Steve Beckow – Ready, Get Set…… – 14 April 2012

My heavens, the blogroll for the past twenty-four hours speaks volumes on how much is happening these days.

In terms of accountability, which is where the major push is going, we have liens being served on the Federal Reserve banks, possible news that the cabal is trying to hide away on the Bahamas (faint hope), background on Iceland’s decision to relieve mortgage debt, rumors that the IMF is asking governments to enact debt relief measures, advance word from the Galactic Fed through Greg that the galactics and their allies are set to round up the cabal.

Julian Assange is starting a Wikileaks show, Geoff West has started the first galactic-friendly news show, the mainstream media is starting to report the cover-ups and criminality, on and on the drumroll goes.

In terms of Disclosure, we have the GF saying through Greg that they are going to be meeting with identified lightworkers to prepare for Disclosure. I have a friend here in Vancouver who has been told to stand by to be whisked aboard the Polaris (never head of it before) for meetings.

In terms of spiritual process, Gini Grey has done a great article discussing loneliness with us. I’ve heard from so many people that they’re lonely. Evidently the discussion groups, being in writing, are no longer doing as much of the trick for us as they used to. People seem to want to be talking with each other. They want facetime. I haven’t the wherewithal to do telecalls for the purpose of bringing people together. Moreover, I’m a writer, not a personal-interaction guy. If anything, my social skills seem to shrink by the year, rather than expand.

Someone else will have to do it, but I hear more and more that personal contact among lightworkers is indeed desired. So there is a service for someone to perform.

Frank Harris has started a personal chatroom for lightworkers.  Paltalk chat room:
(Galactic Federation Conference room ask for password.) That’s one form the service can take.

I recommend that people be thinking about holding public conversations at your local library, church, or meet-up group. Tell the world what’s happening. There are plenty of introductory articles in the righthand column and I’m churning out e-books steadily, which can be found on the “Ebook Downloads” page. Anything in any of the sites that the 2012S editors have done or I have done personally is yours to use. No need to ask permission ahead of time. Just get the word out.

Let me emphasize here that, when things get started, they will move quickly. Let’s take a brief look at what we are being told about that:

The horses are lining up


“Everything is in place for a whole series of events, so much so that you will be hard pressed to keep up with them.” (SaLuSa, April 11, 2012.)

“All we ask of you is further patience which most of you have exhibited for many years now, as we put the final touches to our work. Then you shall see an explosion of events that will be hard to keep up with.” (SaLuSa, April 2, 2012.)

“The changes are going to be so far reaching, and happen so quickly that you will need to keep awake in case you miss something.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2012.)

“Changes have suddenly started to speed up, and you can expect them to continue from hereon. Sometimes you might pinch yourself to make sure it is really happening, as they will take your breath away.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 27, 2012.)

Wanderer of the Skies

“When the dominoes fall, they will fall quickly and without any doubt on your part. There will be no guess work involved at that time.” (Wanderer of the Skies, March 25, 2012.)

Galactic Fed and Ashtar Command through Greg Giles

“We have much to do together, and these activities will begin with a flurry of activity all around your world.” (The Ashtar Command through Greg Giles, March 21, 2012.)

“Once we can get underway we will be working very quickly as there will be no time available to waste sitting idly.” (The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles, March 15, 2012.

Don’t ask me. I don’t know what’s going on here

This being the case, once things start, there won’t be time any longer to discuss what needs to be done or issue introductory discussions of what’s occurring. We’ll be hard-pressed just to cover the news, I’m sure. You’ve heard the galactics say many times that your service will then begin and that they expect us lightworkers to be predominantly active in wayshowing and communication. In case there’s any doubt about that, let me review some of what they’ve said on that score as well.


“We ask you the Lightworkers to walk tall and consciously spread your Light wherever you go, so that when you come across a disturbance you can apply healing by simply being there. Be assured that your presence is uplifting to others, and you may notice that young children in particular can feel it.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 22, 2012.)

