Kauilapele – Even More Drake – 15 April 2012

Even More of the Drake, this time with Bill Wood… 4-14-14 ThankYouWhiteKnights Radio Show Video and MP3s

Someone alerted me to this Thank You White Knights radio show. I listened to it, and found some very interesting points coming from both Drake and Bill Wood (aka Brockbrader). So I’ll be brief, list a few highlights, put the mp3s, then the video, below.

By the way, Thank You White Knights collection of videos is at their YouTube page here, http://www.youtube.com/user/ThankYouWhiteKnights. Many of the “Galactic-type” reports are presented in a video which you may listen to, instead of just reading the report. (Helpful for sight impaired, or for people who’d rather cook or exercise while they are listening to, say, SaLuSa’s latest.)



MP3s Links

Part 1 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 2 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 3 (20 min., 3.4 MB)

The Complete show (80 min., 14 MB)

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