Lee-Anne Peters – How Can I Get My Connections Back? -16 April 2012

Feeling disconnected, separate and alone are fairly common these days. With many feeling cut off from others, the world and from ‘Source’ (or God, Great Spirit – whatever name you would like to use!). The question is – how can you get your connections back?

When I started my conscious spiritual awakening around the turn of the millennium one of the first things I stumbled into was the issue of ‘separation’ and boy – how separate was I? This was when I delved deep into the rabbit hole and when I saw how pained I actually was! During my journey exploring self and working with others I have seen that one of THE biggest issues that many problems stem from is to do with SEPARATION. Consider it – when we feel separate, we tend to feel alone and disconnected! For me, I explored it deeply, deeply into my own relationships, my childhood, my incarnation this lifetime, my past life journeys, my split from my Twin Flame, being separated from my home in the stars, and right the way back to my separation from the Creator! This was huge!

When you delve into and let go of the separation blocks, you free up your connections on all levels. THIS is when you start to welcome new depths of freedom! The problem is that when you FEEL separate you often have no idea where to start or what to do to pull yourself out of the hole that you are in!

I feel that one of the core reasons why us (as souls) have incarnated on this planet is to journey through separation and into Oneness! Separation is a journey through fear, isolation, rejection, insecurities and hurt. Oneness is an ever-expansion of Love, peace, contentment, abundance and connectedness! As we, as a species choose to move from separation and into Oneness we start to change the world. We begin to recognise, and deeply feel and know that WE, as humanity are connected – we are one! It can be difficult to know or even feel this when we are deeply bogged down with separation. So what can you do to feel connected again?

Be real about how you feel – many people avoid their feelings, however it is your feelings that will help YOU know where you are blocked or have issues. It is by listening to your feelings that you get to know how you truly feel about something.
Be the observer – notice how dramas and situations appear to you when you step back and observe. As the observer you will see a clearer picture of what is going on and what you can do to mend the situation.
Let go – there is no question about it – you MUST be willing to let go of things you notice, things you see that are holding you back! There is NO ROOM for the new energy – and that energy of Oneness if you are so clogged up with old anger, hurt and pain! It can be difficult to surrender and let go, however it is ESSENTIAL if you really want to be free! (I have heaps of resources on this – here is a you tube movie that will encourage you to let go HERE)
CHOOSE life | CHOOSE love – Both maybe easier said than done, however I know through my experience of choosing both, that it is SO worth the effort. To truly be happy and KNOW that the choice was made by you is deeply empowering. When you choose to be happy in ALL aspects of your life, it will reflect into everything – your health, your state of mind and your connections.
Allow the flow – When you step back from the control and analysing, you will step into the flow. When you are in the flow of your life, the flow of your intuition, the flow of everything – you will feel so in harmony with everything. You will have unlimited energy to do what you need to do. You will establish ever-lasting connections to amazing people and you will be FREE!
These are all a guide and some of the things I feel are important to help YOU re-establish your connections. Ultimately it is always a choice – so, do you CHOOSE to be connected, happy and free? Or, do you CHOOSE to be miserable, fearful and hurting? The choice is yours and you have a serious choice to make. Everyone will likely choose the first option on the surface however, your choice will take effort, persistence and commitment!
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