Visionkeeper – Could This Be It? – 16 April 2912

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After reading David Wilcock’s post the other day it left me wondering if this is finally it. If what he spoke of comes to fruition, I would have to say it is GO time for all of us now. Once this news goes main stream and the truth begins pouring out, many people will be in confusion as their reality explodes in their faces and they are left wondering who they are now and what is to become of their lives. We must not lose sight of the fact those still sleeping have not got a clue as to what is coming their way. Heads will spin and people will be scrambling to hold on to what they thought was their life as it deteriorates right before their eyes. The fact that liens will be placed on the 12 Federal Reserve banks and cease and desist orders issued as well will make it necessary for explanations to be forthcoming and as a result, the truth will begin to tumble out of the genie bottle with no way to put it back inside. While this possibility is exciting and finally the proof many of us have been waiting for, chaos could ensue for a short time as the plans for what comes next are set in place and things resume working again. It will be our time at last to spread calm across the planet and instill faith in anxious hearts and minds. People will look for answers and we must be there for them. It is time to walk our talk and be in our hearts.

This will not be an easy task. It seems easy as we sit here in our familiar world right now, but suddenly being thrust into the chaos and panic of those around us, will demand us to stay centered and calm which may be quite the challenge given the situation. It will be very important to stay focused and not be pulled down by the drama going on around us. If we are indeed in the last act of the dark one’s drama, things could get a bit dicey as they will be in full panic mode and probably feeling quite desperate. It will be a big challenge for us all to pull this off. Focus, focus,. focus…We have been working hard to get to this moment of the journey. We have cleared away issues and learned how to be in our hearts and think of love and be love. We know what is expected of us, we just have to remember to stay calm ourselves so we can put out the emotional fires all around us.

It is also important to go within and figure out who we really are and what we really want to do with our lives. Soon that door to the cage could be thrown open and we could be free to finally walk out, but just as is so often seen with animals finally given the chance to walk into their freedom, we may stay within the cage cowering in fear. It could be overwhelming to suddenly be given freedom. How would we know, we have never been free. We must be prepared for these emotions as well. Knowing who we are and what we really want from our lives, a plan so to speak, will help us all find the courage to embrace freedom and walk free. These don’t seem like big challenges now as we sit here in our familiar 3D world, but we must be prepared for all kinds of new emotions slamming us all in the face.

There could be a great deal of imbalance as these events transpire. Everything in the world, if you look at the bigger picture, is interconnected like a web, and if one string is cut the whole web begins to unravel.Everything affects each other. They claim the plans are set in place to keep the chaos down to a minimum, but things could be thrown into confusion for a short while. This is where we enter the picture and try to quell the panic and spread faith and love to those just yanked from their sleep. They may be stumbling about like war victims whose lives have just been blown apart. Everyone will be asking what is going to happen, what will we do, where will I go, how will we survive? Time to get out our manuals and blow off the dust and get ready to start giving out answers.

We can and we will do this and do it with precision as long as we ourselves stay focused and in our hearts and stay clear of the drama unfolding around us. At this juncture I also have to add the phrase ‘if this all transpires’. Many are having trouble discerning the truth anymore. So many voices out here speaking to what is going on, mine included. I will be the first to tell you I vacillate wildly at times, believing deeply then doubting. We have all been lied to for our whole lives, it is hard not to question everything now and with good reason. All I can say to you is ‘try your best to stay in your heart and to believe we are on the right road towards the light and if you fall off, be kind to yourselves, make note of what happened and climb back on. We’ll get there!’ Remain focused and be in your heart.

Blessings to you all,

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  1. Monday, April 16, 2012

    While watching a movie called “The One Percent” It occurred to me that a lot of the RICH people that were interviewed were very uneasy about talking. Most really didn’t say anything positive if they said anything at all .It made me laugh at the ones who got really upset about what Jamie Johnson was doing (he was the one making this doc.).
    What really bothers me the most about the greed in America is that it seems as if the
    Greedy Business Owners fail to realize WHO it is doing the work. My personal description of them would be that they are like BARNACLES who ride on the backs of the WHALES (US, the hard workers of America). I think if the hard workers got together and decided to QUIT their jobs, we could change the world in an amazing amount of time. IT WOULD BE UNPRECEDENTED!!! Just imagine the CHAOS it would cause to see this in my lifetime happen would be OUTSTANDING. We The PEOPLE could than renegotiate our PAY RATES. As we know the cost of living and minimum wage don’t quite add up. By doing it this way there would be no need for Martial Law or things of that nature because the only ones who would be upset would be the greedy people who have broke the camels back in one way of putting it. So Hey America Lets Put our feet down and start walking away from the greed and see how long the GREEDY will last without employees. I cannot say they would fare well with this. And who knows maybe if we held out long enough they’d go out of business and we could start anew! WOW just visualizing this is making my head spin and my heart race with joy LETS TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!!!!!

    Terrie Drysdale

    A Pledge for All

    I Pledge Allegiance To Myself and the World that Was Created
    And To Humanity For Which it Stands One People Under God
    Indivisible With Equal Liberties and Equal Justice For All


    Written by Terrie Drysdale 10/29/11

    • Terrie, thanks for your input. Gonna ask you all to keep comments to the point and not whole essays. I have to many comments to look, read and even post. Please read also the About comments rules section on the blog. If you have a good thing to tell or have a great peace or poem written you always can e-mail it look About Lucas section on the blog for the e-mailadres. Maybe I will publish it.
      Thanks. Love and Light, Lucas