eClinik – Alternative Media Crackdown Intensifies – 14 April 2012

( I have to warn you that this story is probably spread by again as  a hoax as I can not find the organisations and find a couple of other things that are strange like changed DNS etc of the website- so this info I will give as discernment warning!)

In a sign of desperation, the Dark Cabal is now trying to shutdown the internet, one alternative medium at a time, to avert the publication of alternative viewpoints and the imminent arrests and disclosures of all hidden knowledge, and most of all the crimes of genocide that have been committed for centuries. The latest victim is, one of the very prominent alternative media that we are familiar with.

As of April 14, 2012 10:14PM GMT+8: Entering in your browser would yield this…

These fools really think they can stop the massive awakening of the “Useless Eaters”. link to original article

2 responses to “eClinik – Alternative Media Crackdown Intensifies – 14 April 2012

  1. Do not be concerned I will not live in fear as they want to. I urge you all to make your own news website. And start getting the news out. So as One will be stopped. 10 new ones will start. The light is on our site. I just want peaceful transition not what others want coups, take overs or violence. That is inspired by the dark not by the light. It will be alright in the end. Love and Light, Lucas

    • agree not to be in fear, but being prepared in a cool manner is a good idea, as you say have 10 alternatives open up, or even open them right now:) open so many that they are running around like headless chickens, sorry just a saying, I wish chickens no harm:)