Lisa Gawlas – Are You Ready To BE The Living Expression Of The Rainbow Energy?

Something special has indeed happened on our planet earth over the last few days.  I pray with all my heart I can share what I understand coherently and clearly.

We have a new and permanent element on earth.  Up until yesterday, our walk upon this earth was casual.  Every now and again we would bump into a packet of love floating by and feel a stirring within, and opportunity to notice more.  More often than not, we took the moment to enjoy the sudden rush, and then went back to life as usual.  I spent 38 years walking like that!

So if you think about it, these packets were floating in the air, so once you moved thru it, it was no longer within your energy stream.  We could go back to our chaos, our fears, our sense of separation and all that goes with that without real causation in our lives.  The magnetic fields of our lives were very slow to reflect back to us what we were really feeling deep within us.

Let me tell ya… life has changed forever!

Those pure energy packets are no longer randomly floating around in the air (well, we know nothing is random, but I hope you get the point) but now streaming out of the earth herself.

There are three elements that are oozing out of every pore of Gaia: Love, Joy and Gratitude.  There is no possible way any longer for you to put your foot on the ground and not be infused with this super strong elixir.  It automatically goes into you from your root chakra, your direct connection to the energies of the earth.

This may sound sweet and exciting, and trust me… it is, but what of the core energy that does not full hold or is open to that fullness?

I know many people still caught up in the blame game.  Any sort of “blame” is anti-life.  It does not hold the energy of love, joy and gratitude within it… so as this new, pure, constant energy infiltrates your own core energy… the new super enhanced magnetic field that is you is amped up.  It will bring to you so quickly it will make your head, and life spin, more things that could create blame.  Giving you the greatest opportunity to release that energy from your life.  Causation is instant.

Every single person on earth will be stepping on, fully activating that magnetic button as they put their feet onto the ground April 23rd.  This truly is the point of no return.

After I finished my blog yesterday and the light of day started to emerge, something filled me.  An energy that seemed to come completely out of nowhere and remained present even now.  Pure, delectable,  joy.  What made this so incredible, so wonderfully different, it was not a feeling wrapped around me, but a deep feeling inside my blood.  There was a party inside of my body like I have never experienced before…

Part of the reason I share so much, I am actually taking the overload inside of me and sharing my abundance outward… I had to do the same yesterday or I would have exploded into molecules of joy.  I wrote a statement on my facebook page.  The moment I completed the statement and I think simultaneously wondering…why?  Why do I feel like this so deeply, so consistently… I heard the field reply instantly:  It is what is running thru your core energy and being amplified into your created reality.

I want to make perfectly clear the understand that continued to unfold thru the day.  It was not, cannot be a fabricated feeling.  We can fool ourselves all day long, but your core energy, it knows your core feelings.  The earth is now amping up every core feeling held tightly within us.  You can’t fool mother nature (smile) and your reality called life will always show you what you are really feeling within yourself.

We can look at this period happening right now… the final purge.  A cleansing cycle we humans have not seen in many collective lifetimes.  But equally… for those who were/are utterly truthful with themselves and cleared the debris field called the mind (which always feeds your core energy) the amplification of the new energy is going to leave you forever breathless.

Feeling this joy juice holding its own within me for hours straight, I took a peek at the field to see if I can see what has changed, because I know something changed big time!!

Directly in my backyard, where “the field” had unfolded thru January and most of February, there it was… the emerging change.  A soft rainbow infused energy  on the ground going down into the earth.  It reminded me of when you drain your tub and you see the swirly water going down the drain… that is exactly what this beautiful rainbow…. something or another, looked like.  I felt it as a permanent energy flow.

Now I was really wondering what happened.  Mid February, via my readings, the field in which I read from left.  Everyone started to unfold at the top of the Mesa Cliff… showing their spiritual potential as they moved thru life.  On occasion we would come to the ground level, but not like in the beginning (Which started January 6th, 2012 in my world, the day I moved into this place.)  Then even the Mesa Cliff altered and I started reading people housed up in a rainbow energy waterfall over the Mesa Cliff.

When I finally got to connect to my first appointment for the day, I wasn’t even sure we were going to be able to read… but sure enough, we got glimpses of some amazing information.  And as I have always know, the more of you showing up on the field in which we read from, the more elements, details and understandings are provided.

My first reading was a man… I so love snooping out men, they are rare creatures in my reading schedule!!  I must say tho, I attract the greatest men (and women too) to my phone line, to my heart line!!

The one thing I am now sure of, “The Field” is back on the ground… still under construction… but already living out loud on planet earth!!

The moment we connected I not only seen the rainbow thingie going down into the earth, but now something new was added.  There was/is an energy field being constructed reminiscent of a vortex.  It is NOT a vortex, but in my field of visual vortex show up looking like fish nets in construct.  This looked like a really large cylinder type fish net construct.  There were globs of rainbow energy here and there, but mostly the fish net cylinder thing was still black (not completely finished and online yet.)  I could also see so many elemental’s and spiritual Beings working on whatever this cylinder is.  The one thing I know for sure, it is the housing for the rainbow energy thingie on and in the ground.

So I had to look around for him.  There he was, in the familiar circle of energy that once made of the field I read for.  Sitting directly at his West field entrance.  Keeping in mind the west represents Harvest.  Your personal harvest of all your collective energies thru out space and time.

He was sitting there like the great thinker… elbow on his right knee, fist under his chin… watching the activity happening in the center field.  Waiting.  All  I could feel from him was patience.

