Lucas – About Drake’s Interviews And Radioshows – 15 April 2012

I start with saying that I am for change from the current powers that be and the financial system as it is, but not in the way as proposed even as it might be intended well. You want a revolution, I want peaceful change. I want people to make their own minds up and make a decision on well-balanced information. It is still a change that people need to support. What others think that should be good for them is not the way to go. These are crucial differences. I think violence or enforcement is not the way to give your maybe good intentions a foothold even if you state that they will not hurt the people nor invade their homes or seize their property or goods and are only there to assist the Marshalls and the Civil Authority.  A lot of people go for the quick and enforced option and shout for Drake. In this radicalism evolving  making fun of other opinions or even shut those opinions out of their information is permitted. So I got threats for making my concerns clear to my readers and the world by some ignorant people.  I can not stop you all doing what you do and I will not as you have chosen already. You only want to see that what you see as your truth. Even if you where not informed about all it is your choice to do so. I respect it but not support it and are concerned of the outcome.

As I have not been given answers with proof or evidence of the accusations that David Wilcock , Drake and his group have made in interviews about Tim Turner” s Group or about Tim Turner. I have made clear I have my doubts about Drake and his intentions on basis of not still getting informed properly of all sides. Also accusing is not the same as giving evidence or proof of something.  I state again that I have no association whatsoever with Drake nor with TimTurner and his group except that I know Ron van Dyke. Ron is also not going along with all the Turner group says also the Drake group does and say.  I am not an American citizen, but are concerned with all as this  has complications for the whole world and I report and bring the alternative news  about what is happening on my blog. I have stated and I do also again that you all need to make a well-informed choice or opinion with information from all sides of the story. That has been denied to you as I have said and others have also stated this. Nothing more nothing less.  Even then I say you have to discern all you hear, read and see yourselves. I do not make a decision for you. You do. I merely advice to see the other side as it is not presented well or not at all.

I have been listening to the other interviews yesterday and today again and there are things that are not true and brought as truth.

Statements suggestion here is no leader and we are not organized are clearly to hear in the radio show on I hear being confirmed by Drake that foreign troops are indeed on the borders of Mexico and Canada to assists.  I hear a lot more.  Even Bill Brockbrader AKA Bill Wood is entering the show and tries to give credibility to the secrecy about Drake why he is not telling his name and Deatra says it is his real name. He may be called Drake but that is not all enough!  Please do not make a mistake to blindly follow someone.  I for sure will not.  That is why we got in this duality business and world, because we gave our powers to the dark ones and they have used them against us not for the better of mankind.

I was shocked by the information Drake gave on the radio show. You can not deny to have a coup or a “friendly “take over or peaceful invasion whatever name you give it with the information Drake supplied. If you address the troops and  take the new USA,  let us call it that, to be given credibility and lawfulness by filing it at the International Court at The Hague in The Netherlands you can not say I am not organized nor have a structure and there is no leader.

Though I made my concerns clear I will and have to go with that what will happen as it is  inevitable.  If the outcome will be that what the crowds hunger for we have to see.  I am sceptical about it and still concerned.

I had hoped the real change would be to coming from getting in touch with the people who it concerns  and let them give their fiat to what they want.  But it shall not be that way I suppose. It is talking over not with those concerned. I am not naive to stay in the way of those who will enforce this new USA thing of Drake.  But I am not happy with it as it also suppresses my rights to be informed as do all of you. It makes having a say and choice in that what is my world to be tomorrow not possible. It is already decided upon.

I hoped for unity and oneness in change. I did not go for division in the way to change as now is done. I wanted a transition to the new in a way that we the people in majority would say yes to and would embrace the new plans for a better world of mankind.  I saw only the rivalling of factions and people not getting informed about true intentions. This is not what I see as what is intended to be the new glorious golden age. The one of unconditional love and peace being brought to our world by striving for unity and oneness in all and for all. We are way beyond that goal still somewhere floating in the world of ego and power hunger. Still making differences of opinion into disputes and feuds. Still making an other view into a caricature.  Still a world that has to understand in an embryonic state we are not alone in the universe and not have all  the answers in this world.  The world that should have started new with a good beginning is still in fear from all that what is kept from it  as the truth. As people are the ones with free will why are you taking it again from them without even asking consent by doing what you do?

