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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 16 April 2012

When we speak of our allies we generally refer to those who are Lightworkers, at the front of activities that are occurring with our backing. They are the ones who are preparing the way for the greater advancement of our programs, that are restoring your sovereignty and opening up the way to Ascension. Yet in essence every Lightworker unbeknowingly or not is part of the Divine Plan, ensuring that it is successful. What our coming will do is enable us to provide the details of why we are here, and reveal that we will speed up the changes to complete all tasks as quickly as possible. We believe that will put peoples minds at rest as to our intent, and clearly indicate that we come in peace. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are Beginning To Wonder – 16 April 2012


I am not hope. I am Truth. I am far more than hope. I am Love, and you are Love, and love meets in a non-space of Oneness. How happy I am to have met you. I met you first in My dream, and then My dream esplanaded into Truth, and so We stand, you the illustrated Truth of Me. How vast is Our relationship. How vast is Our love that it is the very vapor We exist in, or seem to exist in, yet the fact is: We exist. Continue reading

The Kindness Kronicles – Being A Good Neighbour – 16 April 2012

On Sunday we began a new message series, one that a number of area churches are sharing at the same time.  A few years ago a group of pastors met with the mayor and asked what they could do to help with some of the recent issues surfacing in the city.  The mayor responded that really, the best he could think of was for us to be good neighbors. Continue reading

John Ward – The Gold Price : How Long Can They Keep The Lid On? – 16 April 2012

The Slog was out on something of a limb a few years ago when I began tracing daily ‘gold dumps’  in New York. For fully nine months in 2008, the East bought everything it could get hold of (85 degree upward curve overnight) and at 10.01 am every day, the Feds in the West dumped tons of it, creating the same curve downwards. Continue reading

Lucas – The Loudness Of Poofness – I Ask What Is Truth? – 16 April 2012

Poofness messages I have seen a lot on several websites posted. On Kauilapele.wordpress.com and ThankYouWhiteKnights.com, etc.   I do not know who it is. But for me it does not matter in this case.

I am curious about the thinking and arguments in the e-mail posting.

Poofness is fed up with opinions. Poofness states  truth is not an opinion but just what it is. And Poofness advises to just go with the flow. Continue reading

eClinik – Alternative Media Crackdown Intensifies – HOAX – Confirmed – 16 April 2012

Update: 16 April 2012 : David Wilcock apoligizes on his blog about posting this disclose.tv shut down hoax due to the emotional state he was in.  My discernment warning was not for nothing posted with it. In the research I did  and the information I got from other sources I was right. I had posted my discerment on this hoax within minutes. Also multiple readers om my blog warned me also about it. I am glad so many of you keep thinking for themselves and  use discernment.  See my original warning below. This warning  I wrote  with the blogged 14 april 2012 post. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Lord Melchizedek – Aspects Of Self – 16 April 2012

I shower you in abundant blessings from the Universal level and ask that at this moment you allow me to connect your energies with the Universal light. The Universal light represented by a golden colour holds a tremendous volume of the Christ light, as I connect your energies with the Universal light I wish to link you with your Universal self and Christ self to assist your embodiment of these energies. Your Universal self is you as a Universal Ascended Master, as all time is simultaneous you are able to link into all the different levels of your growth at any given time. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Your Work Has Only Begun – 16 April 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The old paradigms you have enticed yourselves with for over a millennia throughout your many lower dimensional experiences are now crumbling before your eyes and hearts and this is a difficult, continual process that is having many of you question many aspects of your own awakening and the changes that are to come with such awakening. You are realizing the divine potentials all around you now, and while many of you find difficulties in yourselves enacting the disciplines that will see you better-attuned to receive the abundance of energy that is being gifted to you at this time, doing so will see you much better able to feel the wonderful changes that are occurring all around you now. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – How Can I Get My Connections Back? -16 April 2012

Feeling disconnected, separate and alone are fairly common these days. With many feeling cut off from others, the world and from ‘Source’ (or God, Great Spirit – whatever name you would like to use!). The question is – how can you get your connections back? Continue reading

eClinik – Lien Claimants Demand 4.638.791.996 KGS Of Pure Gold From Federal Reserve: Prelude To Mass arrests – 16 April 2012

The United States Bullion Depository(Lucas : For those who have not been hearing it or need a summary this story is about to inform you on the trillion dollar lawsuit to be found in  David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny epos on his blog.  The lawsuit is not only real as you will discover but also has very great implications for the financial sector as it will bankrupt the FED and others who illegally printed money and obtained wealth from this gold that had to be returned but was not.) Continue reading