Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 14 April 2012

Despite some of the rumors you may have heard, the relocations of some individuals who currently live in certain areas that have shown themselves prone to flooding will be a very simple and easy procedure that will be concluded well before these areas become affected. We are here to assist with this procedure, and through our experience and advanced technologies this process will be completed smoothly and efficiently. There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about in this regard, and we will do all we can to make certain every individual who lives within these areas is given plenty of opportunity to relocate to the areas we consider safe. Through our advanced technologies, no one will have to rely on their own resources for this relocation. This is what we will offer, and it is up to each individual who lives within these areas to accept our assistance or to decline it. 

We will not insist that anyone except our offers of assistance or relocate from these areas on their own. We wish to make it clear that no harm will come to these individuals who relocate to these safe zones, and we wish at this time to dispel the unfounded rumors propagated by a few of those with fear in their hearts that this is some sort of trickery to fool you to relocate to areas where we would somehow attempt to control you. This is simply fear-based emotions dancing within the minds of a few individuals, and we say to you to find it in your hearts to trust. Find it in yourselves to be strong enough to resist this vibration of fear and do not let those who exist within this lower vibration lead you down a path that is not of your own choosing. It is time each of you has decided for yourselves which is the path you wish to travel, and we say to you that you have the choice to base your decision upon fear or base your decision upon love. This choice is up to you, and we will honor and respect your decision.

Many times in your past you have based your decisions upon either love or fear, and each time you experienced the results of your choice. If you had chosen the path of fear, you experienced what awaited you down a path of that vibration. If you had chosen a path of love, you also experienced what awaited you down a path of that particular vibration. By now, we should not have to explain to any one of you the differences in your experiences of each of these vibrations. In the days ahead, you will be offered a clear choice as to which path you wish to follow, and you will experience what awaits you down that path.

For those who live in these areas, you will have to make this choice; there can be no other way. This scenario was agreed upon by you before your current incarnations, and there is great purpose and reason behind all of this. It is up to you which way you would like to proceed, just as it has always been up to you and always will be up to you to decide what you wish to experience. As we have said, we are only here to make your choices clear to you. We are not here to make this choice for you.

Holding some of you back is the emotion of fear and distrust of others not from your home planet. We say to you this kind of fear-based thought is and will continue to be extremely limiting for you throughout all your future days, or until you learn to control this negative emotion. This is a very important lesson for you to learn as controlling all of your emotions is a very important step as you advance on your journey, and the emotion of fear is the most important emotion of all to learn to control. Those of you who are reading these words and are feeling fear can utilize this time to work on controlling this limiting emotion. There will come situations that again will require you to choose whether you wish to proceed through love or through fear, and we ask you, will you continue to choose fear as the path you wish to travel.

At one point you may say to yourself ; ‘I am tired of choosing and experiencing the path of fear, and I am going to make a stand and choose for once the path of love as I wish to experience what that path offers me.’ We tell you the path of love will offer you safety and security, pleasure and enjoyment, adventure, excitement, fulfillment, joy and happiness, friendship and a smooth and easy journey as you proceed down this lighted path with so many others who have also had enough of choosing the path of fear and have chosen the path of love. Does this sound like the path you wish to travel upon? This path is available for your choosing, and we await your decision.

What is it that you wish to experience up ahead as you move on into your future? What are some of the things that you would like to do? What are some of the passions that you have and the desires that make your heart tick? What are some of the dreams you have held within your heart for so long? Where is it you would like to travel and what are some of the places you would like to see? You can have all of these things and do all of these things that you wish. This is one of the choices you are being offered today, and these are some of the decisions that you are being asked to make at this time.

Allow yourself to experience whatever it is you wish and do not allow fear to enter into your decision making. This is what you can do for yourself at this time, and if you are struggling with the emotion of fear, we suggest to you to examine carefully what it is that is causing you to experience this emotion. We suggest to you to find a way to minimize this negative emotion and choose instead to experience love and all this emotion has to offer. The universe has so much to offer you if only you could find a way to trust it. Trust that the universe loves you and protects you, and has so many wonders in store for you. Trust that you are watched over, and trust that you are protected. Trust that all that you wish to experience is yours and only awaits for you to choose it.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles link to original article

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