BBC News – Argentina Nationalizes Spain’s YPF Repsol Oil Company – Warning Of Strong Respons Of Spain – 17 April 2012

Lucas:  This headline was interesting as it confirms more and more people are fed up by monopolies of Oil companies and Oil Refining and Distribution. The prices there are without the commodities specualation and taxations. The needs  for affordable energy till there is a new alternative in place is strong.  Therefore this  Argentina Government move santioned by their people to nationalize the company is an understandable step. It can happen even in places where you do not think of this. See the UK as there are more and more crimes of fueling up without paying. People are coming to a level that they will not take this any longer. A new Occupy or worse can be just around the corner  somewhere sprouting up, most likely in Europe.

You can read the whole story with the link link to BBC New Article

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