Steve Beckow – Possible Scenario For Mass Arrests – 15 April 2012

David’s article on the mass arrests contains some information we should all be aware of. Here are a couple of excerpts on what to expect when the arrests begin.
From David Wilcock, “Major Event: Liens Filed Against all 12 Federal Reserve Banks,” Divine Cosmos, April 13, 2012


Particularly since 9/11, an incredible amount of damning evidence has been quietly collected — all for use in this single moment of Truth.

This evidence includes extensive video proof of how they talk, what they do and what they have planned — in countless, allegedly secure locations.

Bohemian Grove is only one of many locations that have been thoroughly compromised by hidden surveillance.

Yes, it will be shocking. Very shocking. It will also be undeniable. This evidence has been rigorously collected since 9/11, and distilled down to its most powerful core elements.

There is so much evidence that any attempt to “debunk” it, or say it is the work of CG animation, et cetera, will completely fall apart.

All international air travel and all domestic borders will be closed, to prevent the conspirators from fleeing. Those who have already gone into hiding, internationally, will be located and brought to justice.

There will NOT be a mass power outage unless the negative groups try to do this. The lights will stay on and everyone should be OK during this process.


There may be local disruptions of Internet service and international phone calls for the initial three-day period. This is by necessity, to avoid trillions of dollars flying out of the economy and collapsing the nation — as began occurring in the 2008 crash.

Had this massive hemorrhage not been quickly stopped in 2008, the economy could have been destroyed beyond any hope of repair.

Any outages of these critical services will be turned back on as soon as possible — in no more than three days’ time.

For the first five days after the arrests occur, every television station will have wall-to-wall coverage of information that makes our finest civilian investigations pale by comparison — and leaves no margin of doubt.

Scores of DVDs’ worth of documentaries — some narrated by instantly-recognizable public figures — will be airing, revealing the truth, with as much sensitivity as possible — while also not pulling any punches.

I have been told that the most disturbing content will not be made available to minors. Anyone will be able to review it, but they will need to do so under supervision, such as via Skype.

Enough information will be released to make people aware of the exact nature of this disturbing content, however. link to original article

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  1. I hope that finally, those rats paid for the financial collapse of ’08