Kauilapele – EDITOR NOTES From David Wilcock’s “Mass Arrests Drake Interview” – 12 April 2012

(LUCAS NOTE: I urge you to use your extreme and utmost discernment in the writings of David Wilcock in this matter as he is not telling the whole story. I have to put up this notice for you as it is needed. There are things David is not willing to tell us as even as asked and that is crucial as you need all info to make up your own minds. Nor will David have any conversations with or hides behind others to distort the whole story about the factions Drake and Tim Turner. We can not check any evidence presented about Drake nor the accusations put towards Tim Turner and RUSA,  Republic of USA. Also are no efforts made to get in touch with Tim Turner’s group or to have the other side of the story presented also there are only accusations made but not made  stick by real evidence. Tim Turner has invited you David to have him interviewed. You keep telling like Teri Hinckle that they, Tim Turners faction will not answer to accusations. You have to put evidence in. Accusations are just words without proof. Hiding behind it and not confirming makes you deceive people and take their rights to a balanced story to make up their own minds. This needs to be done first. Hiding behind the stories not proven and putting up a facade of secrecy and telling support will be gone as you would get in touch with the Turner faction are not enough. Give credible evidence and bring balanced information and not  lower yourself to the dark ones tactics .  To spread disinfo and have no evidence put forward. Do  tell the whole truth not only the convenient truth. As said I have no association with both sides. But fight for the right all to be informed correctly as the matter of the new reinstated republic or nation or the new Constitution and or 13 amendments are very important to all. Now follows the message of Kauilapele)

As I was surveying David Wilcock’s Mass Arrests Transcript of his interview with Drake, there were a number of “EDITOR” comments throughout the document. These had information that some might find useful, so I post that here.

Particularly I found the U.S. Constitution links interesting.

These do not appear in the pdf version, so apparently were added later. Also, you may open the web article and search (CTRL-F) for “[EDITOR:” to find them.

These are listed in order of appearance in the website article.


EDITOR Notes from David Wilcock’s “Mass Arrests” Drake Interview Transcript
[KP Note: these snips are separated by short lines]

[EDITOR: Common Law predates Admiralty law (which is the corporate “law,” legal fiction “law” and under the UCC Code), which is the basis of all the current statutes, regulations, etc, that currently “govern” the US.

It’s all color of law, which means that it’s a mere imitation, an imposture of the Substantive Law that is the Organic Constitution for the United States of America, as Lawfully amended.

Color of law has its origins in Common Law, but it does not operate within the Common Law.

Common Law is like clear water; color of law is like petro oil — the former supports life, the latter destroys.  Note that I underlined “for” above. The two links below will explain why I underlined the “for”:

— This is the Organic Constitution of 1787, as Lawfully Amended.

http://constitution.org/usconsti.htm — The corporate version. “Of” means “owned” by the “United States” that is a corporation that was incorporated in 1871. This corporation functions outside of the Common Law and entirely within the color-of-law system. The current US “government” is NOT YOUR government!

This is explained very well by this link: http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html]


DK: The neat thing about this is that the manner of the process steps outside of both Ecclesiastic-based Law and Canon Law.

Any formal statute, be that local, state, national, or international [that operates under color of law – ED.] And it protects itself, because it does not state anything other than the simple Notification Process.

[EDITOR: I inserted the above comment to make sure that people understand that the “formal statute” mentioned is under color of law, which is the corporate, Admiralty “laws” that currently dominate the entire G5 nation structure.]


DW: Mmm.

DK: It stays within the system, but also is set in such a fashion that it’s outside of any challenge. This is the idea that I was trying to find out about…

[EDITOR: If the Notification Process arises anywhere in the color-of-law system, it can be challenged by any color-of-law entity/agency, hence the critical need to stay within the Common Law system.

The value of the Notification Process is that it is recognized by an existing legal authority — the International Court of Justice in the Hague — hence any color-of-law authority automatically has no standing, no power of law over anything within Common Law.

Color-of-law is inferior to Common Law, because Common Law is real and substantive by being based on the land, the will of the People, the Organic Constitution and being in a group of sovereign nation-states united by a Declaration of Independence.]


[EDITOR: I’m going to not capitalize “federal” because that’s not part of the official name like “Marshal”; if Drake had said “US Marshals,” then I would have capitalized “US,” of course.

What’s great about US Marshals is that they date all the way back to the original Republic, so their source of power PREDATES their conversion into a “Service” that supports the current, corporate form of government.

The reactivation of the Declaration of Independence reactivates not only the Republic, but any Lawful police-related offices that the Republic had on all levels – County, State, etc, including the US Marshals acting under the Organic Constitution.

Another important thing to understand is that the local County (de jure County, not the corporate county) Sheriff is THE #1 Lawful Officer in the de jure County.

He has the full power to apply the necessary police action to protect the fledgling, born-again Republic within the County.

His power supersedes ANYONE acting under color of law, be it county, state and federal. A sheriff can order the CIA, FBI, FEMA to leave. Period.]



DW: Okay. This might piss some people off but I really want to clear this up. [DK laughs] Do these Marshals exist in different offices?

I mean, how would you find one? What kind of offices would they be employed by?

DK: National Security Administration would probably be the end office if you wanted to really look them up in that relationship.

DW: Okay.

[EDITOR: Drake is one man and it’s OK that he doesn’t know everything about this. That shows he’s the real thing.

It turns out that the US Marshals predate the NSA.

Thus, the Republic-based aspect of the US Marshals is superior in lawful power to anyone in the NSA.

The NSA is a color-of-law agency that derives its power wholly outside of the Common Law / Constitution.]


DK: That’s all the difference there is.


[EDITOR: I don’t mean to undermine Drake’s info here, but the Fed Air Marshals seem to be a part of TSA, not of the US Marshal Service.

I’ve searched through the US Marshal site and see nothing related to any air service, other than prisoner / alien (human) transport in jets.

Federal Air Marshals were started by Kennedy; it was later absorbed into the monster of the TSA, which in turn is part of the DHS.]


[EDITOR: If I may add another note here, “Law Enforcement Officers” is the term for the corporate-service cops.

“Peace Officers” is the term for police officers who serve the Republic.

There are many cops within the current color-of-law framework who would not hesitate to support the police action to bust the color-of-law conspirators – and support the re-creation of our beloved Republic.]


Anything that disagrees with the Constitution, first of all, is null and void of any legal or lawful impact.


EDITOR: This is the best site on the Internet, bar none, for accurate and transparent information about the differences between the Organic, Lawful Constitution of 1787 and the corporate constitution that has been unlawfully in effect since the 1800s.]

Further, anything that disagrees with the Constitution, basically, is to be stricken if it is a law, rule or regulation.

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