Ann Albers – Message From The Angels And Ann – 14 April 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

When fear grips you, dear ones, you can choose to turn your attention to the truth of God’s love. Fear was designed to be a biological reaction to a threatening situation – one that would create fight or flight, and then be done. Fear was designed to be a fleeting, momentary state of being, triggered only in dire situations. However, fear has become instead, a force in the human race that possesses you, pretends to protect you, and in reality keeps you locked in the chains of so-called safety when in reality your spirit longs to be free from this bondage!

Fear makes you believe you must not take risks, when your heart gives you clear guidance to do so. Fear has you protect yourselves beyond reason, when in reality your heart knows when enough is enough. Fear has you silence your truth when in reality your heart longs to speak. Fear serves no good in this capacity dear friends for it blocks the movement and the flow of God to you, in you, and through you. Fear, in this capacity is a false idol. God’s love is the only truth? Which one will you worship?

When fear grips you, be it large or small, ask yourself, “What are the real circumstances right now? Right now am I under attack? Right now is my life in danger? Right now is my life falling to ruin?” Chances are, that is not the case. Fear in the human race, has grown into a disease that projects into possible futures, and changes the way you act now. You fear that someone will be upset, so you silence yourself. But right now your heart says, “Speak up! Speak with love. Don’t hold your truth inside of you.” “But what if people don’t like what I have to say,” you ask? We would respond that love will guide you all into your right places. If everyone were honest, everyone would end up in their perfect circles.

Fear tells you that your finances will run out way before you retire. And yet what is the truth now, in this moment dear ones? You have enough now. And if you exist in a space of love, gratitude, and trust, then you will always be guided to have enough in the future. If you exist in fear, you make decisions that do not come from God’s love and then you create your proverbial messes. In reality, existing in love allows you the greatest guidance in each moment of your lives.

And so when fear strikes you and you cannot rid yourself of this energy, sit, breathe, pray, and receive. Ask God to remove the fear from you. Breathe slowly and deeply. Look at the facts. Pray for guidance in the moment – guidance that comes only and always from love.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
–The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi All,

I had a great opportunity to look fear in the face a few weeks ago. Right before Easter my dear older neighbor came to the door, knocking. When I opened the door he was holding up a big church sign with “Be Not Afraid” written on it. “What should I not be afraid of, ” I asked him. He’s a dear. He told me the house two doors down, just on the other side of him was robbed. This was the first break-in we’ve had on our block in twenty years and it unnerved us all. My neighbor proceeded to tell me he was going to sleep with a shot gun by his bed! “Just don’t point it at my kitchen window!” I joked. He offered to lend me his other one. I declined.

I’ve done this work long enough to know God’s love. And yet old fears from the past started creeping in and gripping my body. I have locks on the doors and windows, an alarm system that would wake the dead and call the police if anyone broke in, and a variety of other protections… not to mention one big hunky Archangel Michael. But that didn’t stop me from tightening up and shaking a little. When I was little our house was broken into and it was unsettling. In past lives, I’ve been ripped out of my house and killed. And so my cellular memory was saying, “Uh oh, life’s not safe!” In reality, I’ve been safe my entire lifetime. I knew it was time to put those old cellular fears to rest.

I know the truth, but those old thoughts kept plaguing me. My mind was already in the right place… but the old stuff wanted to come up and re-inhabit my thoughts. I didn’t let it. Every time I had a fearful thought I banished it with a statement of truth. “What if somebody breaks in?” the crazy thoughts started up. Truth was my defense, “God loves me and if that happens I’ll trust someone needs my stuff more than me.” “What if someone tries to hurt me?” “If God wants me dead, I’ll be dead but I’m here today I may as well live!” And then I called in the biggies. I asked Jesus and Archangel Michael to vacuum the fears out of me. I sat, breathed, and prayed. I asked them to work on me at night. It took a few weeks before my body settled down but I woke up one day in glorious truth, knowing what happens tomorrow doesn’t matter as long as I create the best and most loving life I am able to create today.

Once I calmed down I realized I had all the security I could already in place, and that the rest was in God’s hands. When I was a kid, our home was broken into when I was at the neighbors. We usually ran back and forth but for some reason that day we didn’t. I was protected even back then.

We waste our lives in worry. We all do it. It erupts from our unconscious from the past, other lives, etc. Our brain tries to make itself feel in control by coming up with solutions for every possible scenario. But in reality, the monkey mind gets in the way of hearing our real guidance. Existing in a space of truth, faith, and belief in God’s love is really the only way to live. It is the greatest protection on earth, the easiest way to hear your real loving guidance, and best of all… it feels good!

Have a happy week,

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