy within. That is the truth you need to believe in and listen to, and yes all will be well.

Blessings to you all,

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