Wes Annac – Your Work Has Only Begun – 16 April 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The old paradigms you have enticed yourselves with for over a millennia throughout your many lower dimensional experiences are now crumbling before your eyes and hearts and this is a difficult, continual process that is having many of you question many aspects of your own awakening and the changes that are to come with such awakening. You are realizing the divine potentials all around you now, and while many of you find difficulties in yourselves enacting the disciplines that will see you better-attuned to receive the abundance of energy that is being gifted to you at this time, doing so will see you much better able to feel the wonderful changes that are occurring all around you now.

Take some time for yourselves dear souls, to sit back, breathe deeply and make your attempts to feel the energies that are being sent to your world and through yourselves at this time. Much energetic restructuring and reformatting is taking place behind the scenes, and as always if you could fathom our perspectives you would know fully that everything truly is as it should be.

The fair point has been raised before that you do not have our perspectives and cannot fathom the scope of what is being done at this point. Each and every one of you excitedly incarnated on Earth to take this test and come out the Divine, Golden beings you are now becoming, and you knew that the forgetfulness involved in your incarnation into the lower dimensions would be quite difficult and would present many obstacles in your overall growth, but nevertheless you have faced the many challenges you laid out for yourselves head-on and as you continue to do this, you are affecting the events which manifest in your overall collective consciousness in profound ways.

We hear the cries and pleas from many of you for the state your world is in to begin to change to that of a better one, while at the same time we see and notice many of you still employing and enacting the old paradigms in your own Lives that see the potential for widespread miracles to manifest, shrink that much more. You are all so very crucial in the manifestation of everything you have wished to see come to fruition, and this fact has been repeated multiple times and will continue to be repeated so that you can all understand the implications of what we are saying.

A change for the better must be enacted at the personal, individual level before widespread changes can be garnered on a planetary level. Many of you are still dealing with deeply rooted and held-onto pains, hurts and fears, and each and every one of you who wish to ascend and who wish to see these changes come to fruition must successfully pass many of the tests you have given yourselves upon incarnating on Earth.

These tests that we speak of are those of finding higher and purer states of consciousness, through the lessons you are given to learn and the disciplines that are placed before you for you to enact in your own Lives that will see your overall experiences flow much more smoothly and easily.

The Earth experience has been one of the hardest experiences that has ever been offered, and the veils that have been placed before your eyes are indeed thick but with so many of you turning toward the Light in ever-increasing numbers, those of you who are looking for the energetic assistance to begin enacting many changes in your own Lives are beginning to find such assistance in abundance.

Not only have millions upon millions of heavenly and angelic souls come to Earth to be of energetic assistance, those of you who are such incarnate starseeds are given innumerable help from beyond the veil, in relation to enacting things in your own lives that will see you gain a higher and purer perspective. Make the efforts to attune to this help you are being given and to attune to the energies of us beings who are giving you this help, as whenever you make the effort to do so you will be feeling our energies, in as pure of a form as you can take them.

As your collective and individual fogginess and forgetfulness begins to fade away, you find the energies of us souls who are helping you in increasingly less distorted forms. You are finding us, and the communications with us that you have garnered as a result are serving to uplift so very many other awakening souls on your world, to the point that the Light Grid of dear Gaia is fed exponentially in each and every moment, as more and more of you make your efforts to feel and radiate only energies of the purest christed consciousness.

One cannot turn away from the energies of the higher realms at this point unless purposely, and one certainly cannot claim that you are not being given all of the help that you need beyond the veil for you certainly are. Many have trouble finding the connection with us and the assistance we are giving each and every one of you because of the established blocks and perpetual constraints established in themselves, and suffice to say you have all employed such constraints over your very long lower dimensional experiences.

The many constraints and veils you placed over yourselves were for defensive and survival purposes, as your experiences on Earth have been anything but easy and the most deeply-rooted pains that have been garnered in many of you are still at this very moment hidden beneath your perpetual experience.

It has been spoken of before, how souls on Earth will build up ego complexes over their hurts and pains so they do not have to feel or experience them, and we wish to make it known that the very ego complexes built-up over the hurts and pains garnered over many past Lives are what directly interferes with the streams of energy being sent to your bodies, minds and hearts as well as [what interferes] with your perception of such energies and the guidance and advice we are sending you along with them.

You have heard endlessly of the pure Logos energies being sent to your world through the various energy gates established in Gaia’s atmosphere and through your bodies, and the energies being sent through such gates in Gaia’s atmosphere and through yourselves have had attached to them, the guidance and energies of us ascended beings who are sending you such energy.

Many ascended beings here in the higher realms have made it a bit of a habitual practice to routinely send our Loving energies to Earth, and those of us who have been communicating with humanity through channels send our communications along with the Love that we are sending our channels as well as each and every one of you on Earth.

Each and every one of you could be and in many cases, are channels for our energies as many of you make the efforts to feel the energies of the higher realms that you are being sent in increasing purity at this time, and again with your feeling of these energies comes your feeling of the energies of us ascended beings who are sending them to you. We have encoded our own communications, guidance and advice into the energies that we send forth, and the beings working in the astral realms of Earth disseminate such energies and communications to the souls who they are meant to be sent to.

These beings that we speak of who inhabit the astral realms of earth have been and are essential in our information and energies reaching our channels and reaching each and every soul on Earth who is receptive to such energies, and without these souls a very crucial piece to this ultimate puzzle would be missing.