Let me tell you, your core energy often times (ok, most of the time) is not reflected within the brain activity…. but, I see and feel truth no matter what your mind wants to conjure up.  I also know when your core energy needs to believe what your mind is telling you.  The clinging… ya know?

This mans core energy knew he should not move one step forward into his field of true and pure harvest until the construction was complete.  He watched intently.  Of course his mind is so excited and chomping at the bit to get where he is going…. like waiting for Christmas.  You want it to be here already, but yet, you know you must walk one day at a time to get there or you are going to be really disappointed that their is no tree, no presents… just finding your out of sync with life.

Lets talk about that for a moment.  This has been a really big question in my heart, and thru his and my exchange… so much was revealed.

I have gotten more emails than I can count about activation’s into 11th and 12th reality and if I am not mistaken there is now something going around about 13…  Personally, I don’t even know what that means.

However, as he and I talked about patience and not getting ahead of the readiness of earth… something really interesting was revealed.

If we can look at things sort of like being in school.  We start out in kindergarden and graduate from 12th grade as a senior.  We can (sort of) look at our dimensional fields of energy the same way (which is probably why so many people talk about 12… there are soooooo many more than 12.)

So here we are, graduating from middle school (8th grade) and going into High school.  We all just want to be in 12th grade already… we know our full freedom comes as we move thru 12th grade.  So, we just jump ahead a few grades.  Granted, our school system rarely lets that happen… but earth will let you do whatever your desire truly is.

I was also given a memory in this exchange when I was in middle and high school.  I had taken years of Spanish starting in 7th grade when alternate languages were first offered to me.  By the time I entered 10th grade I had already had 3 years of Spanish under my belt… the school system I was in insisted I should be in Spanish 2 not Spanish 3… I had a melt down.  I wanted to be in Spanish 3 insisting I was ready.  The school granted me my wish.  I was placed in Spanish 3 and I instantly realized I was so out of my league.  I was not even remotely ready for Spanish 3.  They didn’t even talk English in this class any longer and I didn’t understand a word anyone was saying.  Within 2 weeks I quite Spanish all together.

The same thing is actually happening on earth.  We all so want to graduate already… but yet, we haven’t even learned our true mastery, our true language of Light.

Every single person on the face of this earth has all come in with the potential codes of not only completing highschool… but truly earning your masters degree… but there is no skipping classes or you will be lost and find yourself in a field you cannot keep up with.

Ahhhh free will and all.

I am once again reminded of a reading last week and the precious message that was given to my client:  ’It is not the speed in which you arrive, but the mastery you bring with you.’  Truthfully… it is the ONLY thing that matters.  Mastery!

Don’t ever worry about what grade your in, only concern yourself with what is being taught to you thru every moment and use it in your created reality.  THAT is a true Master!

Anything else is simply your mind (and other peoples talk) distracting the goal at hand!

So anyway… he had come equipped with a question I was shocked to find an answer for!!  Everything seemed to be so elusive these days, months… freakin years!!

He started to ask about the divine counterpart… and instantly I had seen her.  Well, sorta.  She was a radiant rainbow infused mermaid looking woman looking towards him from somewhere towards the end of June.  I could feel her, I could feel the odd but wonderful energy field surrounding her…  I also knew they have not met yet.  I could not see a speck of human in her field… but knew she was very much human, infused completely with whatever energy is now underway!  I was soooo excited!!  Not nearly as much as him… but to see that… to know that… to feel the presence of a divine counterpart on earth, in a reading…. makes my heart sing!!

My 2nd reading brought in a whole new element… added of course to mine and my wonder-man (smile) with her was the brightest blue sky and the most wonderful fluffy clouds all sitting right on top of this rainbow fish net cylinder thingie… which is only about 10-15 feet (3-4 meters) tall.  I swear to god it felt like I could literally walk out my back door and touch the sky.

The only thing I realized about this is above and below now exist simultaneously in our place of creation on earth, brought fully to life by that cylinder thing.     How, I have no flipping clue yet…

She too was set up at the West band of her field… hand on the doorknob, but yet, had to wait for this construction to complete itself.  I could not get any more details…. but what I had seen and felt… OMG!

The rest of my day was spent in the abyss of feeling and absolute wonder!  The more I contemplated the depth of the two readings… the understanding (even tho that is barely) something new was added to the joy streaming thru my blood… pure and absolute love and gratitude.  The combination of these three feelings were so intertangled they were no longer separate and just kept seeping out of my eyes via the tear ducts.  Just walking across my floor was like a movement in loving gratitude and the release of joy for Being on this floor, in this moment, in this body.

We have crossed a new threshold in life.  Walking in this state… this pure state of Being is going to take some adjusting to (at least it will for me.)

I had to go to the local feed store yesterday and as I opened the door to go in, there was a family coming out.  I stood by the side to let them out and there was a lady, the mother I believe, stopped in front of me and looked at me and I know she wanted to say something… I know we felt each other.  She was so present in herself even as the whole family was walking to the car.  She simply said, you look like someone I know and you have the friendliest face I have seen… in that moment, she seen herself within me.  I thanked her for her kindness and opened my heart towards her… this is the true and wonderful riches of our lives.  It is what the word Namaste has always held in vibration, in truth in the presence of every moment.  The God within me, recognizes and honors the God within you.. for we are one!

I SEE YOU!!  Namaste!

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