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Mish/Mike Shedlock – Sarkozy Comeback Bid Falters As French Economy Hits The Skids; Setup Good For Gold? – 15 April 2012

As goes the French economy, so goes the reelection chances of French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Although Sarkozy leads in round one, polls show that lead is shrinking at a pace that suggests he will not carry round one. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Surrendering Your Power To The Mind – 15 April 2012

Do you feel physically drained, tired and exhausted – even after a full night’s sleep? Many people spend so much of their day stuck ‘in’ their mind, with worries, fears, negative or useless thoughts rolling around in there. When this happens the mind needs more energy for its survival and starts drawing on the body’s energy reserves. Next thing you know your mind becomes even more active and your body more exhausted! The great news is that this vicious cycle can be changed so that YOU can restore your personal power into your body and quieten your mind. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Some More Drake Links -15 April 2012

More of the Drake… 4-11-14 Freedomizer Radio Show MP3s

Just finished listening to the Drake portions of this show, which ran about 2 hours. There is a lot of excellent (and likely helpful, when all of this goes down) information here. Drake gives an update at the beginning on what is and has been happening, followed by questions and answers. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Something Of Great Importance Missing Is From Your Lives – 15 April 2012

All are one – because the divine creation is all inclusive, without discrimination of any kind, and the energy field of God’s Love contains all that exists.  Separation is an imaginary construct that you chose to build for your own amusement, and it has brought you much dissatisfaction and suffering.  The time has come for you to let it go and awaken into awareness of your true nature, where you are in complete harmony and fully integrated with one another and with God. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – To Awaken Is To Have Only One Attitude To Everything – Unconditional Love – 15 April 2012

All who love you are watching with excitement and great interest as humanity makes its final preparations to awaken.  Yes, you are making preparations! Every time you offer a loving or compassionate thought, word, or action, and every time you make an act of forgiveness, privately in your mind or by addressing someone, you release more of the old, unloving behavioral attitudes that weigh you down into the slumbering depths of the illusion.  As you become lighter your Light burns more brightly, and it becomes easier for you to continue unloading the negative baggage that can result in reactive behavior that you later (or even in the moment) regret. Continue reading

Radioshow with Drake and Deatra and Bill Brockbrader link – 15 April 2012

Yesterday, I have had put the announcement of the interview in the FB Groups. It was short notice  then. You can now hear the show yoursefl with using your discernment. I have made my points what my vision is on things and still have not heard any answer on my questions by David Wilcock nor Drake.

Here is the direct link to the radioshow link to radio interview Drake, Deatra and Bill Brockbrader on 14 April 2012 on Wolfspiritradio.com

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 15 April 2012

Beloved Ones,

The challenges that have beset you for such an extended period of time are now in their completion stages and the end is in sight of these rather disempowering situations. Your tenacity and sincerity in your quest for greater insight and spiritual growth has enabled you to amass great strength as you called upon your inner reserves to see you through these periods of friction and opposition that you might bring into manifestation your own unique and personal power. This you have been accomplishing and soon these situations you have experienced will be known to you as the ‘good old days’ as you move into a greater focus of your true purpose here on Earth. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 14 April 2012

There is coming a time when there will be a succession of events that will catapult the powers that be into releasing the funds that will bring freedom to the people of the world. It will be the final straw, in a sense, for the people when they learn that they have been stolen from for so long, all of their lives, for more time than you can count.

It is a time for you to all go within and count your blessings to be in a place of love and understanding. That is what will be needed to bring this to a swift and sure conclusion, and to allow the various parts of the worldly system to right itself and come to a new way of being, just as you all will. Take your time and enjoy yourselves, for there will be times when you will wonder if you will awaken the next day and find that all is amiss in the world. Believe me when I say that as you hold your light for the conditions to resolve in a way that is harmonious to the way of living that you all deserve, you will find that the more you love your life the more your life will love you. Continue reading