This is true as well for each and every one of you on Earth, as even those of you who hide away from the perception of the many, yet perform your own work and garner your own experiences, are just as crucial and important as the most known souls bringing these changes about, as each and every one of you carry a crucial piece of the energetic, higher dimensional puzzle unfolding on the surface of your world at this time.

You are unlocking the various aspects of your own higher selves and as such, you are seeing more of your own personal Logos energy being fed to Gaia’s Light grid. Such energy once unlocked, grasped and radiated by yourselves begins to affect the overall flow of energy being sent to your world and indeed, through the Cosmos itself.

Many of you who are not known by the general public have performed work that is so very needed, and so very appreciated by Gaia for throughout each and every experience garnered on Earth, you are contributing to the ‘unlocking’ so to speak of the ascension of the surface of Gaia as well as the ascension at the surface of you all.

Many of you can at times feel fed up with the pace of events manifesting on Earth, and we know that this is because of the established collective veils being kept over the eyes of the majority of humanity. We should say that these very veils were in many cases [inadvertently] instated by the general public on Earth, as many of you have performed quite a few lower dimensional actions and deceptions that saw your collective karma needing to be expressed in such ways.

You have brought-on many of the problems you now experience, but such problems have been pumped-up and attempted to be taken out of control by the very dark souls whose mere incarnation on Earth was meant to be a measure of the collective karma you were manifesting.

The souls we speak of have been heard of by many, and suffice to say their perceived takedown is proceeding as smoothly as it ever has.

The takedown of these souls and the resulting freedoms for humanity being attained is fast approaching, and we say this with absolute certainty because of not only the events that have manifested on Earth already that show you that such changes are finally beginning to be underway, but because of the collective and individual energies being manifested by humanity at this time that finally call for the widespread exposure of your own collective instated veils and [the exposure] those souls who represented such veils and deceptions to you on your world, who are known as the Illuminati [heads].

We implore you now not to lose faith in this process when everything is so near to coming to fruition, as indeed why waste a perfectly good experience that is in full development currently, by turning one’s back on these scenarios playing out in favor of the usual disbelief and fear?

You have all employed disbelief and fear innumerable times throughout your experience, and now at this extremely crucial phase in the ascension of Gaia and the freeing of humanity, you are finally now being given the clear choice to turn away from the likes and energies of fear and distrust, and to turn toward the Universal realities of Love, harmony, peace and truth amongst all. Each and every one of you are the ultimate deciders of how humanities freedom is attained, and the level of belief and disbelief alike that you give to this process and its overall manifestation, will in fact determine the outcome more than any other factors.

The ascension of Earth and the freeing of humanity has long been prophesized and foretold to come true, and as the collective of humanity is finally awakening and calling for truth, you are seeing the beginning of the exposure of all that you have been waiting to know and remember. Deep down, you all know of what has happened to your world, and you know of the deceptions that pervade nearly every aspect of the currently-established reality of the general fragments of your society and cultures.

You have been led to believe so very much falseness about your reality, and we can feel that the majority of you are finally ready for these revelations but even so, you will have so much trouble keeping up at times. You are to be let know of everything that has happened to your world, and while the extent to which you have been deceived has indeed been vast, we are confident that upon the initial excitement of the beginning exposures and arrests, humanity as a whole will be ready to begin absorbing these truths that we have for you, as well as work with others to improve the state your world is in.

To this extent, there is so very much planned. So very many projects that will require large groups of individuals and decision-making teams are currently being planned and mapped out, and we can feel that many of you will be so very happy and excited to be a part of the many projects that are just beginning to be formed and put together, to heal your world. Indeed, there will be so very much work to be done and while much of this work will be done without the need for the energetic input of humanity, this is your world, your experience and your collective and individual ascension to undergo and we want to ensure that the general public of each and every area of Gaia’s surface has an equal and full input in each and every decision that is made.

Everything that is to happen at this point is to be for the cleansing of Gaia, and so it is with Love in our hearts and a recognition of your continual struggles that we ask you to continue to ‘hang in there’. Everything that you have been working toward with all of yourselves is finally beginning to come to fruition, and indeed it would be silly to abandon your posts at this time when so much is finally beginning to get done, but we will respect any decision made by any soul on Earth, and we want you all to know that what you have already given to the ascension of Earth is so much more valuable than can be expressed with words or labels.

Your help has been used and integrated into the overall play of events to manifest on Earth in extremely positive ways. This entire event could not have happened as successfully as it has and will be without the incarnation and energetic assistance of every one of you on Earth, which is why the call was made for many higher dimensional souls to assist your beautiful, lower dimensional planet to finding the higher states of consciousness that She and you all once existed happily in.

Be prepared to exist in these states of consciousness again and before such initiations into your higher dimensional states of consciousness and awareness, be prepared for a massive, dramatic display of the truth of all that has been hidden from you, for there are many celestial events planned for after and during the disclosure announcements that may have some of your heads spinning.

To this extent we will discuss further at a later time, as we are beginning to realize on our end the importance of not overloading you dear beautiful souls with information. We wish to give what we can and if we can give a lot we certainly will, but again we do not wish to overwhelm you as everything that we have to share with you will be made clear in many intense ways in the immediate period ahead.

Until this time which is fast approaching, each and every one of us in these infinite echelons of Creation applaud you for your efforts thus far. Just wait dear souls, your work has only begun!

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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  1. Seems like the point of this channeling is to encourage ppl to connect with their higher self and follow their higher guidance (as this is guidance we are being given by the Creator and divine plan). However, this is easier said than done, it’s a test for each and every person.