Visionkeeper – Stay Headed Towards The Light – 13 April 2012

Oh my, things just keep on getting crazier and the noose continues to tighten around our necks. I know many people who are feeling pulled down by this continual dark, dense energy and are depressed because nothing really seems to be happening. We appear to be in limbo hoping for change but seeing no signs of it on the horizon. Very depressing indeed. We must somehow muster up our strength in these challenging times to stay headed towards the light and remain in our hearts. When we feel assaulted by these negative energies we tend to move out of our heart space and feel anger towards the circumstances we find ourselves in. Doing so will not serve us well but rather just keep manifesting more of the bad energies to us. I know it is hard to have hope in such dark times, even I struggle when dark times continue to pummel us from all directions. Somehow, some way stay in your heart, feel love for all those around you and embrace compassion for all. We must be light and love!

There are rumors galore circulating around the web about the evil plans the dark ones have planned for all of us. We can read them and fall into the fear based worrying they create within us, or we can choose to move along and not read them opting instead to remain centered in love, remaining positive and looking towards the better world we can create together. This is exactly where we must concentrate. How can we change our world for the better? It is a huge question to ask but ask we must.  It is our dreaming and planning that will create the reality we are wanting. We must place our intentions on what we want to see in our lives, figure new ways to achieve our goals and share our ideas and visions with others. Joining our thoughts add strength to our vision.

It would appear things are starting to ramp up on both sides, both light and dark. More and more are waking up to the truth, but at the same time the dark ones are becoming more paranoid of loosing their grip on humanity. That fear they are feeling may well force them to try to do something that will allow them to gain back control during the chaos they have created. Lets face it, they are getting desperate and in many ways so are we. We both want control of our world, our control for the good, their control for devastation. It is very intense at this time and because of this, it makes it even harder to stay heart centered. This is a good time to rely on friends to help each other, to life each other up when we are down and to remind each other to remain positive and in the light. Hearing those close to us remind us, helps so much and keeps us from nosediving into the depths of despair.

We are being challenged at this time to be strong in our beliefs. The continued waiting to see things begin to change is getting to everybody. Why no arrests? Why no accountability? Why do the dark ones continue to get away with what they are doing to everybody and to the planet?  It is infuriating, it is frustrating and it stirs up the angry particles within. This is where we have to grab hold of our faith and just know their time will come. The universe always has its own timing on things and it is because it must consider the bigger picture. We see things in our own little universe that swirls around each of us day-to-day, but the world as a whole requires its own timing that allows for balance and flow and eliminates the chaos. The creator has it all planned out, have no fear.

The bottom line here is for us to stay focused on the light and living in our hearts and NOT being sucked into the drama and fear the dark ones will be foisting upon the world. They are backed into their corners like wild animals and they will grow increasingly more frantic as the walls to their world begin to squeeze in upon them. These are the times of the greatest challenge  to us all, this is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. Will we finally yell out enough is enough and refuse to take any more of their abuse? Lets hope so. We can not let this assault on humanity and the earth continue. Now we must make the light shine brightly, blind them in their tracks, and hold them accountable for their evil….

Blessings to you all,

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