John MacHaffie – Reports: Intel From Deep Down The Rabit Hole – 14 April 2012


(Lucas : Also on these reports I urge you to use your utmost discernment. We can not verify what those credible sources are. So even if someone says their credible that is not enough to be sure. I just see it as information and nothing more. If it is true we will hear about it or we will be presented with proof then we can say it is credible)

Now follow the 2 statements on the blog made:

1) Bill Clinton and his dark cabal cronies have allegedly bought an island in the Bahamas and building a city. This is to be a refuge from international forces trying to arrest them. Security is allegedly being provided by Moss ad, French and US Navy Seals.

2) All the world’s central banks controlled by Rothschild s have been served papers for genocide yesterday and have  been instructed to close down. Rothschild bankers and associates are being hunted down and arrested worldwide.

This intel is from the highest level and credible.  No jello here!

By John MacHaffie 13 April 2012. www. link to original article


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