Steve Beckow – Just In Time Ascension – 13 April 2012

I was saying yesterday:“It very well could be that we’ve entered a time when the really big changes are coming to an end – the cabal is banished, war stops, we are awakened. And now begins the really hard work, the slog, of turning the attention inward and tackling all the low-grade perpetrations, weaknesses and vices that the necessity to fight to free ourselves allowed to remain hidden.” (1)

As the weather warfare of HAARP and chemtrails subsides, as the cabal is rounded up and arrested, as the world around us gets up off its knees, to use David Icke’s phrase, the focus of our attention and activity seems to shift. As a one-time lightwarrior, now a feckless ronin, what once were my strengths are now becoming my weaknesses. Having no “enemy” to fight, I wander around growling and snapping at my neighbor.

My situation is much the same as Just-in-Time production. One of the principles of JIT was that eliminating costly inventory in favor of JIT delivery lowered the water in the river of the production process and allowed the rocks or problems to be exposed. By the same token, as the threat from the dark disappears, it lowers the river of distracting dramas and, more alone with ourselves, exposes the rocks or problems in our own make-up.

As a result, and as we move closer and closer to the climax in Ascension, our personal work comes up more extensively and intensively to be flattened. The time arrives to rethink, retool, and re-engineer.  And the work looks overwhelming. What escaped attention many years ago, now glares in the full light of the peaceful day.

Over many years as a lightwarrior, I prided myself on fearlessness, willingness to do battle, and willingness to risk.  To expose the cabal’s misdeeds was my duty. To defend and rescue was my passion.  But like any warrior in peacetime, I languish now and watch my weapons rust and skills go untested. And I grow gripey and testy and altogether grumpy like an old vet in a rocking chair.

I have to acknowledge that peace has arrived and I’m out of a job. It’s time to take on an altogether new mission. Time to review what I’ve learned in life and actually put it into practice.  Ample time perhaps to go back and see what they were saying at Cold Mountain Institute, est, enlightenment intensives and all the other courses and workshops, to really understand the principles they were putting out – responsibility, awareness, communication, stands, impeccability.

And if it’s true I’m getting younger, well, perhaps it’s time to take up karate again and finish earning my black belt. Time to direct that energy that craved an “enemy” into something constructive before I devour my children. End of an era. Time to switch from wartime to peacetime.  I knew it would happen some day. The dark are retiring from the field. That’s fine. But not so fine is – so must I.


(1) “Third Dimensional Communication and Behavior,” April 12, 2012, at link to original article



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