Ascending Starseed – Reports: Iran Just A Few Months Away From Announcing Plasma Physics Energy, Mike Harris And Gordon Duff “Global Intelligence Operative” – 12 April 2012

(Lucas: This article  and audio gives a very interesting perspective on things!)

Must listen to this recent show on Republic Broadcasting with host Mike Harris and his guest, “Global Intelligence Operative” and editor of Veteran’s Today, Gordon Duff.


They discuss the state of plasma physics that has been in use by the secret space program for 20 years (according to Duff) which in reality is more likely to be closer to 50 years… Regardless, in connection with a small New Jersey company, Iran is well along in building commercially viable plasma physics plants that can power interstellar space flight well outside our solar system, with a by-product of all the electricity you can use.  And desalinated sea water… with no radiation and no other ill effects.

In this casual conversation Duff and Harris discuss the impact of Iran going public with this technology that puts the energy wars into sharp relief… the possible real reason why the U.S. and Israel are so anxious to go to war with Iran.

Supporting article on plasma physics (also refer to post below)

click here

They also touch on the absurdity of Gary McKinnon being in prison for stumbling on the Secret Space Program fleet-to-fleet transfers and list of off-world non terrestrial officers…  click here for the Camelot interview with Gary McKinnon.

Lastly, they discuss Jeff Prager’s recent claims that 4 nukes were used in the 911 attack — aneutronic  bombs that have no residual radiation except for the firefighters who would have been exposed to high levels of radiation in the first potent 48 hours after impact…Duff says the CIA has verification of this info from several different angles..  Note:  this sounds to me like a further cover story for directed energy weapons but at least it’s closer to the truth.

Of course Camelot and our readers have been well informed about the existence of a Secret Space program that goes much deeper than the superficial treatment here, but given that Republic Broadcasting and Veterans Today are relatively mainstream media sources… openly discussing the Secret Space program and very real energy sources they have been using for years… creating a rogue on and off world culture of secrecy… this could be viewed as a form of Disclosure. link to original article

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