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Tom Kenyon – The Hathors – A Hathor Planetary Message – Entering The Solar Storms – 16 April 2012

Note:This message deals with the KA body (a term from ancient Egyptian Alchemy), and discusses how you can utilize this unique energy-body to draw to yourself ascension-energies from increased solar activity. For those unfamiliar with the KA—your KA body is an “invisible” second body that is the same shape and size as your physical body. This energy body both envelops the physical body and interpenetrates it. This body is sometimes referred to as the etheric double or spiritual twin. The KA shares similarities with what is called the Chi body in some traditions (Taoism) and with the pranic body or etheric body in certain yogic traditions. By its nature, the KA can draw to itself and then into the physical body, highly benevolent energies that accelerate one’s spiritual evolution. Continue reading

Yoshi Tsurumi – The Japan Times – Supreme Court Is Destroying US Democracy – 16 April 2012


Special to The Japan Times

NEW YORK — Last month, we witnessed the conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court resort to foolish sophism — what the Japanese call herikutsu (smelly gaseous logic). It would be hilarious were it not so serious for America and the world.

Justice Antonin Scalia, the intellectual leader of the conservative majority, equated a broccoli market with a health insurance market. He asked, “If the government can require Americans to buy health insurance, can it require them to buy broccoli?”

The issue is the limit of federal power. In a functioning democracy, government power is checked by Congress. ( Read more at: http://www.japantimes.co.jp  link to original article

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Victory Of The Light – 15 April 2012

Victory of the Light will happen with mathematical certainty. There is a law in hyperdimensional physics that is called syntropic inequation. It states that total entropy of the universe decreases with time because the universe is not a closed system. Actually decrease of entropy defines the time vector as always pointing from past into future. All this means that at a certain point in time total entropy of the universe decreases to a point which ensures absolute victory of the Light over all darkness. Continue reading