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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 16 April 2012

We ask you at this time to sit back and wait for your family to signal you. We ask you to do this to enable yourselves to be able to be reached by us in the event that we have news for you, updates for you, or we wish for you to participate in a project with us. At this time, there are several projects that are prepared to get underway, and we ask all of you to remain vigilant and look and listen for our signal to you that we wish to communicate with you. There are those at this time who have heard us and understand just how they will be meeting with us and working with us. There are also some of you who we have tried to reach, but have not been able to do so. This was expected, as not all of you have developed your telepathic abilities to such a degree where you are able to pick up our subtle messages sent to you. Do not be upset by this, as nothing is going to pass you by and you will not be left out of anything as we will be in contact with you one way or another in the days ahead. There are many projects that you may participate in, and your abilities are needed and will be very much appreciated.  Continue reading


John Ward- Greece Exclusive : Electoral Stalemate Brings New Troika Pressure To Install Their Man – 16 April 2012

Sources in Athens were convinced this afternoon that elements within the EU/IMF/Berlin Troika were behind a flood of media articles in Greece over the last two days concerning the probable need for a ‘compromise’ candidate for Prime Minister in the likely event of a dead-heat election on May 6th. The emerging name is that of New Democracy Vice-President Stavros Dimas (above)…a former Wall Street banker and EU Commissioner. Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Interviews Judy Carroll – Our Galactic Family – InLight Radio Show – 16 April 2012

Graham Dewyea interviews 1 million year old Zeta/Grey Judy Carroll.

Judy is a Zeta/Grey that has incarnated as an earth human. She will discuss what it is like to be a higher dimensional light being with unity conscious awareness, traveling interdimensionally, sentient being ships, how Zetas are working with people on an individual level to assist with Ascension, shape-shifting, manipulating time and matter, using semi-artificial Zeta bodies as needed for universal travel, the Akashic records, working in NYC on 9/11 on the rescue team with angels, the Grey disinformation campaign, genuine and non-genuine abductions, Disclosure and First Contact, crop circles, the importance of a spiritual practice to stay in a high vibrational state, galactic humor, and more.

Music: Rene Aubry, La Grande Cascade

Listen live Sunday evening at 8pm EST by calling in or clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show.


Link to radioshow Inlight Radio Blogtolkradio : radioshow Our Galactic Family

Lisa Gawlas – Living The Butterfly Effect And The Beauty Of It/Us All!! – 16 April 2012

I swear to god I feel like I have suddenly been handed a pair of binoculars to view, up close and personal, the energy of my own life.  But not simply an energy field itself, but the extraordinary change that takes place within it with every connection, or lack there of, in each day. Continue reading

Nancy Detweiler – An Other Announcement – 16 April 2012

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Nancy B. Detweiler


Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Little did you know during the Occupy Movements of 2011 how much you accomplished.  Thousands, perhaps millions, had been working for years behind the scenes in an effort to create a better world for everyone by exposing the dark cabal (or power elite) as the planetary manipulators and enslavers that they are. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – It Is Time To Take The Ring Of Power To Mount Doom – 16 April 2012

The battle for control of the global financial system and thus the future of the planet has reached a temporary deadlock as the committee of 300 struggles to maintain power even as the rest of the world continues to push for a fair, free and open financial system controlled by the people of the planet. The situation has reached the point where physical action against the committee (mainly in the form of mass arrests) has become the only possible recourse. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Could This Be It? – 16 April 2912

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

After reading David Wilcock’s post the other day it left me wondering if this is finally it. If what he spoke of comes to fruition, I would have to say it is GO time for all of us now. Once this news goes main stream and the truth begins pouring out, many people will be in confusion as their reality explodes in their faces and they are left wondering who they are now and what is to become of their lives. We must not lose sight of the fact those still sleeping have not got a clue as to what is coming their way. Heads will spin and people will be scrambling to hold on to what they thought was their life as it deteriorates right before their eyes. The fact that liens will be placed on the 12 Federal Reserve banks and cease and desist orders issued as well will make it necessary for explanations to be forthcoming and as a result, the truth will begin to tumble out of the genie bottle with no way to put it back inside. While this possibility is exciting and finally the proof many of us have been waiting for, chaos could ensue for a short time as the plans for what comes next are set in place and things resume working again. It will be our time at last to spread calm across the planet and instill faith in anxious hearts and minds. People will look for answers and we must be there for them. It is time to walk our talk and be in our hearts. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 16 April 2012

In this reality and at this particular time all Earth entities are choosing between remaining in the energetic system of gravity and density, or moving up inside the newly established crystalline matrix of Earth. All of us have been in the midst of transformative changes and many have awakened to claim and unite with the wholeness of the Divine Self. After functioning for eons on decreased resources from our Higher Selves we are finally getting down to brass tacks and regaining direct connection with a stream of consciousness that is super luminal. Now is the best time to be enjoying the adventure of our earthly existence since the last few months have been energetically hyper. A nobility of Soul and Spirit has sprung forth at the atomic levels and is over-lighting our ability to harmonize and retain all knowledge and awareness and still be present in our human realities. Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : ClubMed Money Stampedes Northwards As French Lay Plans To Cut The Bond Market’s Throat – 16 April

Capital flight from the eurozone is accelerating at an alarming rate. But the real figure to look at is that for money heading north within the zone. It is absolutely unprecedented. In March 2012 alone, some 65 billion euros left Spain for other euro- zone countries. In the seven months through February, the relevant debts of the central banks of Spain and Italy increased by 155 billion euros and 180 billion euros, respectively. While during that time-frame, the central banks of Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg saw their corresponding credits to other euro- area central banks grow by about 360 billion euros. Continue reading

Gordon Duff On Press TV – Entire Iran Nuclear Issue – A Theater Of The Absurd – 16 April 2012

“I can’t help but at times wonder at the insanity of the entire crisis. Our VT nuclear reprocessing and weapons expert, Clinton Bastin, a former 40+ year DOE engineer, had written a week ago about the absolute impossibility of Iran ever enriching uranium to weapons grade…Bastin added that the inspectors sent to Iran were utterly unqualified to evaluate any real threat.” Continue reading