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Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Open to Truth – 13 April 2012

April 13, 2012


I come before you today to speak of the Truth that is in your hearts, dear ones. No one can deny that you are waking up to it. The depths to which you are reaching are astounding and unequalled. The expansion of your energy has contributed to this and you are just beginning to see the ramifications of it. Your bravery in opening up to consciousness that you have not perceived for eons is applauded and cherished by all of the Company of Heaven. We thank you for this. Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report.. Yes! Are We Really Here! – 13 April 2012

Greetings Love Beings,

Are you still waiting for disclosure?

Still waiting for more sights?


Ok… and… should the ships land in your backyard is it ok then or will they have to go trhough another test, mybe to see if they’re real and not holograms kind of…

I know… many still doubt… I know… see it every day… thus I also see many that go together and spread the truth that we’re here. And won’t leave. For Family won’t be separated anymore.

Did I already tell you –I’m sure I did but twice is better- that we need your help? Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Stay Headed Towards The Light – 13 April 2012

Oh my, things just keep on getting crazier and the noose continues to tighten around our necks. I know many people who are feeling pulled down by this continual dark, dense energy and are depressed because nothing really seems to be happening. We appear to be in limbo hoping for change but seeing no signs of it on the horizon. Very depressing indeed. We must somehow muster up our strength in these challenging times to stay headed towards the light and remain in our hearts. When we feel assaulted by these negative energies we tend to move out of our heart space and feel anger towards the circumstances we find ourselves in. Doing so will not serve us well but rather just keep manifesting more of the bad energies to us. I know it is hard to have hope in such dark times, even I struggle when dark times continue to pummel us from all directions. Somehow, some way stay in your heart, feel love for all those around you and embrace compassion for all. We must be light and love! Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Evidence Of The Divine Plan Is All Around Us – 13 April 2012

Stairway to Heaven

All of us seek happiness but few of us question why we universally do that. We want love, crave bliss, search for fulfillment. But seldom do we notice that we do or question why these circumstances would be so. We simply accept them.

They form part of what Werner Erhard called the “background of obviousness.” We take for granted some of the most profound circumstances of life. Continue reading

Mike Shedlock/ Mish – Massive Jump In Bank Of Spain Borrowing From ECB: Bank Of Spain Balance Sheet Shows Spain Deep In Trouble, LTRO Is Essentially Useless – 13 April 2012

CDS rates to protect against default by Spain rose to an all-time high today as Investors brace for more pain in Spain.

Spain was firmly back in the spotlight on Friday, after news of a sharp rise in borrowing by the region’s banks from the European Central Bank triggered losses across European stocks, but especially for the IBEX 35 index XX:IBEX -3.58% , which fell more than 3% to a three-year low. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Just In Time Ascension – 13 April 2012

I was saying yesterday:“It very well could be that we’ve entered a time when the really big changes are coming to an end – the cabal is banished, war stops, we are awakened. And now begins the really hard work, the slog, of turning the attention inward and tackling all the low-grade perpetrations, weaknesses and vices that the necessity to fight to free ourselves allowed to remain hidden.” (1) Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Are You Ready To BE The Living Expression Of The Rainbow Energy?

Something special has indeed happened on our planet earth over the last few days.  I pray with all my heart I can share what I understand coherently and clearly.

We have a new and permanent element on earth.  Up until yesterday, our walk upon this earth was casual.  Every now and again we would bump into a packet of love floating by and feel a stirring within, and opportunity to notice more.  More often than not, we took the moment to enjoy the sudden rush, and then went back to life as usual.  I spent 38 years walking like that! Continue reading