“Because of your experience you will be in demand to help those who are still in the 3D vibrations. Your place would be similar to what ours is to you now, and that is how it works when you desire to be of service to others. Be assured there is never a dull moment and think upon the size of your Galaxy, and the millions of suns and planets teeming with life.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 22, 2012.)

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and happy to share my thoughts with you as support is so necessary at a time when so much is happening. I would say keep pushing onwards as the finishing line is in sight, and help bring the end about by spreading your Light as much as possible. Wherever you are, imagine yourself as a great beacon of Light, and visualize it touching the people around you.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2012.)

GF and Ashtar Command through Greg Giles

“You can combine your talents and gifts, and this will serve you well in the days ahead and will be the tools that you need to get your particular job done. Many will rely on you at this time and in the days ahead, for you are demonstrating your worthiness to be a leader of your fellow man and many will look to you for answers and guidance in this time of great mystery and upheaval.

“Leaders you are, many of you, and you may feel it is your duty to act upon your instincts and lead many through the course of these challenging events. We say to you that many of you are leaders, and this is why you are here.

“You have been selected out of many that expressed interest to be here as it was felt that you would respond to your call of duty and do what is that you do best. Many of you at this time are recognizing this inborn talent and are now deciding to take the reins and be the leader that you are.

“There will be in the days ahead many opportunities for you to put your talents to good use and forge paths for the others to follow. There will be many leaders among you who will make themselves known as we move forward, and there will be many who make it known who they wish to follow in accordance with what they resonate with.” (The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles, March 26, 2012.)

“There will be those who resist us and engage in a smear campaign against us and our reasons for being here, and we wish for you to act as a balancing agent for these attempts to discredit us.

“We do not ask you to try to convince anyone of anything they do not wish to see. We only wish for you to share your truth and your understanding of us; that is all we ask. We do not ask anything more, and we thank you all for your tremendous efforts to spread the news of us and inform your brothers and sisters of what is transpiring in their world.”  (The Ashtar Command through Greg Giles, March 21, 2012.)


“As you are now positioned in the area where your Light and energy can be of the most benefit to the All, rest easy knowing that remembrance will come at the appropriate time in order that the greater Light this brings to you will enable those around you to be quickened also.

“Many of you are now venturing out into your communities and are being looked upon in a new and accepting way.” (Mechizedek, through Marlene Swetlishoff, March 14, 2012, at


“It is time now for you to respond to the call to do everything you can to spread the word of light and love to all you can, so  that no one will be wanting again. You have the power dear ones to take back what has rightfully been yours, to nourish the earth and all those who reside on and within.

“Find it within yourselves to reach out one more time to lighten the loads of others as they strive to understand and grasp the full meaning of freedom that has eluded most for so long.

“Once this has reached its conclusion and all are fully on their way  toward their own ascension, then dear ones, you can relax and consider  this a job well done and a knowing that you were a participant in the greatest undertaking this universe has ever seen.” (“Sananda: Only Love Prevails,” channeled through James McConnel, Feb. 28, 2012, at

Where am I getting this information? From the First Contact database. If you’re still not familiar with it or not using it yourself in your own blogs and radio shows, perhaps consider it because there is a huge amount of information there for all to use: . Once things really start hopping, I may not be able to update that resource as well. Somebody may have to take that piece of work away from me.

There are also other databases on Angelfire ( on all aspects of spirituality and life on the higher-dimensional planes. People may want to know how all this Ascension and higher-dimensional stuff ties in to terrestrial spirituality or what we know about our own spirit planes. Well, it’s all there. Please use it in any way you want and don’t feel you need to ask permission beforehand.

So, again, maybe days, I don’t think weeks from now (but I actually don’t know), the big show starts and all of this pre-show pushing and prodding will go by the by. It’ll be showtime for you and me and no more time for practice runs or should I/shouldn’t I?

Get your gear ready. Makeup on. Curtain is rising. link to original article


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