Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 12 April 2012

Urgency on reactor no. 4 at Fukushima

Dear BenjaminI have seen a report of a former Japanese ambassador warning the U.N.
that if  reactor no. 4 at Fukushima collapses , then it could mean a
catastrophe not just for Japan, but for the world.
Please read this if you haven’t already, and bring it to the attention
of your colleagues at the WDS if need be,


Answer Fulford:

Matsumura is a shill for the cabal. I and three colleagues have each personally checked for radiation in dozens of locations in Tokyo, Gunma, Chiba, Ibaraki, Nagano etc. and never found anything except normal background radiation. It is fear mongering by the cabal. I live 200 kilometers from Fukushima and am not in the least bit worried.

Benjamin Fulford. link to original article


RE: Cut off dates

Hi Ben,

Wasn’t there a cut off date of last month for action to take place?
Kind regards
The cut off date was put out by the gnostic illuminati faction allied with the White Dragon Society. Shortly before the cut-off the Feds sent somebody to Japan with an offer of $10 trillion. However, it turns out the offer was $590 trillion for us and $10 trillion for the rest of the world with them still in charge. There are still two factions battling it out and it is looking increasingly likely things will start getting physical soon. We are all running out of patience. The Asian groups know that time is on their side and they just have to wait for things to implode in the West. People in the West need to remove the criminal cabal on their own or else face increasing disorder and chaos.Benjamin Fulford


RE: Question ’bout an Interesting Post

Dear Benjamin Fulford,

I just wanted to tell you I have been following your reports for a few months now, thank you so much for all the information you are providing, it gives us all some hope! I am still concerned as there still seems to be a lot of worrying things going on every day where our rights are still, and much more quickly now, being taken away from us. I won’t ask if you are speaking truth as I know you have answered this question for other people many times now and as you say, seeing is believing.

The question I really wanted to ask you is, do you believe that there will be some sort of attack on the London Olympics this year? There is a lot of stuff on youtube about it, including the illuminati game cards. I have always had a bad feeling about it ever since it was announced that the Olympics will be held in London, around the same time as when the 7/7 London Bombings happened in 2005, and more so now since I have learned more sinister info about the reasons behind 9/11 and 7/7. Then there was the young guy Rik Clay who mysteriously died after his research into the London Olympics symbolism.

The reason I am so concerned is because I have family in London. I started to feel better about everything after reading all your reports, but I have become concerned again since learning about all the billions in bank fraud going on, it would seem a perfect opportunity for the cabal to take out the City of London and destroy evidence of all their corruption etc, also I have recently found out that the BBC have now moved offices from London, up to Manchester, which I thought was strange. Do they know something?

Anyway if you can please put my mind at rest, I would be most grateful. I know you normally post questions on your website but I would prefer it if I could remain anonymous please.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience, I know you must be very busy.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Unfortunately my own direct sources tell me that a nuclear weapon has been smuggled into London by Eastern European underworld types. It is believed to be one of the nuclear weapons stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk. The British authorities should definitely take this threat seriously.
We are hoping to convince that if we can resolve the financial crisis before this happens the would be terrorists will be convinced to not go ahead with this attack. I hope I am wrong but I got this information from “Alexander Romanoff,” who has extensive Eastern European underworld contacts.
Romanoff warned us in advance there would be nuclear terrorism against Japan and he was right.

Benjamin Fulford link to original article


RE: Bill Gates at Stanford

Hi Benjamin,

Would you be able to prove that Fox news covered this story? The video that has been circulating on the internet about Timothy Geithner’s arrest is from 2010. Look at the date under this video:

When you say we checked are you referring to Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot? Apparently Bill Gates doesn’t work for Microsoft anymore: So I’m not sure how Microsoft would be able to confirm or deny whether or not Bill Gates had been arrested.

I would appreciate if you could clarify this, because many people who have been following this are starting to question whether or not some of these arrests have actually occurred. If we cannot confirm that these arrests have occurred how can we be confident that mass arrests will take place soon?

Best wishes,


Hello J,

My understanding about Timothy Geithner and Bill Gates and others being arrested was that they were detained for questioning and then released. This has happened with Tony Blair, George Bush Senior and others. However, until we see these people actually removed from power skepticism is the best policy. They try to plant disinformation with me all the time and sometimes they get through my fact checking. However, I am confident these people were detained and questioned and released because they cooperated with the people doing the questioning.

Benjamin Fulford. link to original article


RE: Dragon Family

I read your most recent blog. I am confused. I was under the impression that the Dragon Family stood for humanitarian purposes. However your blog equates them with the corrupt members of the Federal Reserve. So what does this do to the credibility of the trillion dollar lawsuit?

I read the whole article by David Wilcox. I also listened to your interview with Sean David Morton in which he asked about the jurisdiction of the Southern District Court of New York in a claim against international defendants. I was thinking that the claim was filed more for the exposure as it is public information. So even if the court refuses to hear the case due to it’s limits on jurisdictional oversight, at least the information contained in the complaint is available to the public. Please inform me as to your opinion regarding this matter.

I greatly admire you as I have always fought for my rights. I have been wrongly and maliciously prosecuted both criminally and civilly. I had the charges/claims dropped against me in both cases. I overcame immense corruption from attorneys, judges, the DA, and my insurer. I am intimately familiar with the corruption in the judicial system and how this relates to government control. I recently saw a video from the show “Frontline” on “the Secret Government.” However I question everything I am shown as opposed to what I see. It did make some astonishing claims that were very discouraging and I was curious as to your feelings about this.

I do believe there is a very real government conspiracy against the civilian population to control the free will, exploit the needs, restrict the rights, and to crush the spirits of the public for the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Instead I believe the government wishes to create a society more like that of China.

I would like to contribute to your cause. I enjoy writing and can convey strong messages with words of great meaning. If you know of an opportunity for me to apply these skills, I would be very interested to learn more.

Thank you for all your efforts. I look forward to your response.



Answer Fulford:

Dear David,
The best way you can help is to spread the truth. If you are in a position to take specific legal action against these people, please do so. My understanding about the Dragon family in the lawsuit is that they are real but that the Feds have been muddying up the waters by also claiming that they are the “dragon family.” It is a delaying and obfuscation tactic on their part but we have seen through it and are blocking it. One way or another, these criminals will have to go.

Benjamin Fulford link to original article


RE: Question ’bout an Interesting Post

Hey Ben –
Hope you’re doing very, very well —

There was an amusing post on April 10th from “Sheldan Nidle” of “The Galactic Federation of Light” that claimed: The Ascended Masters had accumulated a lot of wealth and that they’ve decided to gift all that to humanity to end poverty, help the environment, etc. — the post went on about how much & how quickly they want to help us to hurry up & get enlightened and to join their Galactic Societies . . .

The 1st thought that came to my mind was your comment on David Rockfeller NOT being a selestial body! And that these “Ascended Masters” must’ve themselves been the cabal or were in w/them! And now that they’re all cornered & have nowhere to run – suddenly – they’ve become such humaniterians . . .

Do you know who these “MASTERS” are? What are your thought on this matter ?

As always, much love & respect
Answer Ben:

There is lots of talk about friendly aliens or angels or “ascended masters” coming soon to help and telling us that everything is going to be alright but it never seems to happen. It is up to us as humans to fix the planet ourselves and not wait for somebody else to do it We need to have citizen journalists grab their cameras and ask questions about genocide and population reduction and war every-time they see one of the cabalists in public. Law enforcement officials need to understand they have the legal right to arrest these people. We are tired of talk, we want action. link to original article


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