David Wilcock Presents A New Arcticle – 13 April 2012

MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks is what the title is  by David Wilcock´s post on his blog http://www.divinecosmos.com

You can read it by beneath link  as it has good information and also again disinformation or half-truths from David on the matter Drake and the intentions. link to divine cosmos article

So I ask again to use your utmost discernment as it is you that has to make up your mind with information provided. If information is not  provided correct to check for us nor a shred of evidence or proof has been given it is not to be brought to us as credible news. If you go with that sort of information it becomes believing in a personal matter without knowing the real and facts. I think in this ascension process we are going through and the awakening of lots of people you may not disinform them nor mislead them. You need to be open. Not telling the whole truth even if your intentions are good is wrong.

Here again are a few questionable statements made:

“We cannot sit back and wait for their next attempt to generate mass chaos and destruction, and say “let’s just leave everything the way it is,” simply because this group has been so circumspect in revealing its true intentions.”

If the above statement is saying that a circumspect group that will not make its intentions clear to us will not be at all a problem. That sounds like defying the free will of people in having a real choice. This is taken by not informing people about what this group of DRAKE does or is and really intents and what those so-called “Good Guys” of the pentagon are doing. It is all like we’re presented with crap to believe blindly. That has to stop. OPENNESS AND TRANSPARANCY is needed.

In another statement title is The Plan requires the will of people. I can not see this. A part of the  information is kept from us and A Group is doing something to set us free from what? The cabal to replace it by to us unknown forces with unknown intentions. The secrecy and lack of openness will corrupt this venture. Also the still insinuated use of force by unknown Military is not peaceful and to me about the light. So be ware of what you read.

Love and Light,



3 responses to “David Wilcock Presents A New Arcticle – 13 April 2012

  1. Hi Lucas,
    I appreciate your thoughts and just would like to add my view on the subject. I’m speaking only in general sense. For me I find it is impossible to approve the accuracy and credibility of all the information given from any side. As a regular human being I find it almost impossible physically to go through all the accessible information (time, access, amount and knowledge to understand all of it, additionally and I’m not living in USA and also not an american). From such a prospective I’m totally agree on your concerns about the very real TRUTH. But exactly because of this I think we need to use a lot of trust balanced with discernment while proceeding any kind of information. At least on one point I’m very agree with David. We have to act and thus fast and as possibly well informed and prepared (although this could be never enough). The situation I can compare it to a small bunny that jumps on a high way in the night and got blinded from car lights (like us from all the information and disinformation that reach us). I think it is not a good idea for him to stop moving and start staring at the car lights and analyzing what is this for … is it good or bad for him, I think the best is to step aside and at the same time keep calm and don’t get panic and your intuition, maybe after that again step aside and so on and so on till the danger is away. I hope you can get my point. This one the could be a long discussion.
    Simply wanted to share these thoughts and give you full supports on that we
    Love and Greetings,

    • There is no need for discussion as it is just a matter of ourselves to use utmost discernment and do not blindly go with whatever you hear, see, read or are told. You need to know as the new engaging world of the golden age is upon us open and transparant communication is needed. Credibility and honesty can not be just stated to be. Credibility and honessty and truth is not hidden, nor will it only be revealed when certain people say so or a certain thing happens. Nor is credibility and honesty and truth making opinion in fact finding reports as they show no real evidence.

      For the record I think David Wilcock does present truths and evidence in other cases but in the case I have spoken about the Drake case it is not done. We are not given the whole story. It has an adverse effect on me and others to see David’s work in future as credible as this matter will not be cleared by him.

      I thank you for your opinion but as said above. It is up to you to get informed properly. You. Not anyone else who says this is the right information without you being able to check it.

      So do not go that route is merely my advice.

      Love and Light,


  2. We live in a logos of duality. A center of positive and negative polarities, a ballet of dark and light forces, opposing but seducing our focus. We remain in A place where the thoughts of one man, became over twenty thousand interpretations or permutations. The folly however, is that the true spirit of his thoughts, to all but few remain a mystery. The cults of strong personality, ones that have sought to control, have preyed on the sleeping, manipulating truth below the veil, inflicting their will. These are the dark, steadfastly remaining as such, coiled and at the ready to resume control.

    We choose to slumber or we choose to awaken. Those who are guided will so choose to develop their own discernment. You are correct sir. Appealing to the will of the people is appealing to our collective energy which has grown quite powerful. Whatever we choose to hold within our will becomes manifest in our experience. For 75000 years this drama has played itself out again and yet again. Some opt out by their choice. The mass collective has that choice before them yet again. The harvest moon looms yet again near on the horizon. What yield may the coming season bring?

    With love…Dee