I see only a common goal that should have been that what matters in this whole story but got forgotten along the road. The common goal that binds us to make the changes needed from the dark cabal, dark ones, financial debt-slavery, the corporate government structures and the illuminati or highly placed puppet control masters behind the screens. That goal for a new world that is free of this and has only abundance, peace, love, respect and honors the universal unalienable human rights you have and gives security and is getting our earth again cleaned up from pollution and others things that need not be as they are obsolete then. Is that now just become a fata morgana?

What about that common goal folks? ……………………

I wish you luck and hope for the best.

Love and Light,


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8 responses to “Lucas – About Drake’s Interviews And Radioshows – 15 April 2012

  1. Arrests way not be the most enlightened approach, but I feel it is a necessary alternative. The cabal has refused to surrender their power for far too long. Their time has been up for months! It is time to get on with change. Also, we have help from other dimensions to keep things as peaceful as possible. We, the world, need these dark ones out of the way. They are causing suffering for far too many! Kim

    • Dear Kim,
      I am very aware of the presence of our brothers and sisters of light from above and below earth. But they will not interfere in everything as we still have a free will and responsilbily to do things correct as humans and from the heart. That does not dismiss an enlightened approach as you call it. This way of Drake and others is presented as a not-peaceful transition but an enforced one. It is as I expressed not my vision on things to come but the duality seems to be played out as it comes. I can not change nor will change the timeline and the course these actions take in my own, nor do I intend to. If you strive for the highest good for all and in all and foremost yourself, you should come to other conclusions and go for another “approach”. Let me say the goal is maybe the same although the way to it is not the way I choose. Also I do not concur on saying all means necessary to get change are right. That is what I explained. About time as you call it I will say this: In the 3D reality there is time felt as a linear timeline. In the inter-multi and 5th dimensional reality as we are going to have there is no time concept and certainly not as we know it. Therefore all will be in time and on time.

      Thanks for your input.
      Love and Light,

  2. Good blog, Lucas. Indeed, we all need “to make a well-informed choice”. There is major danger in getting carried away in the heat of the moment – in being, very possibly, choreographed into doing so, by people who have an ulterior motive. But i would say, that all that is not of the Light will not last, in the healing power OF the Light.

    So yes: “Please do not make a mistake to blindly follow someone.” Information – Truth – is of the essence, of a positive change for the future. Especially since that is what we have been deprived of, and therefore is part of the problem; not a part of the solution. Very good point.

    You are doing good work with your blog, Lucas. Keep it up. The desire for change is palpable – and, could lead to rash decisions. So May the Light prevail, in this whole transformation into the New, for the world.

  3. I have to say that I cannot whatsoever understand your stand on this. I have copied your words and way of apparent thinking and find them very hard to understand. You, in every way possible, want to control them. You say, Do it my way or not at all. Perhaps you should not post their work. Emma

    • Emma, I am sorry you can not understand what I say. But you should not read into my words what you think I say. If something is not clear you should have asked me. I have made clear what my point of view is. My point of view. I have also said clearly that you have to decide on your own what to think of it and discern. I will be posting all that I can as I want you all to get informed as much as I can. If you do not want to be. That is fine with me. It is a choice a respect. As I said. I stand for unity not the divsion of factionas and groups that oppose eachother. The same goal for change is forgotten.
      Love and Light,

  4. If you see someone as your enemy, or an enemy of what you hope to obtain then you do not ask them to join your task force nor ask them to chat with you in public for the world to see. That is what you do not understand but seem to want to control by writing of such.

    And if you want readers to understand just exactly what it is that you are trying to say then it is the responsiability of the sender of a message to make that clear and not the responsiability of the reciever of the message to read between the lines to try and understand the meaning of your words. I had no problem understanding your meaning. However, it seems that you do not understand mine. Emma

    • Dear Emma,
      It is that I have talked about people that have the same goal but are in fueds and oppose eachother without seeing what they have in common. It is about that attitude that you talk about and act upon of seeing in everything division that I have made my post. It is about being in 3D reality and Duality. I am sorry if you do not understand what I talk about.
      But maybe you could have asked and not gave an other meaning to or your interpretation about what I said.
      That you still have not.I do not go where you go in your comments.
      So light and love wished to you, Emma

  5. Lucas,
    Drake describes an enormous operation. The size of this operation is larger than anything ever attempted by anyone.
    Something so big and so complicated MUST have a leader. It would never succeed without leadership.
    I think Drake is an agent of disinformation. I don’t listen to him.