Lisa Gawlas – The Earthquakes Of April 11Th Releases The Golden Magnetic Rain – 12 April 2012

What a day on planet earth yesterday!!  Granted, it could appear like my own personal day was completely trashed, the night before I woke up 4 separate times, each time the dreaming of magnetic rain intensifying.  So when I finally gave in at 3am yesterday and got out of bed, I was already exhausted.  Let me tell you, I am so over being woke up for the universe to keep on shouting “the magnets are coming, the magnets are coming!!”  tell me once, trust me, I believe you.  Lets not do it every single night, several times a night for 5 days in a row!!  This girl really needs her beauty sleep, or would that be brainy sleep!

I should have known or at least realized this was all building up to a big exhale on earth.  But, I was very busy with my own body.  My heart has been pounding out of my chest for a week now.  Irregular heart beats that thump so hard I swear my heart moved into various other places within my body.  Some of the thumping is impeding my breath.  I have gone into meditation many a time just to get reassurance from the Guardians that I don’t need to implement a death plan…of which I have none!  Over and over the Guardians assured me it was the intense energy going directly into my heart that was causing all the irregular events within.

We won’t even talk about the shear lack of energy too.

So when I got a news alert on my phone yesterday morning that Indonesia had two major earthquakes; an 8.6 and 8.2 respectively all I could feel is FINALLY some relief!  I was so grateful to see that the earthquakes were very deep in the earth and did no harm what so ever to those living on the earth.

By the time my first reading rolled around… I was so shocked to see what I, well, what I didn’t see!  The field was close to gone.  It was as if it was fading out of sight and all that was left was a trace of it’s energy.  However, in the upper atmosphere was the most amazing thing.  Super light golden molecules of energy.  They were scattered about as wide and high as my vision could see.

It so reminded me of tuning into the snow channel again… only there was a wonderful light golden glow from every energetic molecule.  You know me, my big question came “What the hell is that!!”  Instantly I remembered the earthquakes of the morning…. ohhhhh…. thats the energy it released.  More than likely the earth burped out several hundred gallons of magnetic gas!! (smile)

I could not find my client anywhere in the field that was fading fast… I did start to see something interesting tho… various streams of liquid gold energy coming down from the scattered molecules in the upper atmosphere.  There weren’t very many of these golden streams and they were varying in length… but man I could feel the pureness coming from them.

My audio was completely down as was my feeling center, both crucial in understanding what I am seeing.  The only thing I was sure of from this attempt at reading… everything has changed… AGAIN!!  The field, the air, our very bodies are morphing again.

My 2nd and 3rd reading of the day produced more of the same imagery… only even the clarity if what I was seeing at 8am was becoming so distorted I couldn’t make out much of anything.  Kind of like looking at a really blurry picture…

The one thing I have learned about severe change, it takes 3 full earth days to complete itself.  I am so praying this is not the case… I don’t have any give in my schedule!! lol… it is all about me and those I read for after all (big toothy grin.)

As yesterday progressed, I got more news alerts.  A 5.9 earthquake off the coast of Oregon, then a 6.5 earthquake in Mexico followed by a 6.9 earthquake around Baja California…  our mom was seriously gassy!!

All these earthquakes had a very interesting theme… they were all deep within the earth.  Fortunately, causing no harm anywhere.  Hurray!!

I kept thinking of several things that I know play into this series of earthquakes (and don’t go blaming it on HAARP, it’s all mama!!)  …The new magnetic garden we created and are fully aligned with from the hypnosis event “The Planting.”  The constant dream (and being awakened to know I was dreaming) of the incoming magnetic field of rain… and the last reading I did… the man went super nova and turned into a black hole!!  Now isn’t that all telling us an amazing story!!  The synchronicity is unmistakable.  I have got to throw in a shout out for being able to see and feel the fields of Shambhala as well… for the first time ever.  I have seen its potential… but these last two readings were not potentials… they already happened somewhere in our near future timeline.

Maybe our atomic man really did something as he danced his energy dance around the magnetic pole in a ladies reading.

I have said before, what unfolds on the field thru these readings are creating something.  I have seen it now way to many times to not realize its power… YOUR power.

And our field went super nova!  I just pray I don’t have to read and orientate us to a black hole instead of the field!  lol

Can I just say… I slept thru the entire night last night!!  Happy dancing over here!!  Granted still got up at 3:20am but soooooo utterly grateful to have slept for 6 solid hours!!  My brains feel refreshed!!  I hope yours do too!!

So as I am sitting here, I have to ask… what really happened.  I want to thank the field so much, because right now, I can see it clearly… well, I can see what happened clearly…. now to try and explain it!!

The Guardians of Shambhala gave us each a key to our new reality.  But first, we had to come together, with intention, heart desire and focus to create the new reality.  This is exactly what “The Planting” did.  We created a magnetic field of potential from our desire to be living Heaven on earth.  As I have said before, the more times one of these events is done, the stronger the field becomes.  The mangetic garden we created deep inside the earth, literally pulled the magnetic rain I have been dreaming about to it for the full on activation of this super intense field of living we are adjusting to even now.

Yesterdays series of deep earthquakes was the signal that it is now fully activated!!   Just look at how these earthquakes played out… the first three were deep water events.  All that magnetic energy from out mothers core has been released in the oceans of the earth, which feeds the rivers and streams of all of earth as well.  The other two… our beloved Mexico.  Bringing me back to my 11/11 meditation… the first full on release of earth light was coming from Mexico… and the landmass echoed that back yesterday.

NOW I get the 23rd power node.  The 2nd hypnosis event created our interaction with a portal the Guardians call “The Eye of Horus”…. we adjusted to its vibration and potential and actually created the pathway to what I am now realizing is the full on energy of May as we cross the Solar Eclipse… which gives full on activation to the energy and everything else with the last hypnosis event called Welcome Home.

This is why these days are soooo important to be clear about your own intentions, your own inner heart energy… to face yourself with full truth and responsibility and adjust what may need adjusting within.

Who and what you surround yourself with matters as much as your own heart energy matters.  Everything is amplified now.  Every single thing will be at your doorstep instantly (can I throw in a Jorge if that is the case???  …big grin)

All of our deepest hopes and dreams are now bulging at the doorstep of our reality and only you can open the door to let them in.  Stay clear, stay focused and Love with all your Heart!!

Life has just really begun to live out loud without restriction!!

ADDED NOTE:  As I am sitting here bursting with absolute joy (2 hours after finishing this sharing) and now can see a major energy rainbow vortex in the back yard swirling down into earth… I had to wonder what am I feeling and whats up with that vortex (didn’t do a reading yet today.)  I clearly heard anything we are feeling today in amplitude is our core energy being reflected back to us and what will be arriving thru it all.  Pay attention to how you feel today…. it is really important to be aware of.  It is the make up of your near reality.  Please let my joy be in celebration of the homecoming of my grandson to his father!

Happy Dancing over here!!  I just love and appreciate you all so freakin much!!  You are all the greatest source of Light the earth has ever known, and I am so privileged to see you and feel you in my field of Life, in my heart.  Thank you!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of joy and gratitude!!

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