Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 16 April 2012

In this reality and at this particular time all Earth entities are choosing between remaining in the energetic system of gravity and density, or moving up inside the newly established crystalline matrix of Earth. All of us have been in the midst of transformative changes and many have awakened to claim and unite with the wholeness of the Divine Self. After functioning for eons on decreased resources from our Higher Selves we are finally getting down to brass tacks and regaining direct connection with a stream of consciousness that is super luminal. Now is the best time to be enjoying the adventure of our earthly existence since the last few months have been energetically hyper. A nobility of Soul and Spirit has sprung forth at the atomic levels and is over-lighting our ability to harmonize and retain all knowledge and awareness and still be present in our human realities.

With this picture in mind and heart remember that real-time awareness is all that is required to acclimate and function efficiently within a swiftly changing world/reality.  Settle back and allow your mind, body, and spirit to journey through all the disguises and roles you accepted in the past; into all the experiences, whether painful, joyful or enlightening that have delivered you to this “now” spot where everything is being reconstructed. To the territory where intuitive notions and ingenious ideas have you living a multi-dimensional reality. To the realm of consciousness where the pace is so accelerated that the elimination of density creates a sacred space of clarity, stability, acceptance, and love. And in this contemplation know that the Universe has forever flowed euphoric wilderness trails of comfort and guidance in your direction refusing to let anyone or anything prevent you from being here in this spectacular ”now” where you are no longer inhibited by the densities in the universal fields of energy.

You know the path to Perfection requires discipline and focus. Those diligently keeping up with their 5D spiritual evolutionary tasks are no longer affected by earthly events.This gives them the freedom to create from joy, acquire prosperity, command light-to-light relationships, and drop all sense of self-limiting concepts and energy patterns. As we reflect more and more of the Soul we lift out of the limiting myths and stories of the old paradigm. The power of each as a component of the creative force returning to Wholeness has you focused on reaching into the vast and infinite realms of greatness that you had temporarily forgotten.

As a group of souls who wanted to be upon Gaia at this exact time we agreed to provide physical vessels through which cosmic frequencies could be transmitted, transmuted, and anchored in the planet during this time of accelerated change. Just by being here you are fulfilling a soul agreement to anchor ascension frequencies and codes into the planetary body. You are naturally designed to evolve anything and everything within your circle of influence into a higher vibration so there is nothing to get you must simply turn on the awareness of your cosmic lineage to feel the benevolence of where we are.

This moment is a time to celebrate your essential nature of Being-ness! The portals to the Infinite are opening wide and clearly in such a way as you haven’t experienced in a body for approx. 16,000 years – and that’s for the conscious human could be much longer for those not tuned in and turned on right now. That which you are in truth is far more than what you can sense with sight, sound, smell and touch. You are pure Source energy that became dense for the experience discovering individuality within the One. Do not in your sense of humanity allow yourself to feel powerless.

No matter what comes into your week know that all Universal Laws are following their detailed instructions. Be mindful that a spiritual embodiment requires attention to your State of Being. Spirit is not a drive through encounter where you order your dinner full of animal products and caloric fats, with little or no nutrition. It is not a convenient store where you go and pick up a magazine for the latest set of spiritual self-help tips and leave it at that. You can’t point-and-click your way out of suffering and blockages. Spiritual embodiment is a commitment and full time employment. Offer yourself the best in quality of time, materials, and personal dedication when you step up to the service doors of the heavenly realm and ask for Remembrance.

It takes strength and courage to shift your “old” mind set into the vision of center point balance. But once you discover the benefits of such acts of purification you will always choose to intuit the Presence of your own Soul attempting to explain itself through such measures. You will soar blissfully as an individuation of Source Light while most still linger scratching their heads avoiding the exploration of something unless it is easy, makes sense, or suits their needs.

Enjoy your spiritual practices, in times of great change they are quite a blessing,

©2012 Reverend Angela Peregoff, All Rights Reserved. link to original article


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